About Us


About Us

Let’s face it.

The relationship dynamics are changing and we’re moving rapidly forward hookups, casual and open relationships. And that is creating a lot of confusion.

Our goal is to provide you with straightforward, honest answers to your everyday questions about casual sex.

We understand that everyone is different and seek experiences that suit his/her needs and desires.

In fact, we aren’t shy to talk about sex dating, group sex, swinging activities, and BDSM experiences.

Basically, we welcome anyone who is 18+ years old on this site no matter their gender, orientation, or sexual interests.

Welcome to The World Hook Up Guides. The no BS guide to hookups.

Where to go from here?

  1. Check out our sex city guides to see what’s going on in your area.
  2. Learn about girls hookups, men hookups, married hookups as well as trans hookups.


The Team


Louise And Dan

Sex Expert Contributors

They are born and bred Californians who love socializing, adventures, and sex. They have written the city sex guides after having traveled extensively around the world to hook up with other like-minded people.

They hope to bring more awareness to all singles and couples who travel to have casual sex with strangers.

Ashley Miller

Dating Coach

Ashley Miller has several years of coaching experience to help women dealing with self-esteem and insecurities issues.

She has helps thousands of women to feel confident and get into casual and serious relationships without worrying to be judged.

Her belief is to approach our relationships from a standpoint of ethics, boldness, and open communication.

Rocco Davis

Chief Editor

He is an expert in behavioral psychology and relationships. Have studied for over 10 years human psychology and modern relationship dynamics in our society.

After becoming frustrated with the quality of casual relationship content to the public, he decided to change this by creating World HookUp Guides.

John Taylor

Tech Expert

John Taylor, the tech expert of World Hookup Guides, has extensive experience in testing and reviewing various casual dating apps and sites.

He has achieved great success in online hookups and takes pleasure in sharing his tried-and-tested strategies with others.

Tom Phillips

Dating Coach

Tom Phillips has been a Dating Coach at World Hookup Guides for almost seven years, providing men with the tools to succeed with women.

His career started with one-on-one coaching and has since grown to include seminars.

Tom has been successful in dating several women over the years and now shares his strategies and techniques through various national publications.


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