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How To Join A Sex Party In Austin

Looking for a sex party in Austin for singles and/or couples?

If you’re relocating to Austin or taking a vacation there, the good news is that Austin is home to some of the hottest and horniest people on the planet. These include students, professionals, adventurous couples…

… and a good deal of them are looking for some fun in (and out of) the bedroom with people just like you. Yes, Austin is great for swinger parties!

But finding an Austin sex party requires you to have connections.

In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to find the best Austin sex parties the easy way so that you build up a solid network of fuck buddies who know where the best sex parties are – and who can secure you an invite.


Where Can I Find Sex Parties in Austin?

Austin orgy

The majority of sex parties in Austin are hosted privately and are invite-only.

So you need to have a network of like-minded horny people if you want to get into orgies, fetish, and swinger parties regularly.

This means knowing people who host sex parties – and knowing people who know the hosts!

If you’re new to Austin, this might sound tricky, but it’s easier than you think. Here are some of the best ways to build up your connections.


1. Hookup Sites

We suggest using hookup sites like Adult Friend Finder if you’re new to Austin because this is the easiest way to find like-minded people.

There are many couples into threesomes and partner swapping, and singles living the sex parties lifestyle.

You can apply search filters to find people and parties near you anywhere around the US (including Austin).

All you have to do is create an account, add photos of you and your partner if you have one (nudity is allowed).

Over time, you’ll meet people who plan and host sex parties, and who can get you invited to events.


2. Swinger Clubs

Austin is not for prudes!

Instead, it’s for swingers. Even though most sex parties are held privately, there are three swinger clubs that organize events regularly.

Here are our top 3 picks for swinger clubs in Austin:

Shrine – Tickets for Shrine cost just $15 per person and this guarantees you all-night entry.

There is also free STI testing on the premises and it’s great for anyone who’s into BDSM.

Collette is a lot of fun for couples who know how to party! There’s a dance floor, an exclusive VIP area and the place is always packed with swingers.

The Friends Club hosts regular private events in a swanky setting. It’s open 3 nights a week – Wednesday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s – but membership is required.

And arrive there early if you don’t want to feel intimidated at the party as explained in the above video.


3. Listing Boards

You can use listing boards like Yelp and EventBride to stay in the loop about when the next sex party in Austin is happening.

However, since these boards don’t always list the latest events, it’s a smart idea to subscribe to Kasadie.

It’s a reliable and up-to-date directory-swinging website that lists lifestyle parties. You can also use those boards to read reviews of clubs, parties and events.


4. Adult Store (Sex Shops)

Visiting a sex shop not only is great to buy a new toy but also to build connections with people in the lifestyle.

The old saying is that “you don’t find a sex party in Austin – it finds you.”

Introduce yourself to the owner, get chatting and learn more about the local swingers scene.

Provided you can demonstrate that you and your partner are trustworthy, genuine people, this method can work.

Sex shops you can visit in Austin include Dreamers and XXXCite which is LGBTQ+ friendly.


5. Tantra Workshop

While tantra workshops aren’t a bulletproof method of finding a swinger’s party, there’s every chance you’ll meet someone who goes to sex parties regularly.

Couples eager to learn how to please the other partner often get into hedonistic parties because they don’t have boundaries for pleasure.


How to Get Invited to an Austin Sex Party

Because sex parties are usually invite-only, you need to quickly make yourself available to the right people in Austin.


Be Active

Join a community of adult partygoers like those you find at Swap Finder, and be an active member.

By being active, you’ll meet more people, make more friends – and eventually find people who host sex parties.

So, start conversations, send messages to people and be personable and friendly. The more you put into conversations, the more you’ll get out of them.



Finding a swinger party in Austin is much easier when you couple-up.

In other words, you and your partner should seek polyamorous couples who have similar interests.

You can find suitable couples on polyamorous apps, as well as at tantra workshops and at swinger’s clubs.

Find out what their interests, desires and fetishes are and see if they match-up with yours.


Start a Group of Your Own

The best thing about adult dating sites like Adult Friend Finder is they’re home to forums, groups and huge communities of sex-positive people.

You can also start a group of your own and invite other members to join.

This way, you can meet all kinds of people in Austin who are into different fetishes and kinks, and who know where the best parties are.


What Do You Wear to a Sex Club in Austin?

It’s more about what you shouldn’t wear. Pretty much all clubs will turn away men who are wearing work jeans, flip flops, oversized clothes, hats and sports shoes.

Women, on the other hand, are discouraged from wearing workout clothing, sports shoes and beach attire.

Instead, it’s better to rock-up wearing your best party clothes or something casual/semi-formal.


Which Site is the Best to Find Horny Couples and Singles?

Adult Friend Finder is used by millions of horny couples and singles.

It’s been around for over 20 years and there are thousands of Austin members who use it to arrange threesomes, orgies and all kinds of other sexual activities.


What is the Easiest Way to Find an Orgy in Austin?

You can find orgy events on hook up sites, online listing boards, and by subscribing to the sex club’s email list.


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