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Bangkok Hook Up Guide For Singles And Couples

If you are after sexual encounters, intimacy, or simply want to get laid in Bangkok, you’ll find all the info you need in this guide.

Yet, you won’t find topics about prostitution or sex tourism, but only tips on how to hook up in Bangkok and best ways to experience intimacy.

This guide is been written for single men and women as well as couples who are looking for sex partners (casual and not), explore sexual kinks or want to find sex partners in Bangkok.


This guide was last updated on 25 November 2020

couples singles bangkok guide hookups

Bangkok is a massive city with all sorts of entrainments and fantastic nightlife.

The hook-up culture is well present in the city and you won’t have difficulties finding casual sex or get into an intimate relationship.

Couples can enjoy sensual massages either they prefer to have male or female masseurs… And there is also the option to play with a ladyboy (transgender).

To conclude, Bangkok is a great city for singles and couples who are looking for sexual pleasure but also to find an intimate partner for more than a nightstand.



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Girls in Bangkok
Look, values and sexuality

Men in Bangkok
Look, values and sexuality

Sex Life & Hook Up Culture
Casual sex, swinging activities and hooking up in Bangkok

Where to Meet People For Casual Sex in Bangkok
Hookups, sex dating, swinging, orgies, strip clubs, transgender and BDSM

How Live Sex Camming Online
Chat, interact and get an orgasm online

How To Find The Ideal Girlfriend in Bangkok
Find friendship, intimacy and a lover without the drama of a typical relationship

Hostels And Sex Hotels in Bangkok
Best hostels for hookups and erotic hotels in Bangkok

Safe Sex And Clinics
Play hard but keep safe


Girls in Bangkok

Thai girls in Bangkok come in all shapes, forms and colors. The reason is the capital attract women from all over the kingdom thanks to the numerous universities and job opportunities

Look And Physical Appearance

The majority of Bangkok women you’ll meet have black straight hair and black eyes.

However, the native girls have a lighter skin tone than the Thai ladies who come here from other provinces.

Girls in Bangkok aren’t that tall, typically around 5’2-5’3 feet. The many have slim figures, and they rarely get fat or chubby even after their best years thanks to a rich diet of vegetables.

Having said that, Bangkok has heavier Thai ladies in the country due to the increasing availability of Wester food.

Because of the tropical climate and feminine nature, they choose to wear skirts and light dresses that reveal their figures.

Attitude And Values

Being one of the warmest women in Asia, Bangkok girls are kind, welcoming, and smiling. You’ll quickly notice that they’re friendly and easy to talk to.

They generally have a respectful and polite nature. In fact, it’s rare for them to express negative feelings in public as they’re regularly cheerful.

Contrary to the general beliefs, girls in Bangkok approach relationships seriously as they tend to marry in their mid-20s. Yet, they are very promiscuous until they settle down.


Despite being traditional, 50% of women in Bangkok have a positive attitude regarding sex according to this study. They see sex as a natural need like eating and sleeping.

However, there are many virgins in their 20s among university girls.

They choose don’t engage in casual sex to avoid unwanted pregnancy and stay focus on their studies. Meaning if you would like to find a virgin girlfriend in Bangkok, university girls are the way to go.

Summary of Bangkok Girls

  • 3 traits: Bangkok women are kind, friendly, and polite.
  • 2 tips: To charm girls in Bangkok, dress nicely, like you’re financially stable, and be confident. Try joking with them and talk about fun topics like their interests cause they like having fun.
  • 1 fact: Several Bangkok girls have a preference for dating white or Caucasian men.


Men in Bangkok

The men in Bangkok are polite and gentle, yet they are confident and business-minded.

Look and Physical Appearance

Bangkok men ordinarily have dark eyes and hair like all Thai men in the country. The only difference is they have a whiter skin tone and Chinese look.

When it comes to the body, you’ll find men in Bangkok are taller but with small and thin frames rather than muscular like the countryside Thai men.

The reason is the capital offers moslty office jobs while outside manual work is predominant. However, they’re still on the short side as their average height is 5’5 feet.

Their overall look is low-key yet in style, and they go for smart-casual or semi-casual get-ups.

Attitude and Values

Although known for being shy, Bangkok men are also attentive and funny. Even during tough times, they can still crack a joke and laugh about it.

They have a laid-back outlook and focus more on enjoying the moment instead of worrying about the future. Consequently, they’re patient and don’t usually mind the small stuff.

Unlike the women, many of them just want to keep things casual, and once married, they usually have a lover known as Mia Noi (minor wife). This means Thai men here are generally unfaithful.


Men in Bangkok start having sex at 13, and 57.9% of 19-year-olds Bangkok guys are already sexually active.

They enjoy intimacy but they focus more on their pleasure rather than their sex partner.

Summary of Bangkok Men

  • 3 traits: Bangkok guys are funny, laid-back, and patient.
  • 2 tips: To get Bangkok men’s attention, use natural-looking makeup and dress stylishly but conservatively. Don’t be aggressive with them, and let them take charge cause they like feminine women.
  • 1 fact: Due to their culture, it’s normal for men in Bangkok to have secret sex partners.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

swinging couple Bangkok casual hook up bedroom

Even with their conservative culture, the locals in Bangkok are having sex and actively looking for sex partners.

Since it contradicts their customs, they don’t talk about it.

Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

Thais in Bangkok are promiscuous and sex on the first date is very common.

Yet, in public, you won’t see any display of affection. They just want to maintain an image and not look easy.

But once behind closed doors, sex is expected.

Swinger Activities in Bangkok

Though paying for sex is common with several brothels in the city, there are strict rules against sexual activities that extend to swinger gatherings.

As a result, there aren’t any legal swinger clubs in the city. This is why those who want to swing need to join online swinger groups on adult sites like this one.

Invitations for sex parties or simply affairs between singles and couples are kept private among members to ensure everyone’s safety.

Is It Easy To Hook Up in Bangkok?

Finding partners here is easy since Bangkok’s residents like hooking up. Even non-residents won’t have difficulties to get laid in Bangkok as locals are sexually attracted to foreigners.

Caucasian men and girls are especially appealing to the Thais in Bangkok.

While they’re pretty loose with sex, you may run into someone who’s old-fashioned every now and then.


Where to Meet People For Sex in Bangkok

Bangkok is considered to be one of the most popular cities in Asia for sex enthusiasts together with Singapore and Hong Kong.

The reason is finding casual sex in Bangkok is quite easy due to a large number of expats and tourists in the city as well as the openness of Thai people forward sex.

Let’s dive in and explore some of the best places and ways to get laid in Bangkok…

1. Sex Dating Online

meet online single Bangkok girls Denmark no string attached relationship

Dating apps can be a hassle, not only does it include a lot of formalities but also requires quite a bit of introduction.

If you would like to skip all of that and start with some real fun, adult dating sites like Asian Match Mate is just what you need to connect with horny singles and couples who are down for casual sex.

2. Night Hookups in Nightclubs and Bars

Bangkok has a bustling nightlife that is full of both dancing and drinking venues that offer plenty of hookup opportunities.

From rooftop bars to funky nightclubs, even hardcore revelers will have the time of their lives in this city.

Let’s look at some of the best bars and nightclubs in Bangkok for singles:

• Glow Club – Located at 96/4 Soi Sukhumvit 23, this is one of the leading underground nightclubs in Bangkok and a techno epicenter all across Asia. It appeals to a large number of younger audiences who are often down for dance, party and hookups.

• Onyx Club – Located at Royal City Avenue Rama IX Rd, if you want to party in a spacious nightclub with state of the art sound system, then this big-room style club has got you covered.

Even though it’s a bit pricey, but you will find the wildest crowd of Bangkok here with high chances of having a nightstand.

• Sky Bar – Located at Si Lom District, this is one of the top bars in Bangkok due to its astonishing night view and elite service. Expect to shell out around 500 baht on drinks here.

• The Bamboo Bar – Located at 48 Oriental Ave, if you want to enjoy a great 1950s ambiance with a classy setting and amazing drinks then this bar will live up to your expectations.

It is also No. 7 in the list of Asia’s top bars and is a hub for jazz music lovers.

• NOIZ Nightclub – Located at the 1st floor of the Liberty Plaza Building, this crazy nightclub is going to give you a taste of Bangkok’s true nightlife experience. Although the drinks are a bit expensive, you can find some of the best local and international DJs tearing the house down with EDM.

The diverse nightlife of Bangkok offers something for everyone. There are four major nightlife districts where all the partying takes place: Thonglor, Royal City Avenue, Khao San Road and Sukhumvit Road.

To flirt and pick up locals we suggest heading to Thonglor and Royal City Avenue. 

Alternatively, if you want to mingle with foreigners, then Khao San Road is a backpacker area with plenty of parties. Or head to Sukhumvit Road but stay away from the red light areas like Nana and Soi Cowboy.

3. Everyday Life Situations

Bangkok is one of those rare cities where the daytime hookup game is pretty solid. The high number of singles here makes it quite easy for you to find some action as long as you visit the right places.

Ideally, you would want to start from the Siam BTS train station since it has some of the biggest malls in the city like Siam Paragon and Central World. Plenty of traffic here where you can easily meet both locals and foreigners.

Alternatively, popular public areas like the Lumphini Park and even subway stations can be great places to spark conversations with strangers.

Lastly, if you want to mingle with younger people and students, then university campuses are worth a visit. The main campus of Bangkok University is a great spot to find a date.

4. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties In Bangkok

couple Bangkok swinger private party

Being the sex capital of Thailand, it would surprise you that swinging is illegal in Bangkok and can potentially get you arrested.

Although you are not going to find any public swinger clubs in Bangkok, you can instead use websites such as Adult Friend Finder to connect with the swinging community and get an invitation to private parties.

5. BDSM in Bangkok

The people of Bangkok do not restrict themselves when it comes to fetish and bondage activities.

In fact, there are a couple of fetish clubs in Bangkok with one of the most popular being Bar Fetish Club. It is located in the famous nightlife area of Patpong, has 3 playrooms and attracts both local and foreign BDSM enthusiasts.

Apart from that, if you want to connect with a large community of BDSM lovers, then you can also use

6. Transsexual, Transgenders and Ladyboys

Bangkok is one of the most rainbow friendly cities all across Asia. It offers a thriving nightlife for the LGBT community and there are several spots to hook up with Bangkok trans.

For starters, Cockatoo is a bar located at Soi Cowboy which is solely dedicated to ladyboys. So if you want to find ladyboys in Bangkok to hook up with, then this is one place where you cannot go wrong with.

Alternatively, you could visit the Obsession Bar that is located on the ground floor of the Nana Plaza. It is one of the most popular bars among ladyboys in the area, so you are prone to find some action there.

However, Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza are red light areas. This means the ladyboys working there are prostitutes.

If you want to find genuine ladyboys in Bangkok to hook up or get into an intimate relationship, just use a popular transgender dating site like TSdates.

7. Strip Clubs

Meet bar girls bangkok strip club get laid

Bar girls in Dollhouse strip club in Bangkok

There are numerous strip clubs in Bangkok where you can enjoy topless dances and even full nude shows. They are called “Go-Go Bars” instead of strip clubs but you can expect a similar atmosphere like in the West.

With that being said, here are the top strip clubs in Bangkok worth visiting:

• The Crazy House – Located at Soi Sukhumvit 23, if you want to enjoy a naked striptease, then this strip club is a must-visit for those who are in Bangkok. As long as you buy the beautiful strippers here some drinks (which cost around 160 THB), you can touch them.

• Pegasus Grand – Also located at Soi Sukhumvit 23, this club has a royal ambiance and has been around for more than 25 years. While it has a hefty membership fee of 30,000 THB, it has fantastic live music and a large number of girls to keep you entertained.

• The Dollhouse – Located at Soi Cowboy, from tabletop dancing to stripteases, this strip club usually has around 12 girls rotating to keep you entertained.

Keep in mind that the strip clubs in Bangkok are whore houses in disguise.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t get into an intimate relationship with a Thai stripper, just be ready to spend money big money for the privilege.


How Live Sex Camming Online

cam-girlThere are girls, trans, couples from all over the world that put on interesting sexual acts like voyeurism, toy playing, group sex and even masturbate while working.

You have the opportunity to spy on their fetish and even have a private show where you decide the sexual acts.

The only thing you need is a high-speed internet connection and this cam site will do the rest. Have fun!


How To Find The Ideal Girlfriend In Bangkok

If your dream is to find a girlfriend in Bangkok, stay away from the red light districts and tourist areas. Those places are best to find gold diggers that are less worthy than broken socks.

Nothing against gold diggers or sugar babies, but to waste money on a cheap girlfriend in Bangkok when you can find a worthy partner is a shame.

And by worthy, I mean a beautiful girl with who you can have an intelligent conversation with…

find girlfriend Bangkok companionship intimacy Thai sugar baby

Not only that, but she’ll look after your needs and make sure to provide intimacy as well friendship.

Imagine when you’ll show her to your friends and colleague, everyone will envy you.

Unfortunately, most foreign men in Bangkok end up with a low-class girl that hardly speaks proper English, let alone have a decent conversation.

That’s a pity because there are plenty of attractive girls that can hold intelligent conversations and offer unforgettable intimate moments. It’s only a matter to know where to find them.

The best way to find a worthy girlfriend in Bangkok is to use a dating site like where girls with a brain hang out.

Unlike women on other dating sites and apps, on this site, you can find girls that speak proper English, know how to respect a man and don’t want to get married after a few weeks you see eachother.

When you feel ready to find a Bangkok girlfriend, just create a profile by writing your needs, and search for the right girl.

That’s how easy is to find an ideal girlfriend in Bangkok.


Best Hostels And Sex Hotels in Bangkok

Bangkok is a hotspot for sex enthusiasts, so if you are visiting the city to get some action, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Yet, your choice of hotel or hostel can make a tremendous impact on your overall experience.

Party hostels are a great place to get laid as people get drunk and want to fuck. While an erotic hotel can hit up the atmosphere if you plan to have casual sex with singles and couples.

Thus, let’s look at some of the best party hostels in Bangkok where you can potentially find sex:

Mad Monkey Hostel

NapPark Hostel

Holy SHEET Hostel

Alternatively, here are some erotic hotels in Bangkok for you to spend some intimate time with your partner or fuck buddy:

Banana State Hotel

• Love Villa Hotel

Ramada Plaza


Safe Sex And Bangkok Clinics

Bangkok offers an exciting sex life, but at the same time, your sexual health should always come first.

Protected sex can help you avoid some major headaches like STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

If you need an STD test, you can visit the Maximum Performance Wellness Centre and Pulse Clinic. Anyway, most hospitals are able to offer this service as a walk-in.

Usually, they test for the most dangerous sexually transmitted diseases like hepatitis, HIV, and syphilis.

For other less dangerous but common viruses like herpes or bacterias like gonorrhea,  you have to ask specifically.

I hope this Bangkok sex guide is been useful. Enjoy the city.

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