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29 Best Places To Fuck: Secluded Public and Private Spots

secluded spot to fuck

Do you still live with your parents and can’t get enough privacy? Or maybe you want to spice things up with your partner?

Well, don’t worry because the bedroom isn’t the only place you can have sex.

There’s no question that having sex is always pleasurable. Although, you have to admit that doing the deed in the bedroom can get dull after a while.

Even your favorite meal won’t continue to be delicious if you eat it every single day, right?

This is why you should put some variety every now and then to help keep your tastebuds refreshed.

So if you’re seeking to maintain or bring back the spark in your sex life, doing it outside is an excellent way to go about it.

Discover the best places to fuck with this list we’ve compiled for you.


1. The Hood Of A Car

Definitely not the kinkiest place for a fuck, but for a lot of people the craziest place they’ve hooked up is inside a car.

This interview by Real Talk confirms it…

And if you’re looking to add an extra kick to the usual car sex… What about fucking on the hood of a car for a change?


2. Abandoned Building

Do you want a thrilling experience, even if you don’t have the courage to do it in an exposed space?

Why not try getting it on inside an abandoned building?

Since it’s vacant, the odds of you guys getting caught are low. It’s also the perfect place to fuck regularly if you’re still living with your parents.


3. Public Parks

We often talk about how parks are one of the best outdoor places to have sex – especially if you’re visiting at night.

Being surrounded by nature can even make you feel relaxed and have a positive impact on your mood.

You’ll find plenty of huge trees to give you cover – just make sure there’s no one patrolling the area.


4. Changing Room

changing rooms best place to hook up during the day

Can’t wait until it’s nighttime to get frisky with your partner? Then the changing rooms at the mall are a great place to hook up during the day.

To stay safe, though, you should only do it before or after peak hours to avoid the crowds.


5. The Backyard

If you still live with your parents and can’t have sex inside the house, then maybe, you can secretly sneak your partner into the backyard.

Besides, it would definitely be a unique experience because we don’t get the opportunity to get romantic under the stars every day.


6. At Your Office

Getting busy at the office will undoubtedly exhilarate you like no other. Therefore, going for a round or two is something you should think about when your partner is also your coworker.

While you can fool around during break time, saving it for after work hours would be better.


7. Hiking Trails

Most hiking trails are secluded and it’s easy to find a spot if you get off the track.

If you’re looking for a hiking trail to have sex in your city then go to the “Outdoor Sex” section in our world city guides.


8. Balcony

With balconies normally high up and out of people’s line of sight, they’re one of the best places for people to fuck.

Not only will you have a pleasant view, but you’ll also feel comfortable knowing you’re at home.


9. In An Empty Classroom

Are you a student? Or perhaps you have access to your old school campus?

If yes, what do you think about having sex in an empty classroom? You can even roleplay any teacher-student fantasies that you have.

It’s sure to give you a rush since trespassing will make you feel naughty.


10. At The Movie Theatre

We all know that movie theaters are a prime make-out spot – this is the reason people often go there on first dates.

But if you’re planning to have sex, then make sure to book seats in the last row, and for a show with the least number of people.


11. Bathroom Of A Nightclub

Everybody knows the type of activities that go on in nightclubs. For this reason, their bathrooms are a regular place where people go for a fuck.

It has just the right balance of privacy and exposure since the stalls are semi-open.


12. A Dark And Empty Alleyway

People are mostly off the streets once the rush hour is over. It’s during this time that dark and empty alleyways become an ideal location to have sex.

Not to mention, the high risk of being seen will be particularly satisfying for those who like exhibitionism.

This will get you into the mood to try out the alleyway…


13. In An Empty Parking Garage

The sole purpose of a parking garage is to hold cars. So regular folks won’t want to loiter in them.

Yet when your goal is to do something naughty, they’ll serve as a wonderful spot for a quick fuck. You can either do it inside the car or go to a hidden corner.


14. At The Gym

Many gyms nowadays are open 24/7 due to their popularity. As such, gyms are the place to be if you’re up to having a romp outside, be it day or night.

Furthermore, you can have sex in nearly all of the rooms here as they’re segregated from each other.


15. The Beach

Since we’re talking about the best places to fuck, you can never go wrong with the beach for outdoor sex.

Firstly, you can set up a tent. And secondly, it has a sexy vibe at night, especially when the moon and stars are out.


16. In A Swimming Pool

A private swimming pool is a great place to have mind-blowing sex. You can swim naked and play water sports with your partner.


17. At A Children’s Playground After Dark

Being that children’s playgrounds have all kinds of pieces of equipment, you can easily find one where you can slip in along with a partner.

It’s outdoors yet out of sight as people don’t visit these places after dark.


18. In A Shed

Those in rural areas will have no shortage of sheds to get their freak on. As a result, sheds, in general, are a great place to fuck outside of your home.

They’re also a good stepping stone for first-timers since they’ll feel safe in an enclosed room.


19. At A Concert

Should you be a daredevil, banging somebody in a quiet and discreet area may not be your cup of tea anymore.

When that’s the case, you should try having sex at a concert that’s full of people. All you’ll need to enjoy yourselves is a dark spot at the back.


20. Public Transportation

Hop on to a subway car late at night with your partner or book a short trip on a sleeper bus.

Having sex while you’re on a road trip is definitely going to be a unique experience.

But if your stop is nearby, then you’d have to go for a quickie.


21. In the Elevators

You’ve probably seen in the movies as well that elevators are a great place to make out.

Maybe you can go into one at night to have sex as well, but it would definitely be risky. Then again, the risk is what makes it exciting.


22. The Library

Look for a shelf that you don’t see people visiting and hide behind the stacks of books.

But of course, it’s even more important to stay quiet now.


23. Rooftops

Go to the rooftop of a building and have sex under the open sky.

Even better if it’s a skyscraper because you’d also get a wonderful view of the city.


24. Forests

There probably won’t be many humans to bother you in forests – but be careful of the wild animals.

Also, don’t forget to pack mospel and bring a sheet or maybe a sleeping bag to save yourself from the insects.


25. Camping Tents

Visit a camping spot in your city with a rented tent – or buy your own.

You’ll get enough privacy and won’t have to be worried about being caught either.


26. In an Airplane

This will probably be expensive, and we only recommend this during a long flight.

Simply get under the blanket late at night when most of the people are asleep.


27. Parking Lots

You don’t need a car to have sex inside the parking lot. And you can also use the car hood as support.

Just be careful of the cameras though and make sure there isn’t one pointing at your face.


28. A Garage

If you can’t have sex at your home – then maybe you could use your or your friends’ garage?

Just make sure that no one comes to take out of the car otherwise, it would be an awkward situation.


29. Building Stairs

Go to the staircase of an upper floor in a tall building. The chances that you’d get caught are slim because most people use the elevator.




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