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10 Best Places To Make Out And Don’t Get Caught

It gets boring to have sex at home all the time. Fortunately, you can spice up your sex life by hooking up in public places.

Yet, it’s best to hook up in places where there are low chances to get caught. No one wants to have legal problems or feel embarrassed.

Or worst, find your hot moment on the net uploaded by some stranger.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best places to hook up without getting caught so you won’t make headlines.


Places To Hook Up Without Getting Caught

best place to hook up without getting caught near me

Below is a list of the best places to hook up with our partner. If you’re still looking for a casual partner, check out these hook up apps and sites first.


1. Semi-Public Hook-Up in Changing Rooms

Visit a large shopping mall and you’d find changing rooms lined up in almost every clothing store. If you and your partner are feeling adventurous, then you slide into one of them.

Since changing rooms are surrounded by mirrors, it will be one of the hottest sex you’ll ever have.

But don’t be too loud and go on weekdays during work hours. Otherwise, the mall would be too crowded and it may raise suspicion.

But either way, you may get some odd looks when you’ll come out.


2. Secluded Spot in Mountain Trails

We often recommend mountain trails for being one of the best places to have outdoor sex. Every hookup guide has a section dedicated to it.

Look for a secluded spot and lay down a bedsheet. Otherwise, you can do it by standing.

In the case the area is trafficked, avoid fully stripping down so you can make a run.

Don’t forget to bring some lubricant because you might not have too much time to foreplay. Clean up the area and be responsible.


3. Near the Shore at the Beach

Beaches can be a fantastic place to hookup, especially at night.

Bring a sheet along and get close to the shore. There wouldn’t be too many people there and it would also be dark.

Additionally, the sound of waves and the clear sky above you can make the experience one to remember.


4. A Steamy Session in the Car

Car hookups can be quite convenient, but you have to be careful and find a secluded place.

Avoid areas that are often patrolled by the police or where pedestrians frequently pass by from. Similarly, don’t go to high-traffic places as you don’t want the sound of horns to constantly annoy you.

Some safe spots for car sex may include the beach, parking lots, and even the cemetery.

And if you’re looking for more options, then we’ve also compiled a list of the best places to hook up in a car.

But regardless of which spot you choose, never forget to double-check your surroundings.


5. Behind the Trees in a Park

Parks are already a popular dating spot and you can even find people making out on the benches.

But did you know that they can also be a great place to have sex?

There are plenty of trees for you to hide behind and also empty buildings in some of them.

In addition, being surrounded by nature can make your experience even more soothing and pleasurable.

The only drawback, however, is that you would have to deal with crawlers and mosquitoes.


6. Back Seat of the Cinema

Not only at night, but cinemas are also one of the best places to hook up during the day. They have comfortable chairs and the lights go out as soon as the movie starts.

This is one of the reasons that people often feel horny inside cinemas. The loud background sound is also enough to conceal your partner’s moaning.

But make sure to choose a movie that isn’t mainstream, as it would have much lesser people.

And most importantly, book the back seat as you don’t want to give the people behind you a free show.


7. Staircase of Buildings

Fortunately, there are many tall buildings nowadays. And unless you live in a small town, you’ll probably find one in your area as well.

The staircase of one of the top floors can be a great place to have sex because most people would use the elevator.

But just to be on the safe side, don’t completely strip off the clothes.


8. Rooftop of Commercial Buildings

No one usually visits the rooftop of commercial buildings, especially after work hours.

You don’t even have to be anxious about onlookers, as there’s only the sky above your head.

And on clear nights, you can also enjoy gazing at the stars after sex. But we only recommend doing that if you’re with your significant other.


9. Inside Abandoned Buildings

Abandoned buildings can also be a safe place to hook up – given that they aren’t too spooky.

Then again, people also have sex at cemeteries, so this is a far better option.

And it’s also highly unlikely that anyone would disturb you during your session.

But make sure that you carefully inspect your surroundings. There may be crackheads hiding in the corners so it could get a bit dangerous.


10. Parking Lots

You can slip through into the parking lots of commercial buildings to have sex. No one would bother you as employees wouldn’t come to their cars until they’re off work.

But the reason parking lots are at the bottom of the list is due to the risk of security cameras.

This is why we would recommend facing your car in the direction of a wall that doesn’t have a camera.

And also, cover all the windows, as well as the back windshield if possible.


Tips to Avoid Getting Caught Having Sex in Public Places

There’s always a chance of getting caught when hooking up in public places.

This is why no matter how secluded a spot looks, do not get too comfortable and properly check your surroundings.

Avoid completely stripping your clothes off in places like parks so you can make a quick run.

And if you’re having car sex, then don’t bang around areas that are often patrolled by the police.




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