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3 Best Ways To Get Laid Even If You’re A Virgin

Having fun under the sheets is quite normal for people at this point. Everyone wants to have more sex.

But if you aren’t looking for a serious relationship, it can be tricky to get laid regularly.

You need to look for it in the right places and learn a few tips and tricks to convince others to get laid with you.

Having said that, let’s start looking into the best ways to get laid, whether it’s online or by going out on a Saturday night. Then we’ll give a few tips to close the deal fast.


3 Best Ways To Get Laid Fast

best way to get laid


1. Adult Friend Finder

Feeling up for some no strings attached sex? Or just want to enjoy a hassle-free one-night stand.

If so, your must-visit hook up sites like Adult Friend Finder to find casual sex partners. It’s no doubt a top site that offers the best way for you to get laid.

The site will recommend members in your areas with similar sexual interests.


2. Sugar Daddy Meet

Sugar Daddy Meet’s the best way to get laid for those who are more into casual yet long-term relationships like friends with benefits.

Firstly, you can try it with no commitment as being a member won’t cost you a cent.

And secondly, you can gain access to hundreds of attractive and intelligent people who want the same thing as you. That is to have an equally beneficial deal where you can enjoy one another without the stress of a serious relationship.

Besides that, you’ll have privacy as everything’s always private here.


3. Night Venues

If you’re the type of person who likes to choose their partners face to face, nothing will beat going to bars and nightclubs.

Why? Because aside from partying, the folks that go to these places are, in fact, down for hookups. In other words, they’ll be open and happy to mingle.

Basically, those that you’ll meet here won’t only be tipsy but horny as well.

In effect, they’ll be loose about casual sex. This, in turn, will give you lots of chances to score with somebody ready to fuck.

On our city sex guides, we recommend the best night venues to hook up so you don’t waste any time. And we suggest reading: How to get laid at a bar or club.


Best Tips To Get Laid Without Wasting Time

flirting in a bar before getting laid

It takes some effort from your side to get laid. If you let it to chances, you could wait for years before getting lucky.

Below are some tips to make you score, fast…


1. Be Direct

If you feel that you click with someone, there’s a chance that they want to hook up with you too. This Regain article confirms this as it talks about the physical and verbal signs of mutual attraction.

With this in mind, you should shoot your shot and be direct with what you want. Of course, you shouldn’t openly blurt out that you want to just fuck, though.

In this case, asking them to leave with lines like “Want to go somewhere quiet?” is the best way to get laid at your place.


2. Invite Them To Your Place For Drinks

We all know what it means when someone you just met invites you over. But instead of putting pressure on having sex right from the start, you can slowly pull them in with a relaxed attitude.

Hence, inviting someone for drinks such as coffee or else is the best way to get laid without stressing your potential partner.

There’s also an advantage when you do it like this. You further build up the sexual tension if the person you’re with is having second thoughts about the hook up.


3. Go For The Right Partner

You should never forget that people have different tastes. As such, you won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

For this reason, you should go for a person who’s showing interest in you.

Plus, if you’re a guy, you’ll save yourself tons of time since 18-30 year old women are picky about their partners. This article by the Independent verifies this as it focuses on men’s and women’s dating preferences.

In short, don’t waste your time if they won’t put it out for you.


4. Look Your Best Cause Appearances Matter

It’s not nice to hear, but let’s face it, everyone’s pretty shallow. Therefore the best way to raise your chances of getting laid is to look your best.

This goes for both men and women, whatever their age.

Also, you don’t have to worry about spending money. In fact, even a plain style will do well.

You simply have to get rid of your worn-out pieces and wear clothes that look new. As long you look clean and smell good, you have a good chance of getting some action.


5. Be Confident, Not Arrogant

Being confident is generally a desirable trait in men and women. Not to mention, it’s a quality that boosts your sex appeal a lot.

Yet, if you get too full of yourself, you’ll end up being arrogant and turn people off.

This is why it’s vital to check how people respond to you since it’s your first time trying to hook up.

When you’re not getting positive reactions, tone down your ego and try chatting with someone again. Soon enough, you’ll find the right balance that works in your favor.


6. Approach A Group That Catches Your Eye

A helpful trick to ease yourself into someone’s social circle for the night is to approach their friend group.

Using this method, you’ll be able to naturally lower everyone’s guard, meaning it’ll be easier to make a move.

Apart from that, the conversation will flow smoothly since you guys will have a friendly and fun vibe.

What’s more, should things not work out with your target, you can swiftly change to someone else. This is the best way to get laid when going out to clubs and bars.


7. Don’t Hold Back On Compliments

Since your goal is to hook up, you shouldn’t think twice about letting your target know that you’re into them.

Given these points, you should rain compliments whenever you can as it’ll also show that you’re paying close attention.

But, don’t just give empty flattery, as you’ll come off insincere. Instead, focus on what you actually think is cool about them.

For instance, if it’s a guy’s outfit, say that you like his clothing style. When it’s a girl’s humor, tell her that you think she’s got a witty mind.




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