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22 Biggest Turn Ons For Girls And Women

Getting a woman excited for you can be quite tricky if you aren’t consistent and don’t know what trigger her.

Doing little gestures that seem pointless to you can actually turn on a girl. And there are several ways to make her melt in your harm which you should be aware of.

Most guys think only about physical stimulation when it comes to turning on women. But in reality intellectual and emotional stimulation play a bigger part.

To make your life easier, we’ve listed the most important turn ons for girls below…


22 Turn Ons For Women And Girls

turn ons for girls


1. Acting Like A Gentleman

Even though they want to look strong and dependable, women are turned on when men act like a gentleman towards them.

They enjoy being treated like fine ladies, especially since most guys don’t behave this way any longer.


2. Looking Her Straight In The Eyes

Eye contact matters greatly to women since it makes them feel important and heard. Also, it shows that you’re a confident man.

And there is hardly something that turns on a girl more than a confident man as per this interview…


3. Being A Little Distant

There isn’t anything that puts off women faster than desperation. They like guys that aren’t easy to get.

This is why you’ll be able to turn on any woman if you act a little distant from them.


4. Smell Good

Not only women but literally everyone is attracted to pleasant odors. This is the reason why the perfume industry is a big business.

Make sure to shower and use light fragrances to make her horny for you.


5. Having A Deep Voice

It says in MedicineNet’s article that men with low-pitched voices are more attractive to women.

With this said, you’ll have better odds of scoring with women if you speak in a lower tone.


6. Being Smart

Considering how quickly girls mature, smart men are a huge turn on since they can keep up with their minds.

Given this point, reading books or being aware of the news should help you seem informed to them.


7. Being Assertive

Generally speaking, women aren’t into passive men since they come off as weak.

A solid way to appeal to girls is to be assertive in the things you want and be brave in front of them.


8. Having A Goal

Bums are never wanted by women at any age. On that note, a guy who works for his dreams is what makes a winner in their eyes.

So talk to them about your goals to charm them to your side.


9. Dressing Neatly

You don’t have to follow what’s in style, but you have to look decent to get anywhere with girls.

And if you want to turn on most girls, dress fit clothes that scream success.


10. Expressing Your Physical Desire For Her

Women need validation and highly value how other people see them.

Based on this, you can turn on a woman by expressing your physical desire for her. Just remember to be classy with your words.


11. Emotionally Opening Up

Since girls are in touch with their feelings, they want somebody to connect emotionally with.

This means that if you can emotionally open up to a girl, you’ll make her want to take care of you.


12. Being Honest

If there’s one thing that women hate above all, it’s liars. And since most men want just to have casual sex, there are many liars around.

So be honest with your words and actions and you’ll turn her on.


13. Being Supportive

These days, many girls lead independent lives, don’t they?

As a result, they stay away from old-fashioned men who would want to hold them back. They strongly prefer supportive guys who will let them be themselves.


14. Having an Open Mind

Being open-minded sexually is a real turn on for most women. After all, most girls suffer from having fewer orgasms.


15. Being Funny

When you want to turn on a woman, one of the best ways for you to approach her is with humor. This is cause they love to have fun and have a soft spot for funny men.


16. Taking The Initiative

Although girls demand gender equality, they still want to be chased and pursued in romantic or sexual relationships.

Therefore one of their biggest turn ons is when a guy takes the initiative to woo them.


17. Being Able To Communicate Clearly

Want to know a common trait that women look for in a partner? It’s being able to clearly communicate what they want.

They like men who are direct and won’t confuse them.


18. Being Romantic

Tons of women are fools for lovey-dovey things and want to receive sweet gestures and experiences from guys.

Obviously, being romantic will surely be a big turn on for the girl you’re after.


19. Being A Good Listener

You know how much girls love to talk, right?

It’s their main outlet for whatever they’re feeling at the moment. In light of this, letting them know that you’re a good listener will definitely draw them to you.


20. Having Good Manners

Men with childish and immature minds have no place in girls’ lives.

What turns on women are guys with good manners that they can be with anywhere without feeling shame or embarrassment.


21. Being Financially Stable

In spite of their helpful nature, girls won’t take much interest in you if you’re broke or poor.

They seek out men who have proper jobs and are financially stable since it proves that they will be responsible partners.


22. Having A Manly Appearance

Cause of their natural instincts, most women are turned on by guys with manly appearances.

So highlight your masculine features, such as facial hair, muscular bodies, and the like to get their fancy.


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