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How To Join A Sex Party In Chicago

Chicago sex party

Chicago is one of the most sexually active cities in America – and you’ll have no problem finding a sex party if you do the right things.

It’s full of locals and out-of-towner’s who want to couple up and have great casual sex all-year round!

But while Chicago has a reputation for having an awesome sex-positive scene, sex parties are typically invite-only. This means you need to know someone who can get you an invite!

In this guide, we’ll be showing you exactly how to meet the sexiest singles and couples who know where the hottest sex parties and orgies in Chicago are occurring.


Where Can I Find Sex Parties in Chicago?

There are sex parties happening all the time in Chicago – but you won’t receive an invite unless you establish a network of connections first.

Below you’ll find a list of places where to start your search:


1. Hookup Sites

Adult Friend Finder is used by all kinds of kinky singles and poly couples in Chicago. People use it to find threesomes, orgies, and wife swapping.

You can register for free and upgrade later. Once you’ve created an account, you can add some naughty pics and videos to your profile and start messaging Chicago members.

It won’t take long before someone invites you to a sex party.


2. Polyamory Apps

Polyamory apps like Feeld and MoreThenOne are worth using in dense cities like Chicago.

They have a high user-base of horny couples and polyamorous groups who are eager to meet-up with (and fuck) like-minded people.


3. Swinger Clubs

You can walk into a swinger club with your partner and watch other people have sex (you can also have sex, too!).

Swinger clubs are also places to network with other couples and get invited to private sex parties. Just head over to groups of people, introduce yourselves and find out where they’re all going next.

However, swinger clubs are scarce in Chicago, which means you may need to venture into the outer suburbs to find one.

That said, here are members-only clubs that you can check out:

Invite Only Parties – The name might suggest that Invite Only Parties is super exclusive, but if you become a member you can secure an invite to a range of swinger parties and events in Chicago. The exact locations vary according to the event.

They don’t accept solo males, so before applying find a sex partner on an adult site.

Young Couples Party – Young Couples Party is a swingers club aimed at couples aged between 21 and 42. There are 50 in-person events throughout the year and parties typically start at 8pm and last until 2am.

Couples Playhouse – You’ll find Couples Playhouse in the suburbs (Oswego). Events are hosted every weekend, although Sunday is always reserved for “Sunday Fun Day.”


4. Listing Boards

Listing boards are great ways to stay up-to-date with the latest swinger events in Chicago.

You can use sites like Kasadie but make sure to amend your search to include the surrounding areas of Chicago.


5. Adult Stores (Sex Shops)

There are plenty of adult stores in Chicago, such as The Pleasure Chest and Early2Bed that sell a range of sex toys.

What have sex toy shops to do with sex parties?

People who attend sex parties regularly usually experiment sexually with sex toys. So these adult shops are great places to network.

Also, you can make acquaintances with the owner of the store (or anyone who works there) as there’s every chance they can hook you up with people who know where the best sex parties are.


6. Tantra Workshop

Tantra workshops like Spark Workshop Retreat aren’t the cheapest or the most fail-proof option.

But because these workshops are visited by sex-positive people who are open to exploring their sexuality, there’s still a chance you could meet couples who can invite you to a swinger party in Chicago.


How to Get Invited to Sex Parties in Chicago

swingers attending a orgy in Chicago

Poly and swing groups who meet regularly are the best way to increase your connections. The more connections you have, the more invites you’ll receive to sex parties.

The easiest way to join these groups is to network on Adult Friend Finder.

To make those connections, you need to be friendly and personable. Ask questions and take an interest in others.

What kind of sexual interests do they have? Are they into threesomes and orgies?

It’s also a good idea to couple-up because sex parties generally turn away solo males. And if they accept solo males, they’ll be seen creepy as the girl states in the below video…

Couples are always accepted to sex parties in Chicago, but would be better if you can join forces with a local couple who understands better the Chicago sex culture.

To find couples, you can either use a poly app as well a swinger site.


Sex Party in Chicago: FAQs


What’s the Best Website to Find Sex Parties in Chicago?

Because sex parties in Chicago are usually invite-only, it’s very hard to find websites that list them.

The best way is to sign up to popular adult dating sites to make connections with horny locals who may invite you to a sex party.


Where Can I Find a Swinger Party in Chicago?

You can head to swinger clubs in Chicago to find swinger parties. Talk to people, introduce yourself and find out where they’re heading next. You can also use listing boards like Kasadie.


How Do I Find Group Sex Parties in Chicago?

Group sex parties are usually under the radar in Chicago. The best way to get an invitation is to use Adult Friend Finder to make new connections.

You can create a profile and start contacting the local members who are aware of the group sex parties in Chicago.




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