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How To Have Sex On Couchsurfing

If you like to travel or are thinking about it, there’s a chance that you’ve heard about Couchsurfing.

It’s basically about hosting travelers, be hosted by locals worldwide while socializing and have fun.

Besides that, did you know that you can get Couchsurfing sex too? Yes, that’s right.

People also use it to hook up with like-minded horny travelers and hosts.

This article is all about uncovering the Couchsurfing sex underworld and learn how to get from your bed to theirs.


Is it Easy to Get Laid on Couchsurfing?

Before anything else, you have to know that sex on Couchsurfing isn’t always a sure thing… It’s not a local hookup site like Adult Friend Finder.

This is why if you only want sex, then you won’t have it easy. The reason is the main point of Couchsurfers is to travel and mingle with new people while having a free place to crash.

The only time that sex comes into the picture is when they feel like it.

hook up on CouchSurfing CS sleeping

Sex on CouchSurfing happens unexpectedly and you never know-how.

On that note, Couchsurfing sex experiences are due to the natural attraction that builds up during the homestay.

For this reason, it’s important to keep in mind that sex isn’t the goal but just an extra bonus.


How to Hook Up on CouchSurfing?

In general, it’s quite common for people to hook up through Couchsurfing. Age doesn’t matter here as both young and old can join the site.

It’s especially likely to happen for hosts with nice homes and good reviews. But of course, there are things to think about to have a good chance to end your nights with sex.

You can start by offering your spare bedroom to ideal guests. Who are they? Sexually open men and women from liberal countries.

You won’t have to handle prudes by picking them, and your chances to get laid are higher. After their stay, they can also refer you to their friends who are also sexually open-minded.

While learning a few hookup tips and tricks helps to avoid awkward situations.


Common Signs The Couch Surfer Is Likely To Sleep With You

• If the CouchSurfing profile has mostly opposite-sex friends, you can bet he/she is into casual sex.

• When you hang out, she/he tells you that often shares the bed with guests/hosts.

• If the guest spends more than a week in a place often, you can bet she/he sleeps around.

• See what people write on the reviews. Terms like “great fun” “party person” and “outgoing” often refer to people that enjoy having fun under the sheets.


Best Nationalities and Nations For Hookups On Couchsurfing

Some of the easiest nationalities to have casual sex with are British. Especially in London hookups are common.

In case you host keep in mind that the British are even more frisky when they go on trips. With this in mind, you shouldn’t think twice about opening your doors.

Yet, there are several European countries easy to get laid. For example, Germany is extremely open-minded about casual sex with strangers.

sex Couchsurfing couple

German couple

Americans are also easygoing when it comes to hookups. They’re friendly, love to have fun, and more than that, casual sex is the norm for them.

If you happen to visit the USA, consider visiting the most sexually active cities in the United States.

Also, Canadians are great guests to have. Not only they are friendly but are wild in bed and often down for a good fuck.

For those who want something exotic, Bangkok and Singapore are the way to go.

Singapore adult parties couchsurfing

But even if the folks from these places are loose about sex, you still have to make an effort to hook up smoothly.

One way to do that is to read our city sex guides and learn about their beliefs and hook up culture.

This will help you a lot and give you the details you’ll need to charm them and prevent any problems.

Knowing them will not only save you time but make sure you can raise your game and pick up skills no matter where you go.

After all, it’s all about making the other person look at you with interest to have that sexy mood that will lead to sex.


Is CouchSurfing Better Than Adult Friend Finder For Casual Sex?

Although both sites have similar sexual perks for horny foreigners, the two shouldn’t be mixed up since they have different primary purposes.

The bottom line is, Adult Friend Finder is the best choice for those who want casual sex. Since it’s direct about hookups, you’ll get laid for sure.

Couchsurfing is for you if you’re open to sex but mostly want a place where you can stay for free and meet up with locals.

In essence, Couchsurfing is a social site meant for cultural exchange for travelers by hosting.

For them, sex is just a plus and not the goal that people should look for every time.

As for Adult Friend Finder, it’s frank about getting people together who have the same sexual interests: swinging, threesomes, fetish, and so on.

Meaning that sex whether it’s short or long-term is pretty much a given for anyone who uses it.

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