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Does He Want Sex? 9 Signs That He Is Up For It

he wants sex

So you’ve found a great guy who you love spending time with and everything seems perfect. The only problem is that things aren’t moving in the direction you want them to.

You’re ready to sleep with him but you have a hard time telling if he wants to have sex or not.

Well, it could be because he’s shy and simply lacks the confidence to initiate intimacy. The chances are that he’s dropping hints and waiting for you to take charge.

If you’re unable to read his signals then let’s go over 9 signs that he wants to have sex with you.


1. He Wants to Spend Alone Time With You

Spending time alone with a person is the best way to build sexual tension with them.

So do the two of you share the same group of friends, yet, he tries to meet you in private?

If so, then that’s a clear signal that he at least sees you more than a friend.

And if he’s inviting you to his place when it’s empty, then that’s also one of the oldest tricks in the book.

To further confirm his intentions, once you enter his house try observing the surroundings?

Is the house and especially the bed super neat with the sheets properly tucked and ready to jump on?

Well, the chances are that he prepared it exactly because he wants you on it.


2. He Has a Boner

There are some things that men simply cannot control, and a boner is one of them.

If he wants to have sex with you, then he’ll get a major hard-on almost every time he’s around you.

While this may not be as easy to read as other signs, it is an absolute giveaway of his desires.

So try noticing if there’s anything “standing out” about him while he’s wearing his shorts.


3. He’s Trying to Flirt with You

We know, flirting and shyness do not particularly go well together which is the reason we used the word “trying”.

Unconfident men usually flirt in their own way. For starters, they would go the extra mile for the girl they like.

He would always show that he’s available to help you and that you can reach out to him if you need anything.

Some girls might mistake this for kindness, but in reality, he might be trying to get your attention by giving you special treatments.

So if you think he’s trying to flirt with you, then try flirting back to give a signal. Or if you’re bold enough, then you can use a more direct approach by kissing him.


4. He Finds Excuses to Touch You

This is also a universal trick that both men and women use to express their physical attraction to someone.

Although shy guys won’t be as straightforward with their touch. Don’t expect them to touch your thigh or any other hotspot.

If they had that much confidence then they probably would’ve had sex with you by now.

Instead, what they would do is find excuses to touch you like “accidentally” holding your hand while walking.

Or the most common is that their hugs would be much longer and a bit tighter.


5. He Gets Nervous Around You

It’s only natural to feel nervous around a person you want to sleep with – especially if you’re a shy person.

Fortunately though, reading when a guy is nervous is pretty easy for women. Josh Tryhane shares some common signs in his video below:

Simply try to use your feminine charm and see how he reacts.

He might start avoiding eye contact with you and may even awkwardly laugh at random stuff.

This is a good indication of the sexual tension in the air and that he’s trying to suppress his desires.


6. He’s Always Trying to Impress You

Men often act like superheroes in front of the girls they’re interested in and want to sleep with.

The reason behind their superhero instinct is that they want to stand out among the pack to get your attention.

So even if he’s unconfident and shy the chances are that he’d try his best to impress you.

They could do this by showing you how “fearless” they are, while others would show their physical strength.

Some of them would even start cracking more dirty jokes than usual.


7. He Texts You At Odd Hours

The thing about shy guys is that they usually feel more confident on the internet, than in real life.

So there’s a great chance if he’s interested in you then he would tease you via text. One way to judge his intentions is by noticing the time he usually texts.

If it’s usually late at night then there’s a chance that he might be hoping to start a sexting session.

All you have to do is send him a flirty message and he would slowly start showing you his sexual desires.


8. He Easily Gets Jealous

Try talking about your other male friends around him to see if his mood turns sour.

He might even start passing snide remarks about them. The reason for that is because he wants you to himself.

Pretending that another guy has come into the picture might even make him muster up the courage to make a move.

Although this can also make him think that you’re interested in someone else, causing him to back off.

So we don’t recommend trying this strategy unless you really want to tease him.


9. He’s Been Single for a Long Time

Shy and unconfident men often stay single for a long time and the reason is obvious.

They have their eyes set on a girl and they keep hoping that she would make a move. In this case, he may be waiting for you to take the initiative.

One way to lure out his true intentions is by asking him a question like “why are you still single?”

This might offend him enough to drop a major hint about his feelings towards you.




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