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11 Exciting Places To Have Sex

There is nothing more exciting than having sex in a new place. Not only it is something new, but often there is the thrill to get caught while doing it.

If you’ve ever hooked up in a public place, certainly you know what we’re talking about.

Just imagine having car sex at the automatic car wash, on a bench at the park, or giving/receiving a blow job in the backseat of a taxi.

And if you think those places are too crazy to have sex, in this interview you’ll realize that others have done it in unthinkable places like a rocket…

Yet, the list of exciting places to have sex is much richer.


1. Rooftops

You should give rooftops a shot if you want to have sex in an open place that offers a little privacy. Not to mention, doing it in the morning and evening will offer a romantic vibe.

Besides that, when the building’s low sized, you guys will be able to hear the voices of people in the street. This should stir you up even more.


2. At The Beach

Since it’s spacious and accessible to everyone, the beach is the best place to have outdoor sex.

You can either park the car and have sex… Or lay on the sand with a blanket… Or going for it in the tent.

As you can see the beach is a versatile place to hook up. The only annoyances are the mosquitoes in the evening and the sand which might stick in delicate areas.


3. Against The Window

When you’re looking for excitement but aren’t fond of the outdoors, having sex against the window will deliver the high you’re seeking.

It’s also a fit for those who don’t have time to spare since they won’t need to leave the house.

Apart from that, you can conveniently use any toy or props you’re interested in as they’ll all be within your reach.

What is more exciting than being seen by the neighbors?


4. Movie Theater

cinema hook up

With movie theaters being dark and big, they have the ideal environment for having sex in public.

The back row is normally where horny couples get steamy, as it’s out of people’s view.

In light of this, you’d just need to cover yourselves with a jacket or blanket if you’re shy, and you’re good to go.


5. At The Cemetery

Want to feel like a badass as you quench your sexual needs? How about going for a round at the cemetery?

Cause although cemeteries may sound creepy, a lot of them are actually more green than scary. They’re just like parks since they generally have tons of trees and bushes.

It’s the perfect place for doggy-style lovers.


6. Public Park’s Restroom

The restrooms of public parks probably look uneventful. But they’re one of the classic hook up spots for those who want to add excitement to their sex lives.

They are accessible, usually clean, and not so busy.

For starters, parks are quite common in cities worldwide. In fact, on our sex city guides, you’ll find dedicated reviews.


7. At The Gym

Aside from building up muscle, gyms are also a nice place to have some exciting sex. Especially after a workout.

The best time to go with your partner is late in the evening when there aren’t that many people in the gym.

Go for the shower or for the sauna if you prefer a steamy session.


8. On A Boat

Are you interested in outdoor sex yet are too scared to do it where other people could see you? Then having sex on a boat is the answer.

Firstly, you’ll be able to go to a secluded part of the sea. And secondly, you can be as wild as you want under the sun.

There will literally be no one else but you and your partner. Plus, if you’ve got the money, you can rent a yacht and bang in class.


9. In The Changing Room

While trying out a few new clothes is pretty common to get turned on by your partner.

So why wait for having sex? Lock the door and go for it.

The best part is most looker rooms have multiple mirrors, making the sex more exciting.

Doggy style and blow jobs are common to do in such a small place, but we recommend eating her out as well.

On that note, make sure that you only stick with a quickie. Because you’ll be caught if you take too long or get too loud.


10. Along A Mountain Trail

Mountain trails are usually deserted. This is the reason they are one of the best places to have outdoor sex.

The abundance of flora also provides enough camouflage to hide you and your partner while having sex.

Yet the exciting part is not knowing when someone may walk by.

The thing is, mountain trails are typically open to everybody. So you may encounter a family or group of hikers if you’re not mindful of the area.


11. At Your Friend’s House

We all have an idea of how exhilarating it is to do something forbidden. And having sex at your friend’s house is a naughty pleasure you should try to experience.

Take the opportunity to bang someone during a house party or when you’re having a get-together. Ensure that your friends are drunk before you hook up, as they’ll be less alert.

You’ll also need to be quick about it as people will be suspicious since you disappeared with your partner.




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