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Finland Sex Guide For Singles And Couples

If you want to get laid in Finland (not prostitution), below you’ll find useful tips and the best destinations where to hook up in the country.

This guide is been written for single men and women as well as couples who are looking for sex partners and ways to enjoy their sexual kinks.

Finland is a big country in terms of territory but very small when considering the population. Fortunately thanks to the high penetration and usage of the internet, you can hook up easily from your smartphone.

Read more if you would like to have a nightstand, sexual encounters, or find sex partners in Finland.


This Finland Sex Guide was last updated on 18 November 2020

Helsinki capital Finland



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Girls in Finland
Look, values and sexuality

Men in Finland
Look, values and sexuality

Sex Life & Hook Up Culture
Casual sex, swinging activities and hooking up in Finland

Where to Meet People For Casual Sex in Finland
Hookups, sex dating, swinging, orgies, strip clubs, transgender and BDSM

How Live Sex Camming Online
Chat, interact and get an orgasm online

How To Find The Ideal Girlfriend in Finland
Arrange mutually beneficial relationships without the drama

Best Destinations For Sex in Finland
Top Finnish cities to get laid

Hostels And Sex Hotels in Finland
Best hostels for hookups and sex hotels in Finland

Safe Sex And Clinics
Play hard but keep safe


Girls in Finland

Famous for their daring spirit and bright smiles, you’ll have an exciting experience with the pretty women in Finland.

Look And Physical Appearance

Finland is full of hot girls. Most Finnish Girls you’ll see are blonde, though there are a few with brown hair now and then.

They frequently have light-colored eyes, varying from blue to green. For their height, 5’5 or 5’6 is the standard.

Besides that, their bodies are usually either skinny or toned. However, they get meatier in their 30s. They also prefer simple and minimalist clothing.

Attitude And Values

The girls in Finland are typically well-educated. As a result, they’re self-reliant and capable, whether it’s about work or their personal lives.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that they’re stiff, as they’re pretty laid-back. In fact, they like going on adventures and traveling to other countries.

For them, having good sex is vital in determining whether to get serious or not in a relationship. On top of that, there’s really no pressure to commit in a serious relationship.


Finnish women are extremely horny, with as much as 79% of them having high libidos according to Victoria Milan.

Given these points, over 24% of 15-year-old girls are already having sex.

Summary of Finnish Girls

  • 3 traits: Finnish Women are smart, self-reliant, and capable.
  • 2 tips: To appeal to women in Finland, dress nicely and be friendly yet relaxed when you talk to them. Show your interest but don’t be too eager cause they like to take things at their own pace.
  • 1 fact: Finnish girls aren’t very feminine, which is why many of them have short hair, piercings, and tattoos.


Men in Finland

Fit and nature-loving, Finnish men are a great fit for strong women who like to take charge.

Look and Physical Appearance

Light hair colors are common for men in Finland, while black or dark brown is unusual.

A huge percent of them have blue, gray, and green eyes. And the majority have a regular height of 5’10–5’11 feet.

They’re into nature and sports, and in effect, have buff to slim builds. Additionally, they like to keep their style neat and low-key.

Attitude and Values

Despite looking unfriendly, Finnish guys are quite hospitable. They just dislike empty conversations and are honest with what they say.

Moreover, since many of them are outdoorsy and enjoy physical activities, they’re quite sporty. At times they’re even known to be competitive.

In contrast, they have the opposite attitude towards dating and have a stress-free outlook about it. They tend to go for casual set-ups instead.


Although they’re not forward, Finnish men have lots of sex. At 15, 25% of them are already sexually active according to this reasearch.

Not to mention they take their time pleasing their partners and devote more or less 39 minutes for their satisfaction. That’s make them one of the most pleasing men in Europe.

Summary of Finnish Men

  • 3 traits: Finnish men are honest, hospitable, and dislike empty conversations.
  • 2 tips: To draw the attention of Finnish men, use minimal make-up, and talk to them about light yet meaningful topics. Don’t be shy to talk about yourself to continue the conversation, but avoid bragging or showing off.
  • 1 fact: Don’t expect Finnish guys to pay for women on a date cause the bill is split evenly.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

swinging couple Finland casual hook up bedroom

Due to their gender equal values, Finnish people grow up thinking of sex as natural. Meaning no one needs to fill traditional roles or feel shame for their sexuality.

Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

Sex is essential to their lives, so much so that it’s the first basis and core of all their serious relationships.

Singles are free to have as many sexual partners as they want, along with one night stands.

Swinger Activities in Finland

Even with Finland’s openness, there’s only one swinger club, the Wildclub in Uusimaa near Helsinki.

It’s a member’s only club, and guests have to sign up on their site to get the directions for their events. Some of their parties are fetish, kinky, and gang bang.

The entry fee’s €60, and they only allow couples and women except on specific programs.

Aside from the club, swinger events here are mostly private. Online groups and communities organize them and only reveal details to their members on adult sites like this one.

Is It Easy To Hook Up in Finland?

Finnish people generally love having sex, and it’s the reason why looking for casual partners is easy here.

They actually have a reputation for hooking up with foreigners and are especially welcoming to charming and exotic foreigners.


Where to Meet People For Sex in Finland

There are three things Finns are always down for: drinking, partying and sex.

Apart from being a popular tourist destination, Finland also ranks first in promiscuity so naturally, it offers plenty of chances for you to hook up with not only locals but also the foreigners.

Whether you want to find sex in Helsinki or learn more about the swinging scene of Finland, we have got you covered.

Let’s explore some of the best ways to get laid in Finland

1. Sex Dating Online

meet online single girls Finland no string attached relationship

Of course, being single you probably already have a tinder account, right?

But if you’re looking to break into the world of bored couples and singles who are into kinky sex, then you might want to give Adult Friend Finder a try.

Being one of the largest sex dating platforms, it offers plenty of opportunities for you to find both native Finnish people and foreigners who would be down for sex.

2. Night Hookups in Nightclubs and Bars

What truly stands out about the nightlife of Finland is that even smaller towns are as lively as the bigger ones.

You do not have to wait for the weekends as Finnish people have a “little Saturday” party night on Wednesdays which is just as good as the weekends.

If you’re scouring for nightstands, then the nightlife of Helsinki is as wild as it gets. You can find bars and clubs all across the city, but in particular, you would want to head towards the downtown in Kammpi to find the best party venues in town.

Otherwise, a more pocket-friendly option is the area near the Sörnainen metro station in Kallio. While it isn’t the best place to stay, there are fair chances that you’d end up having a memorable night.

Apart from that, if you’re more into hooking up with native Finnish people, then Tampere’s nightlife offers a great alternative during the summer months. Ideally, you would want to roam around Tampere City Hall and other city centre areas as that’s where all the action is.

3. Everyday Life Situations

The chances of daytime hookups in Finland are mediocre at best. It is after nightfall that Finns start getting drunk and are down to have sex.

This is because Finnish people are usually shy. The more they drink, the more they start to open up.

With that being said, Finland is filled with tourists and also has a high population.

So you can easily try your luck in crowded areas such as the Kamppi Shopping District in Helsinki which is also surrounded by numerous dining areas and bars for you to meet new people.

meet girls Finland couples casual dates

If you prefer an indoor setting, then popular malls in Helsinki such as Forum and Stockmann are also great alternatives.

In a nutshell, here are the best places you can visit for daytime hookups:

  • Large Malls
  • Public Areas – (Parks, University campuses)
  • Museums
  • Bars and Pubs


4. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties

Unfortunately, there aren’t many public swinger clubs in Finland. The majority of the parties are held privately and require a special invitation. You can mingle with like-minded singles and couples on adult sites like this one.

If you’re in search for swinger clubs in Helsinki, then there’s one right outside the city in Uusimaa called the Wild club.

You can either take a train and then a cab to reach the venue, or simply drive there as it’s only 30-minutes away.

Before visiting this swinger club, you might want to check their event calendar. They have special events such as gangbangs, fetish parties and whatnot.

The public swinging scene in the country is almost non-existent because the small Finnish communities don’t offer privacy to its members. This means if you’re a swinger in Finland, everyone will know about it.

If you value privacy, you can always catch a flight a visit the swinger clubs in Tallinn – Estonia.

5. BDSM in Finland

While Finnish people tend to enjoy kinky activities, they’d rather do it discreetly. So far the community is small, but you can find a fetish club in Helsinki along with other organizations hosting private parties.

The love for BDSM in Helsinki and other surrounding regions has been growing.

The best way to find a bondage partner in Finland is through, where you can connect with likeminded people who are also up for kinksplorations.

6. Transsexual And Transgenders

If you want to hook up with transgenders in Finland, Helsinki is where you want to be. Finnish people are open-minded and are at the forefront when it comes to LGBT rights.

You may not find as many trans exclusive venues, but this is because the majority of the nightclubs and bars in Finland welcome all sexualities.

Yet, trying your luck in popular LGBT bars can be a good way to potentially find trans people to hook up with. And don’t miss the Helsinki Pride event with trans from all over Europe flocking here.

Other than that, TSdates is one of the largest trans dating networks in Finlan.

7. Strip Clubs

girl strip club Finland nude show gentleman nightclub singles

Finnish strip club in Turku Finland

If you want to enjoy an erotic night out then Finland is packed with strip clubs, especially if you are staying in Helsinki. The majority of the strip clubs in Helsinki are located near Vaasankatu which is the cities red-light district area.

You can often expect to find a mix of Estonian and South American girls along with Finnish girls.

If you want to take things to the private room, then expect to pay around 20€ per 10 minutes of striptease. Yet, it’s better to date a stripper after working hours without having to shell out money to have sex.

On the other hand, the strip clubs in Tampere offer a more Finnish experience.

Keep in mind that stripping is a legal profession in Finland, so unless the strippers allow you, or you have paid for it, do not touch them.


How Live Sex Camming Online

cam-girlThere are girls, trans and couples from all over the world that put on interesting sexual acts like voyeurism, toy playing, group sex and even masturbate while working.

You have the opportunity to spy on their fetish and even have a private show where you decide the sexual acts.

The only thing you need is a high-speed internet connection and this cam site will do the rest. Have fun!


How To Find The Ideal Girlfriend In Finland

If you want to experience having a girlfriend in Finland, let us tell you how.

Looking for girls and reaching out to get close to them isn’t hard anymore. Likewise, you don’t have to go out of your way at all, and they’re up for keeping it light and fun, too.

Wouldn’t you feel amazing to have a sexy and attractive Finnish girlfriend by your side…

find girlfriend Finland companionship intimacy sugar baby

Everything that you’ll need from her, she’ll gladly give you. You’ll have her sweet affection and relaxing companionship while avoiding any stress.

Men often make the mistake of getting a serious girlfriend because they didn’t know any other way.

Moreover, the fun situation doesn’t last and turns bad when the girl causes trouble with her tantrums and petty jealousy.

No one could be happy like this.

Rather than risk it, get a sugar baby who won’t cause you any worry.

Your sugar baby understands your needs, especially. And above all, she’ll support you and focus on your happiness.

Join a site like Sugar Daddy Meet to find the right sugar baby/girlfriend for your life. The young and sexy Finnish girls on the site are only waiting for you.

Sign up at no cost, and choose your pick among them. Send her a message to see her in person. And there you have it, your ideal girlfriend in Finland.


Best Destinations For Sex In Finland

The only Finnish city that is worth considering is Helsinki. There is an active nightlife, expats and open-minded Finnish that enjoy a casual sex lifestyle.


Best Hostels And Sex Hotels in Finland

If you want to enjoy Finland’s nightlife and find casual sex, then you’d want to think carefully before you pick a hostel. Similarly, whether it is your partner or fuck buddy, the right hotel makes sex much more memorable.

When searching for hotels in Helsinki, look for one around the Kamppi District as it’s one of the most lively nightlife areas.

Otherwise, if you want to book a party hostel in Tampere, then look for one near the city center as that’s where the majority of the solo travelers who are looking for some fun stay.

You can get more information on the best hotels and hostels for sex in Finland in our Finnish city guides.


Safe Sex And Finnish Clinics

Casual hookups are always fun, but your sexual health should never be compromised.

Always use condoms during sex to avoid unwanted pregnancies and STDs. Some government-run clinics offer free STD testing and treatment, but private treatments can be expensive.

To know more about the best sexual health clinics with English speaking staff members in Finland, visit our adult city guides in Europe.
I hope this Finland sex guide has cleared your doubts. Have a great time!



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