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How To Join A Sex Party In Hawaii

Hawaii sex partyAs one of the top tourist hotspots in the world, Hawaii brings in thousands of sexual adventurers from all over the globe.

It doesn’t have fancy swinger clubs that host sex parties but it has an endless supply of horny foreign couples. So it isn’t that hard to find someone that has the same desires as you.

Whether you’re in search of partner swappers, orgies, or anything else, you might be surprised to find just how many people in Hawaii are looking for some frisky fun.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the world of sex parties in Hawaii and teach you how you can get invited to them.


Where Can I Find Sex Parties in Hawaii?

We mentioned in our Hawaii hookup guide that the Island has no lifestyle clubs. This means if you want to attend a sex party, you need to get creative and build connections to join the underground scene.

Here are a few places to kick off your search.


1. Hookup Sites

Due to Hawaiians’ sexual habits, you are more likely to start a party yourself than to join one.

Although the locals are not known for swinging, the visiting Americans and Canadians are. You should team up with some of the tourists and make a little gathering yourself.

Our advice is to act immediately and start looking for horny couples and singles.

You’ll find that members on sites like Adult Friend Finder are into threesomes, orgies, and swap partners. Like in many other states, this is the most popular adult dating site in Hawaii.

People who visit the Island often praise it as the best option for organizing sex parties. You can use the platform to browse users based on your specific sexual preferences.

And if you want to explore more options, then you can also try hookup apps for poly couples.


2. Sex Forums & Social Media

Another excellent way to secure sex party invites is by interacting with others in sex groups on social media and online forums.

Facebook is always a fantastic place for connecting with the poly and swinger communities. Something like Singles in (or heading to) Hawaii! or Hawaii Meet Up- Ladies Edition might be of help.

Alternatively, you can visit the HawaiiSwingers subreddit where tourists and locals can connect with potential swinging partners and gather information about sex parties in the area.

There’s also a group by the name of XchangeHawaii that hosts four swinger parties a year at a fee of $40 per couple.

The only drawback is that they don’t allow single males. But don’t let that stop you because you can always hop on Adult Friend Finder to find a partner to join you.

Also, try your luck on other special websites made just for swingers.


3. Bars and Nightclubs

You might also get lucky while visiting the local bars and clubs that are scattered all over Hawaii.

The tourists love hitting up bars to party the night away so it’s the perfect opportunity to find sexy couples willing to share.

Our best piece of advice is to hit the local bars and keep your eyes peeled.

It might be your time to shine if a cute couple is checking you out. There’s no place like the dancefloor to cozy up to interested couples and gauge the sexual chemistry.

Here are a few popular bars and dance clubs on the Island:


4. Adult Stores

When the above doesn’t work, you turn to the next best place: adult stores.

Most sexually adventurous and kinky couples use sex toys and kinky outfits. So it’s obvious you should pay a visit to a sex store on the island to find out where the next sex party is taking place.

Sensually Yours is one of the most popular and highly recommended sex shops in Honolulu. And the owner knows where the sex parties and events are happening in the area.

We recommend considering buying lingerie here. They have a hot collection that includes everything from brassieres to BDSM gear and role-playing costumes.


5. Nudist Beaches

Like any other summer resort, beaches are an excellent place to meet new people. Yet, nudist beaches are where you can find sexually open-minded people.

Here are a few great options:

  • Little Beach, Maui
  • Kehena Beach, Big Island
  • Kahuku Beach, Oahu
  • Secret Beach, Kauai
  • Diamond Head Beach Park

Even though Hawaii doesn’t have any legal naturist beaches, you can get away with some nude if you’re discreet.

We suggest that you shoot your shot with the Americans. Canadians can also be a nice choice, but you should definitely avoid the locals.


6. Naturist Resorts

Naturist resorts in Hawaii are known to be adult playgrounds where sex parties take place occasionally. But it is more common to get invited for a private threesome or swinging session.

And if that doesn’t happen then you’ll at least build connections by networking with free-spirited people to learn about the underground swinging scene in Hawaii.

Either way, if you’re all in for embracing your body then you really can’t go wrong with naturist resorts. They are one of the best places to meet sexually adventurous people.

There are plenty of naturist resorts in Hawaii, here are some popular options:

  • Hawaiian Naturist Park
  • Hanging Loose Nudist Resort
  • Isle of You Naturally
  • Kahena Mauka Nui Club

These resorts aren’t bad even for single men as everyone is friendly, open-minded, and loves engaging in small talk.

Try spending more time in the bars, and lounges to socialize as much as you can.

With that said, tagging along with a partner will definitely help you get more attention and make you more approachable.


How to Get Invited to Sex Parties in Hawaii

Couple Partying in Hawaii

With no swinger clubs in the state, finding sex parties and entering the swinging scene in Hawaii may seem a bit difficult.

But remember, the most seemingly reserved places can be the kinkiest! Just because Hawaiians don’t openly talk about orgies doesn’t mean they’re not having any fun.

You just have to look a bit harder to find some. That’s where online forums, social media, and sites like Adult Friend Finder come in.

These platforms can help you network with like-minded couples and eventually you can build connections to find your way into private sex parties.

Alternatively, you can always pick up partners through old-fashioned networking by surveying tourist-filled bars, sex stores, clubs, and beaches.

Don’t forget to familiarise yourself with the rules and etiquette of the swinger lifestyle before showing up at a party.

Remember, the key to entering the swinging and sex party scene in Hawaii is to establish a network.

Finding a partner or couple willing to introduce you to the underground swinger community will definitely go a long way, especially if you’re a solo male!




Are there swinger clubs in Hawaii?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any lifestyle clubs on the Island. But you can find plenty of partner swappers on Adult Friend Finder.


Where can I meet couples for sex parties?

Your best bet is to look for people on swinger sites, hookup apps, and adult groups on social media.

Alternatively, you can try your luck in nightclubs, bars, and nudist beaches.


Are sex parties common in Hawaii?

Hawaiians are usually open to casual sex but finding anything more can be a challenge.

However, you can link up with like-minded tourists to start a sex party of your own or join their private gatherings.


Do Hawaiians like swinger parties?

When it comes to sex, Hawaiians are relatively conservative by nature, although this is slowly changing.

The likelihood of joining a swinger party with the locals is very low.

It’s better to connect with American, Canadian, and other international tourists as they’re more sexually adventurous and open to orgies.