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Hookup Stop Review 2022: Is It Legit? We Tried It

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We all want to get laid, but not everyone has the time or the confidence to meet people the old-fashioned way.

This is the reason we’re always on the lookout for new hookup sites.

Recently, we stumbled across Hookup Stop, which looks pretty decent and has a simple sign-up process.

But we know, this isn’t enough to tell whether a hook up site is legit or a scam. That’s why we decided to dig deep and test the platform ourselves.

Find out if it was worth it by reading our unbiased and detailed Hookup Stop review!


Founded: not mentioned

Site Address:

Rating: 2/10

Estimate Number Of Users: not mentioned

Popular Age: 20-32

Active Audience: 5%

Fraud & Scammers: 97%


Why Do We Think Hook Up Stop Is A Scam?

Apart from posing a serious security risk to you, Hookup Stop has nothing to offer and does not fulfill its purpose.

In my experience, finding a real person on the site felt next to impossible.

As soon as you sign-up, you’ll start getting spammed by fake profiles. You can’t respond to the messages until you purchase the membership.

You’re better off with a legit site like Adult Friend Finder if you want to have any chances of finding an attractive and open-minded partner.


Full Hookup Stop Review Based on Our Experience

Let’s get one thing straight. Everything on Hookup Stop is locked behind a paywall. You can’t respond to any messages, view profiles, or watch videos until you pay for their services.

The registration process is also weird because there’s no real email or account verification.

Anyway, we still gave the site the benefit of the doubt and decided to use it. And this what we\ve found out:


Shady Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions on Hookup Stop are very suspicious and this makes it obvious that the site is a scam. Let’s give you a glimpse of what you’re signing up for:

Hookup Stop scam terms of service

This section consents to the use of bots on the site. These bots are used to stimulate and make the user believe that he/she is getting lots of interaction and connection on the site.

There’s no way to tell that you’re chatting with a fake operator. And once you signed up, you’ll be bombarded with many messages.

Basically, you might end up paying for the premium plan in order to send a message to a bot that is just meant to “entertain” you.


Full of Fake Member Profiles

When signing up on Hookup Stop all you need to signup are your name and email address. A quick sign-up process, yes. But the site offers no verification process.

So to find a genuine partner, you need to go through many fake and inactive profiles.

And since there’s no screening or verification process, this makes it very easy for scammers and spammers to register on the site.

You can’t even view the profiles without purchasing the membership. But the majority of the profiles we saw on our newsfeed looked fake anyway.

Profiles on Hookup Stop

You might come across real male members, but we highly doubt that you’ll find any real women on the site.


Everything is Locked Behind a Paywall

You read that read right – every action you take on Hookup Stop prompts you to its membership screen.

Whether you want to view user profiles, reply to messages, or even, watch broadcasts on your feed – you’ll have to upgrade your plan.

And honestly, the membership is also quite expensive. Especially, considering the poor profile quality and the number of scammers on the site.

Pricing on Hookup Stop

Longer plans do save you some money, but ultimately, we wouldn’t recommend spending even a dime on Hookup Stop.


Lack of Security

The fact that anyone can have access to the site shows their lack of privacy concerns for their users.

If you end up putting your private pic on the site, don’t be surprised if you find it elsewhere.

The same goes for your credit card info because we highly doubt that they have a secure payment mechanism in place.

Even if they do, a site that doesn’t even verify the emails simply cannot be trusted.

We couldn’t log back into our account either after signing out. We even tried restarting our password, but the site failed to recognize our email address.


Rigid Matching and Messaging

There are three main problems with Hookup Stop’s matching and messaging process:

  • Poor messaging interface
  • Slow site’s speed
  • Lack of information/description

All these basically ruin the user’s experience on the site. Apart from the interface, imagine having to wait every time you want to interact with someone on the site.

Also, the profile accounts on Hookup Stop provide little information on the user. You can only view the thumbnail of their pictures.

Viewing the user’s hobbies and interests, likes and dislikes, personality traits, and other details also isn’t possible until you pay.

Also, it doesn’t take a genius to tell that the messages you’re receiving are also fake:

Messages on Hookup Stop

Basically, everything about the site screams that they are desperate for money.


Best Alternatives To Hookup Stop

Instead of wasting your time trying to find a real partner on Hookup Stop, use these sites instead:

Looking for more alternatives? Check out our list of the most popular adult dating sites.


Hookup Stop FAQs


Is Hookup Stop a legit site to get laid?

Hookup Stop is a scam site, and your chance of getting laid from this site are slim to none.


Are the members of Hookup Stop real?

Most members on Hookup Stop are either inactive or fake. At best, you’ll only find real male users on the site.


Is Hookup Stop better than AFF?

Adult Friend Finder is one the best adult dating dating site to find open-minded and sexually positive people. Hookup Stop is nowhere near AFF.


Is Hookup Stop safe to use?

Hookup Stop isn’t safe to use because anyone can sign-up on the site without verification, this is fertile soil for scammers.

Spencer explains how online dating scams work in this video:


Is Hookup stop worth my time and money?

Hookup Stop is not worth your time and money because there are hardly any real users on the site.


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