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How To Ask Someone To Hook Up Over Text: 22 Example Messages

two strangers asking someone To Hook Up Over Text

“Do you want to hook up with me?”

Imagine if someone would send you a text like that. What would you think about that?

If you’re a confident guy you would be excited and go for it. But if a girl read such text, she would think he is desperate.

So asking a guy to hook up over text isn’t like asking a girl. The approach is totally different even though there are a few common grounds.

To make your life easier, below you’ll find several examples of messages to send him or her. And at the end of this article, we also offer some valuable tips.

The best part is, that you can also apply these tips for messaging on the few hookup sites and apps that we know work.


11 Text Messages Examples If That Someone Is A Girl

Woman sending hook up text messages


1. “I want to know more about your body. Are You Up?”

With this, you’re direct with your interest while being sexy about it. And it’s especially effective if you mention something you find interesting about her.


2. “How Horny Are You?”

As it’s simple and straight to the point, it’s perfect for those guys who don’t want to beat around the bush. What’s more, you can decide when the hook-up happens by putting “Tonight” or “Tomorrow” at the end.


3. “Want To Keep Me Company Tonight?”

If you’re going for straightforward but classy, this is it. And you can add activities that you want to do if you prefer sex to be your dessert.


4. “Wish You Were In Bed Next to Me Now.”

Aside from sounding sweet and sexy, you’ll definitely turn on a girl with this message. Basically, this text is a hint you want to hook up right now.


5. “You Should Sleep Over Sometime.”

This is the perfect hook up text message if you’re looking for a friend with benefits. It makes her known that you want to fuck her regularly.


6. “What Are You Going To Do Tonight? My Suggestion is: me”

Naughty text messages like this are certain to turn up her sex drive for the night. It’s simple yet promises sex in a fun way making it hard to deny.


7. “I’m Thinking About The Last Time…”

And tell her what you enjoyed the most during your last hook up. Make sure to choose an interesting adventure like when you have fucked on the stairs or in the forest.

It’ll make her fantasize to do it with you.


8. “I Want To Try This Position…”

When you share naughty ideas such as this, she’ll feel turned on. For women, sexual arousement is a mental game rather than a physical one.


9. “Are You Up Right Now?”

Almost everyone knows what this classic text means. Having said that, people don’t need to explain anything else. But you can be more outgoing and add, “want to hook up?”


10. “I Want You Right Now.”

If you want it bad, there’s nothing better than being honest with your desires. After all, letting her know what you want lets you skip the small talk.


11. “I Dreamed About You Last Night Doing Naughty Things. Let’s Meet Up So I Can Show You.”

Not only you let her know that you fantasize about having sex together, but you’re ready to hook up right now.


12. “I’m Having Dinner With Friends. Do You Want To Be My Dessert Later?”

She’ll appreciate being in your mind even when busy with friends. And if she is horny, she might accept your offer.


11 Text Messages Examples If That Someone Is A Guy

guy sending hook up text messages


1. “Want To Come Over?”

This message can be as playful or aggressive as you want. It depends on how you want to ask a guy to hook up over text.

For playful, “and have some fun?” or go strong with, “and fuck me?”

Don’t worry, most guys won’t refuse the offer.


2. “Can You Pick A Color For Me?”

Don’t answer when he asks why unless he picks a color first. It’s cause you need to reply with, “meet me later to find out if I’m wearing that color.”

Ladies will have fun with this since it’s about the color of your lingerie or underwear.


3. “Can I Go To Your Place Tonight?”

This line is particularly great if you’re a girl who wants to learn how to ask a guy to hook up while keeping your place private.

Plus, by going over to your partner’s house, you’ll be able to get laid without needing to clean up much.


4. “Do You Want To Know How Much You Turn Me On?”

There’s a low chance that a man will say no when you express your horniness for them. Cause you’re not only stroking his egos but making him look forward to easy sex. Then follow-up with: “Come and find it out by yourself”.


5. “Can You Make My Day Better?”

These days, this means that you’re asking them to lighten up your mood with sex subtly. You should also add a winking face or sweat droplets emoji to come on stronger.


6. “I’m All Alone Tonight…”

This is a great way to hint that you want to hook up without being too direct. Unless you add something similar to “want to fuck?” Anyway, this hookup message offers plenty of clues.


7. “Are You In The Mood For A Drink?”

At this point in time, everyone knows that hookups and alcohol go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly. You’re essentially asking to drink first before you get to the main event: sex.


8. “I’m Naked Right Now, Where Are You?”

One surefire method to get your partner’s engine running is to stimulate their imagination. Letting them know what awaits will drive them crazy for you. And guys, on the whole, can’t resist frank and direct texts like this.


9. “I’m About To Go Home… Where Are You?”

Need some after-party sex? Try this one. This way, you can meet up outside at a bar if you want, and it leaves where you’ll hook up open for discussion.


11. “I Need a Good Fuck..”

Since this line basically states that you’re ready for him, he won’t hesitate to satisfy your needs. When instead of “good” you use “quality”, it’ll enhance his ego to satisfy you.


12. “Do You have Lyft/Uber on Your Phone? Then Use It To Come Over Here Now”

This is an explicit way to tell him to come over right now for some sex.


Asking Someone To Hook Up Over Text Can’t Be Generalized

While those hook up text messages will no doubt help you to get laid, you have to consider what kind of person you’re dealing with.

For example, if they’re turned off by aggressive people, you should use flirty and subtle hook up text messages.

Instead, if they’re wild and adventurous, then you can be daring and plainly when asking for sex.

Besides that, try to make it easy for the other person to come over and have sex. You can send over a taxi to pick her/him up or meet in a hotel halfway.

The fewer obstacles, the higher the chances to hook up.

Keep in mind that how you assess the situation is fundamental. If you’re able to judge the timing properly, then there’s a high chance you’ll succeed.

And don’t forget to follow the classic hook up rules if you don’t want to make the experience awkward and underwhelming for both of you.




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