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How To Hook Up In Kansas City

Sitting on the western edge of Missouri, Kansas City is ranked to be one of the best places to live in the U.S. But it is all a great destination for hookups.

The population of Kansas almost touches 500k, and also has an exhilarating nightlife with plenty of venues to find a nightstand.

But of course, this is a big city so it’s easy to waste your time at the wrong spots.

Fortunately, this guide will take you through all you need to know about how to hook up in Kansas City.

First, we’ll talk about the general mindset of the people toward sex, then move on to the best places to find a hook up.

After that, we’ll also share some tips to help you get laid in Kansas City.

So let’s get started!


What Is Kansas City Hookup Culture Like?

Kansas City didn’t make it on the top ten list of the most sexually active cities in the United States. But according to the Daily Beast, Kansas City ranks 16th among the horniest cities of America.

This goes to prove that the people of Kansas City do not shy away from casual sex.

The many jobs that the city offer attract a young workforce making it a hotspot for singles. And with so many young singles rooming in the city, there is plenty of opportunities for hooking up.

Yet, the locals aren’t that social so it’s better to look for a sex partner online. The reason the guy in this video didn’t have a positive experience is that he didn’t search in the right places…

You’ll notice that many people are already in a relationship or married. That’s because Kansas City people usually get in a serious relationship in college and then they get married.

Because couples are in a relationship for so long, sex life becomes dull for most at a certain point.

So they move into the swinging lifestyle as you’ll notice from the high number of Kansas City’s members on Adult Friend Finder.

They are looking for singles for a threesome or other couples willing to swap partners.


Where To Hook Up In Kansas City

Kansas City not only has a great online hook up scene, but also plenty of nighttime venues. Let’s go over some of the best options:


1. Kansas City Hookup Sites

Kansas City is considered to be a great place for young professionals thanks to the many opportunities in the city.

How is that relevant to hookups?

Well, most young people relocating here are single and horny. And most of them don’t have a social circle.

So in order to fulfill their sexual needs, they hop on to adult dating sites.

This is why hook up platforms like Adult Friend Finder have many members in Kansas City looking for a quick fling.


2. Sex Clubs

swinger club Kankas City couples hookups

Kansas City is a place for youngsters, so unfortunately the swinging scene here is lowkey.

The Spott is the only swinger club you can find in Kansas City, and that also opens only on Saturdays.

Your best bet would be to look for partner swappers on AFF or join the Kansas City swingers forum on Reddit.


3. Best Hookup Bars in Kansas City

If you want to interact and hook up with strangers in Kansas City, then Downtown, the Plaza and Westport are the areas to visit.

These are the best bars to meet singles:

The Granfalloon Bar – Located at Ward Pkwy, this singles bar is perfect to meet a diverse variety of people.

• Margarita Amigos – Located at Southwest Blvd, cougars often visit this bar to enjoy a glass of margarita, making it the best place to meet older women in Kansas City.

Applebee’s Bar – Located at Rainbow Blvd, the perfect place to chill and hook up with students in their 20s.

Green Lady Lounge – Located at Grand Blvd, this bar mainly attracts people in their 50s due to its live jazz music.

Bier Station – Located at 120 E Gregory Blvd, people in their 30s often visit this bar to socialize and enjoy craft beer.


4. The Best Nightclubs for Finding Hookups

Want to party and get laid with hot people in Kansas City? Try visiting these nightclubs:

Aura Nightclub – Located at Main St, with an insane atmosphere and a rowdy crowd, you’re bound to find a hook up here by the end of the night.

>Madrigall Club – Located at Oak St, a perfect venue to get close and intimate with strangers while dancing to salsa music.

Aura Club – Located at Main St, this high energy nightclub is the perfect place to let loose with the locals.

Missie B’s – Located at 805 W 39th St, this bar is famous for its drag shows and you can find trans girls crashing here almost every day.

Leg’s Party Bar – Located at E State RTE, you can find some gorgeous ladies to mingle with in this night club.


5. Other Hookup Spots to Get Laid

Finding hookups during the day in Kansas City can be a bit difficult because most people are working.

With that said, if you want to try the street game at night, then River Market and Union Hill are the best neighborhoods to meet singles and young professionals.

Similarly, Midtown and Westport are also crowded as they’re the most popular entertainment districts of the city.

If you like alternative music, the 96.5 social/concert scene can be a good way to meet like-minded people.


Important Tips To Get Laid in Kansas City


1. Find a Sugar Baby

Kansas City is often visited by youngsters, so it shouldn’t be surprising that sugar dating is quite common here.

If you’re wealthy, then you can easily score a hot sugar baby.

The University of Kansas City has plenty of hot girls who would be down to form a transactional relationship. But the problem is that most of them won’t say it publicly.

So if you want to connect with them, then the easiest way is to sign-up on a site like Sugar Daddy Meet.


2. Dress Sharply

As we mentioned earlier, Kansas City is often visited by young professionals trying to find job opportunities.

Most of them wear sophisticated and smart clothing – and you’ll have to do the same if you want to catch their attention.

So make sure that you’re dressing sharply and according to the occasion/place you’re visiting.


3. Search Online If You’re New

Lastly, if you’re new to Kansas City and don’t have a social circle, then finding a sex partner in nightclubs and bars can be a bit challenging.

So we would suggest searching for hookups online.

You’ll easily connect with another person who is also new to the city and trying to get laid like you.




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