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How To Attract A Man Emotionally – 9 Tips

man attracted to woman emotionally

There are many differences between men and women, especially when it comes to their views on relationships.

For one thing, guys can separate love from sex. And even when a guy is sleeping with a girl, he won’t instantly want her as his girlfriend.

To keep him invested in the relationship you need to engage him emotionally with his heart, mind, and dreams. The physical and sexual attraction isn’t enough.

For example, when you start to feel sexually attracted to a long-time friend is because you’ve built an emotional connection first. It’s the emotions that make you want him in your life.

This means, if you want to create emotional attraction with a man, you have to be more than sexually appealing.

So here you’ll find 9 tips to attract a man emotionally…


1. Get To Know The Real Him

Guys want to be praised and will enjoy hearing you say that they’re handsome or cool. Yet you will fail to attract a man emotionally when your only focus is on his looks or achievements.

To get his heart, you have to show true interest in knowing how the real him works under all that. This means he has to feel that you’re into him as a person.

So listen well when you ask him personal questions, such as what his dreams are.


2. Be A Positive Person

Life Hack’s article mentions that having a high emotional IQ is one of the qualities that men look for in a serious partner.

And they also want a woman who can motivate them without any drama.

Due to this, you’ll absolutely be able to move a man’s heart when you’re a positive person in his life. On that note, you should concentrate on backing him up in his goals, regardless of how big or small they are.

You essentially have to be his cheerleader.


3. Respect His Choices

Since men and women obviously have unique values and concerns, it’s normal that they won’t see eye to eye every now and then.

But you need to handle these situations calmly and respect his choices if you want to trigger emotional attraction from a man.

Try to refrain to whine about it or force him to change his decision that you disagree with. At least at the beginning.

And don’t even think of fooling him to give in to what you want. Or else you’ll harm his authority and turn him off entirely from you.


4. Don’t Make Him Guess What You’re Thinking

A lot of girls are demanding and want guys to do every single thing perfectly right from the start. But, men aren’t mind readers.

And if you force him to overthink he’ll hate dealing with these high expectations.

Instead, you must be honest with him and shouldn’t make him guess what you’re thinking. Doing this will make him see you like a mature woman who he can talk to.


5. Leverage Through Text

Another way to emotionally draw a man to you is to be a steady presence in his life. The easiest way to do this is to use text messages, especially if you’re a busy person.

Be flirty with your text messages to keep him interested in the conversation. Also, that shows that you’re an easy-going person instead of a clingy woman.

But aside from sexy messages, you must also show that you’re concerned about what he does. Send him messages that ask how he is, and encourage him when he needs it.


6. Pay Attention To His Interests

No matter how old they get, men usually have hobbies that they’re passionate about. For some, it’s sports, while for others, it’s gaming or collecting toys.

Whatever it may be, you must pay attention to his interests. The reason is he’ll feel understood and in return feel emotionally attached to you.

Not only men but people in general feel connected with those who understand their points of view in life.

Keep in mind that you haven’t to like the same thing. You just have to let him know that you care and are happy for him.


7. Don’t Bring Up His Past Mistakes

Due to their macho mentality, men hate messing up and talking about their weaknesses. Moreover, most of them don’t open up quickly since they prefer to hide their weak points.

This is why when you learn about his vulnerable side, you need to keep what you know to yourself. Don’t bring up his past mistakes, or you’ll come off as a negative woman he can’t trust.

In short, you shouldn’t dwell on his past if you want him to get serious with you.


8. Find Something You Both Enjoy

To attract a man who ignores you is to find something that you both can enjoy together. Not only will it bring you two closer to each other, but it’ll also connect you on the same wavelength.

Furthermore, your current bond will be strengthened since you’ll be sharing similar experiences and thoughts.

It can be a new activity or one that the other person is already a fan of. What’s vital is that you two truly like it.


9. Focus On Having Good Sex

This study on couples claims that men have greater emotional intimacy with their girls when they are sexually content.

Besides that, guys were much happier with their relationship when their partners said they were pleased with their sexual performance.

Therefore, when enjoying sex with him, not only you’ll attract him physically but also emotionally. It’s a double gain.

To do this, you have to be open about what you want and ask him how to make it better for him too. This is the third most important hook up rule you should always keep in mind.



What Makes A Man Connect With You Emotionally?

man connected with girl emotionally

What makes a man connect emotionally is when you give all yourself in without reserves. In other words, he feels appreciate and wanted by his woman.

After all, men are alike women when it comes to emotional connection. The only difference is men are first attracted sexually and then emotionally. Instead, women need to be emotionally connected first.

Below are a few criteria to connect a man emotionally:

  • She makes him feel physically attractive
  • She gives him emotional security
  • She lifts him up
  • She meets his sexual needs
  • She gives him freedom
  • She makes him feel like a man
  • She makes him feel needed

There are other traits as well, but the ones we just talked about should give you a clear idea.

Once you’ve put at work the above tips to attract him emotionally, make sure to notice the signs he is emotionally attached to you so you can move forward with the relationship.




  • Ashley Miller

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