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How To Attract A Man Physically – 9 Seductive Tips For Making Yourself Irresistible

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Regardless of a person’s gender, you have to admit that looks play a big part in attracting the other sex. Yet, for girls, it isn’t as important as for guys.

Unless a guy thinks that you’re physically attractive, there’s no way that he’ll ever want to approach you.

This means you have to pay close attention to your appearance if you want to snag the attention of men.

On top of that being conscious to be attractive will make you feel comfortable in your skin. As a result, you’ll be a more confident woman which will boost your sex appeal.

There are a number of ways to physically attracts a man to a woman, and we’ve several tips for you to enhance your look.

But first, let’s understand what attracts a man to a woman at first sight.


What Do Guys Find Sexually Attractive?

guys find sexually attractive woman

They say that “beauty is subjective since it’s in the eye of the beholder” is true but there is one thing to keep in mind – men have a certain standard for beauty that’s always consistent.

This is backed up by science, as studies have shown that guys are genetically programmed to be physically attracted to women who possess specific traits.

Evolutionarily speaking, men correlate physical attractiveness with the capacity of a woman to give healthy offspring. In other words, a man is inclined to go for girls who seem healthy and fertile.

The indicators that men commonly look in a girl are:

  • Moist, full lips
  • Long shiny hair
  • Plump butt
  • Perky boobs
  • Symmetrical face
  • Wide hips
  • Small waists
  • Good skin
  • Well-groomed nails
  • Curvy body shape

Of course, you don’t have to meet all of these requirements just to get a guy. Although knowing about what they fancy should give you a concrete idea of how to appeal to them.

And keep in mind where physical attraction doesn’t work, you can always attract a man emotionally.

With that said, you’ll have more success when you follow the tips we have below.


9 Tips To Make A Man Physically Attracted To You


1. Smile At Him

A much underused simple habit that can skyrocket your success with men is the smile. Not only smiling will make you look friendlier to talk to, but you’ll also come off prettier as well.

Most women think men look at boobs, legs, and the ass. But in reality, your smile comes first.

Consider how big is the dentist industry, and you immediately understand how important is the smile in our society.

In case you’re reluctant to smile because your teeth aren’t straight, consider fixing them. And in case you can’t afford it, you can always smile mildly.

Make use of such flirting techniques with guys if you want to attract them.


2. Avoid Loose Clothes, Wear Revealing Ones

Loose clothes are comfortable to wear, but they completely hide a woman’s figure. Hence, they won’t do the job if your aim is to be seductive.

To catch a man’s attention, you must choose formfitting clothes that will show your curves. Get rid of your baggy shirt, and go for a skin-tight dress.

And if you’re not as curvy as you want, pick clothes that will give the illusion that you’re sexier than you truly are.


3. Have Beautiful Hair

It’s definitely not a lie when people say that a person’s hair is their crowning glory. Aside from making girls pretty, it’s also one of the main things that draw men to women.

If you check out your competition, you’ll notice how often women visit the salon. Not only for dates but also for interviews or other occasions.

The reason is har like smiling is one of the first things a man notices. Therefore you should always style it.


4. Go For Natural Makeup Look With Nice Lips

Guys claim that they are into women who don’t wear makeup. Yet when it’s time to mingle, they don’t even aim for girls with bare faces.

What they actually like is natural-looking makeup on women, which is made up of light or toned down colors.

Therefore, when you want to charm a man, stay away from dark or vibrant makeup.

Instead, you should go for a natural makeup look with nice full lips since moist pink lips are attractive to men.


5. Wear Red

woman wearing red

Whatever your lucky or favorite color is, you need to ignore it if you want to physically attract a man. Because there’s only one color that you need to wear to be desirable, and that is none other than red.

Several studies have explained that red stimulates many positive reactions in guys. The is due to red being associated with fertility and good health.

As such, wearing a red dress and red lipstick will make you stand out in the best way.


6. Highlight Your Ass And Boobs

There’s nothing more alluring for guys than a woman’s soft and lovely figure. On account of this, there’s no question he’ll become aware of you when you put solid emphasis on your body’s strong points.

On that note, you have to focus on showing off what you already have. Meaning, if you’re a girl with big boobs, you must wear low-cut tops that highlight them.

But if your ass is what you’re proud of, then body-hugging jeans or shorts are a must for you.


7. Good Posture

People often say that confidence is a vital key to become an attractive person. But many women turn out to have low self-esteem as a result of their circumstances.

Should you be one of them, though, there’s an important trick that you can use to make men see you as a confident woman. It’s good posture.

You’ll be able to appear self-assured to others by simply having a straight and proper posture. In addition, it’ll define your body line as well.


8. Wear High Heels

Slippers, flats, and sneakers are, without a doubt, cozy and easy on your feet. They won’t do a thing, however, to help your legs look any better to guys.

For this reason, when you want to physically attract a man, you need to switch up your everyday shoes for a pair of flirty high heels.

Apart from giving you a sexier vibe overall, wearing heels will provide others with the impression that you have long legs and a perky butt.


9. Take Care Of Your Nails

Want to know a common small detail that attracts several men? It’s long and well-kept nails.

Considering that there are also many men with a foot fetish, don’t limit yourself to the nails of your hands but take good care of your foot’s nails too.

So if you think that you can just go out and captivate a guy when you have dry and unkempt nails, then you’re sorely mistaken. They might even turn a guy off.

Keep your nails clean and neat as much as possible. Similarly, you should get manicures if you want to style them.




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