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How To Fuck A Girl For The First Time

fucking a girl for the first time

Having sex for the first time is always a special moment. But it often becomes underwhelming because guys rush into it unprepared.

After all, there’s more to it than just putting your tool in her hole. You need to feel the moment, find the flow and most importantly, learn to enjoy her body while she enjoys yours.

So if you’re wondering how to fuck a girl for the first time, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll share all the secret tips and tricks you need to know to make her achieve a mind-numbing orgasm. But also important tips to don’t get her pregnant.


1. Bring Condoms and Lubricant

You must be super excited and all, but that doesn’t mean you forget what’s important.

The last thing you want is to catch an STD from your first sexual encounter. And you definitely don’t want kids either.

That’s why don’t forget to pack some condoms and lube.

While you can purchase lubricated condoms, you shouldn’t completely depend on them.

They rarely have enough lubricant, so penetration can sometimes become difficult and also painful.


2. Do Not Overthink

We know, you’ve fantasized about this moment your whole life and planned to do all sorts of naughty things to her.

But for some reason, you can’t calm your nerves. Well, according to sex therapist >Claudia Six, this is called sex anxiety.

It mostly happens due to the fear that you’re going to disappoint your partner in bed. Thoughts like “what if I discharge early?” are quite common among first-timers.

Well, let’s tell you that there’s nothing wrong with coming too soon.

Even if you can’t last long, there’s more than one way to satisfy a woman, which we will be discussing in detail soon.

And don’t worry, you don’t require a huge penis either.

With that said, try making sure that you at least have enough time with her.


3. Make Her Feel Relaxed

The key to turning on a woman is to make her feel relaxed. Her mind and body need to be worry-free to enjoy what’s yet to come.

So the first thing is to create the perfect environment. If she’s coming over to your place, then make sure your bedroom is clean and smells nice.

Other than that, the lighting can also have a huge impact on her mood. Dim lights are generally preferred to make the atmosphere more romantic.

Plus, it also makes women less conscious about their bodies, which in turn, gets them turned on quicker.

And if you’re going to a hotel, then try finding a place that accommodates these requirements.


4. Turn Her On with Foreplay

You might be excited to penetrate her, but first, you need to build sexual tension first.

This is where foreplay comes in – which is essentially your biggest weapon.

Foreplay is all about creativity but here are a few things that women love during this phase:

  • Run your fingertips through her hair.
  • Kiss her neck and gently rub it with your nose.
  • Switch between harder and softer kisses.
  • Touch-sensitive areas of her body like her nipples and inner thighs.
  • Run kisses from her lips down to her panties.
  • Pull her hair while kissing (but not too hard).

All in all, foreplay alone is enough to make a woman feel so horny that she’d start begging you for that dick.

So take your time with it and arouse her as much as you can by touching her sensitive parts.

And if you’re looking for more foreplay ideas then this short video by Sexual Revolution Clips offers some great suggestions:


5. Eat Her Out Like a Savage

You’re having sex with her for the first time, and you surely don’t want it to be the last.

So how can you make her keep coming back? Simple – eat her out so good that she becomes sexually addicted to you.

Spend at least 20 minutes playing with her vagina. Use your tongue, and fingers (if she allows) and just make her moan and cry with pleasure.

Going down on a girl for the first time can be a bit challenging. So get yourself familiarized with the basics of cunnilingus.

It might take some time to master, but believe us, once you do, you will never face any problems in making a girl orgasm ever again.


6. Go For Easier Positions

She’ll probably be dripping wet by the time you’re done performing cunnilingus. Now it is finally the time to put on the condom and slowly make your way into her.

If you’re tempted to try out all the positions that you’ve seen in porn over the years, try to hold your horses.

Don’t go for anything too adventurous just yet and start with the basic missionary position.

Lay on top of her with your torso between her legs and hold your penis with one hand and place it against her pussy.

Once you’re in position, gently push your penis inside her vagina. Don’t thrust all the way in one go as that might cause discomfort to her.

Move back and forth rhythmically and slowly go deeper. Increase the pace as both of you get comfortable.

You can even pin her hands down to the bed, she will love it, especially if she’s submissive.

If you get tired of this then a few other positions that you can try include cowgirl, spooning, and the most popular – doggy style.


7. Control Your Ejaculation Timing

Lastly, there are ways to avoid ejaculation if you want the session to last longer.

One way is by pulling out your penis and switching back to oral. This will help you make sure that your partner stays excited.

However, the trade-off is that you’ll reduce your own arousal.

Another way to last longer is by masturbating a few hours before you have sex.

But this might make the experience slightly less thrilling for you – at least until you aren’t horny again.

Once you’re at your climax, you can release your load inside the condom, ejaculate on her body or ask her to help you finish off with a blowjob.




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