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How To Have A Casual Relationship Without Getting Hurt: 5 Simple Rules

A casual relationship would be perfect for most people if both parties could be fully safe from catching feelings. The two of you would get to feel good, with no sight of stress and drama.

Sadly though, things often get messy. One common cause is that not everybody knows how long a hook up is supposed to last. As a result, they show unclear signals, and emotions start to grow.

Once you’re attached to someone and suddenly disappear from your life, it hurts. This is why casual relationships can be painful for a lot of people. Yet, there are other reasons that I’m going to explain in a bit.

After that, we’ve listed the rules you need to know to save yourself from potential sorrows. No one likes to get hurt, right?


Why Do Casual Relationships Hurt?

couple hurt from a casual relationship

People, in general, have been hurt in their old relationships. In effect, many now like casual flings over serious ones.

Yet, since they don’t know how long or short casual relationships are meant to last, they can get puzzled about it.

Not only that, but a lot of folks can’t even control what they feel. As such, they get their hopes up and want to be more later on.

As a matter of fact, this study says that 75% of people reported feelings of intimacy with their partners after they had sex.

And it doesn’t matter how long you are having sex with someone, intimacy it’s an emotional experience from day one.

This means that for things to not get complicated, it has to stop before someone gets too close.

Cause if you and your sex friend have different views about it, then the odds are high that somebody might get clingy. Or even worse, fall in love and get heartbroken when the other person doesn’t feel the same way.


5 Simple Rules To Avoid Getting Hurt

two people avoid getting hurt

1. Have Respect

Even if your relationship is casual, it doesn’t make it fine to be rude or bad. This is cause for any sort of bond to be on good terms, you must always respect each other.

This makes sure that you are fairly treated and what you have to say holds value. In short, you do what you can to not hurt one another on purpose.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to change to make casual relationships lasts. You just have to show that you care for them as a person, just not as a boyfriend or girlfriend.


2. Always Be Honest

One of the key points in a good and pleasant casual relationship is, to be honest. Be it with the kind of dating style you want, up to the type of sex you’re down for.

If you tell what you honestly expect and enjoy, it will make casual dating easy. Plus, you can have an idea of how long you want this casual relationship to last.

What’s more, since you’re open about what you’re in search of, you can tell if a person will suit you. With this, you can filter out the incompatible ones and find the right match.


3. Set Limits

Before you even begin to fool around, the both of you should state what your limits are. This prevents awkward moments as you guys will know what you can and can’t do.

In this case, you should also talk about being open or exclusive and how long do you want this casual relationship to last.

Apart from that, you should be frank about the things that you have issues with.

For example, since you’re not up for dating seriously, you might not be at ease if you go together to a few events. Some of these might be weddings, birthdays, family parties, and the like.


4. Don’t Focus On One Person

Above all, you should always keep in mind that what you have is a casual thing. And that you don’t have to think of it like it’s a serious relationship.

For this reason, there’s no need for you to put much of your time and effort into them. Especially as many casual relationships usually only last for a short time.

With this in mind, your main focus should be on what makes you happy. Go out, and do what you want. You don’t even have to check in with them cause you’re a free agent who should be having fun.


5. Don’t Be Afraid To End It

While you may not have doubts when you first get into the relationship, it’s common to not know what you can take on. For one thing, if this is your first casual relationship, then you can only find out how you deal with it in time.

This Psychology Today article on attachment styles explains how it is for tons of people.

Besides that, since your concern is your feelings, you shouldn’t be afraid to end it at any point.

Whether it’s due to a problem or you don’t like them anymore, it’s in your best interest to get out of the situation. You can just be honest and kind to leave things on a good note.




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