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How To Hook Up With Cougars: 7 Tips To Get In Their Pants

hook up with cougar

Do you have more interest in older women than girls around your age? Then you’re probably thinking of hooking up with cougars and milfs

As a young guy, though, you may not have an idea of where to start and what you should do.

You know they’re different from 20 year olds, right?

Therefore if you want to score with them, you have to change your overall strategy and mindset on approaching women.

Cause if you decide to stick to your usual methods, you might just come off as an immature kid in their eyes. That won’t get you any phone numbers, much less land a mature woman in bed.

In this article, I’m going to give you 7 useful tips to hook up with a cougar.


1. Sign Up On Cougar Dating Sites

Since you’re into cougars, one way to hook up with them is to go on sites and apps that specifically target older women.

By doing this, you won’t have to go through dozens of 20-30year-old girls’ profiles just to find a handful of mature ladies.

A few well-known sites worth giving a try are Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison.

On Adult Friend Finder there are many cougars who are ALL looking for hookups. While on Ashley Madison you’ll find some cougars but mostly milfs looking for an affair.

And don’t forget to adjust your profile’s settings to match your desired age range.


2. Visit Bars Popular Among Older Women

cougars in bar

Nearly all cities and towns have several hook up hot spots. But only a handful of places attracts cougars.

Have a look at our hook up guides where we review the best bars and clubs to find casual sex. We mention always a place where to meet cougars and milfs.

Don’t waste time looking for cougars in popular places among teenagers because mature women aren’t fans of noisy and chaotic establishments.

They prefer to loosen up at soothing places with relaxing music. They want to get rid of stress, not to party.

These spots are commonly classy and expensive bars, like hotels bars or jazz bars with live bands.

Remember to always dress up when you go to these places to not seem out of place.


3. Go To A Dance Club

Although their tastes had changed from when they were younger, cougars are still interested in having fun.

In fact, they enjoy dancing and going on night outs with their girlfriends.

As a result, you’ll see lots of older women in tight outfits having a blast dancing at dance clubs.

For this reason, they’re one of the perfect places to hook up with cougars and milfs.

The cougars that you’ll meet here will tend to have sexy bodies since they’re into dancing. Aside from that, you’ll also have an easier time seducing an older woman while dancing.


4. Be Confident

You have to keep in mind an important trick to hook up with cougars. And that is you must prove to them that you’re a confident guy.

You’ve got to show older women that you’re a self-assured man and not an indecisive little boy.

It doesn’t matter if you’re broke, what matters for a cougar is not having to deal with another child.

Simply walks up to her boldly. Look at her head-on, and give a firm nod to get her attention.

Once she meets your gaze, present yourself to her with a smile and offer to buy her a drink.


5. Be Playful Towards Her

man flirting with cougar for hooking up

You may think that you have to be serious and tough to make cougars like you. But that’s far from the truth.

You’ll actually be better off displaying a playful and carefree attitude towards them.

This article by Medicine Net states that being fun-loving and spontaneous are some of the traits that attract older women to younger guys.

So your chance of hooking up with a cougar increases when she feels that you’re exciting and entertaining.

Considering this preference, you can go for a sweet image and tell her jokes to make her laugh. Yet you can also be naughty and tease with sexual innuendos.

Either way is good as long as you’re polite and respectful.


6. Don’t Ask Sensitive Questions

With their experiences, it’s not surprising that cougars end up open-minded by their 40s.

Then again, regardless of how open they appear to you, it’s never wise to ask them sensitive or private questions.

Go with lighthearted or funny topics if you don’t want to turn them off. Cause in spite of a woman’s confidence, she’ll still have insecurities that she won’t want to talk about.

A few topics you shouldn’t bring up are her age, politics, how many people she’s slept with, and if she’s had cosmetic surgery. On that note, any non-flattering questions about her body are definitely off-limits.

The only exception to this is if she starts the topic on those matters. And even then, you should only respond to her positively.


7. Avoid Playing Games, And Be Straightforward Instead

Seeing that you’re a young guy, you’re likely used to playing mind games. Especially since it’s needed to flirt with younger girls.

But if you’re to hook up with cougars, you can’t behave in that way at all.

Not only it’ll confuse her but also waste her precious time. Older women have neither the time nor patience to play with you.

As you can hear in this video, this cougar turned the conversation sexually immediately with a young guy met in the pool…

As you can see, the most effective way to gain a cougar’s interest is to be straightforward. In short, you have to directly tell her that you want her.




  • Tom Phillips

    Tom Phillips is a Dating Coach for World Hookup Guides who has been helping men to succeed with women for almost 7 years. His coaching career began with one-on-one coaching and has gradually evolved into seminars. He has dated successfully dated several women over the years and now shares strategies and techniques on several national publications in addition to World Hookup Guides.