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How To Hook Up With Strangers Safely

hooking up with a stranger

There’s no denying the fact that hookup sites and apps have made it easier than ever to find casual sex.

However, it has also raised some safety concerns because you don’t know much about the person behind the screen.

The last thing you want is to get lured by a psychopath. So what should you do to make your hookups safer?

And is it even okay to hook up with a stranger, to begin with? Let’s find out.


Is It Okay to Hook Up with a Stranger?

The whole point of a hook-up is essentially to have sex with a person you briefly know. So it goes without saying that hooking up with a stranger is completely fine.

Yet, finding casual sex online is a bit different than nightclubs and bar hookups.

In the latter, the person is right in front of you. You’ve also probably danced and flirted with them a bit before having casual sex. But for online hookups, you have to take added safety measures.

You can’t be sure whether the person behind the screen is real or not until you video call or meet in real life.

That is why girls especially have to take some extra safety measures that we’ll discuss in a later part of this article.


The Easiest Way to Hook Up With a Stranger – 7 Simple Steps

hook up with stranger online

Now that you know it is okay to hook up with a stranger, how can you do it?

We already have stated that the best way to find hookups is online, so here are 7 easy steps for you to follow:


Step 1: Sign Up with a Hookup Site

In today’s world, you don’t even have to step outside your house to find a hookup. Everything can be done online with the help of hookup sites.

However, not every hookup site is the same. Some of them are full of fake profiles, while others have plenty of catfishing going on.

That is why you have to be careful about which platform you choose. To make your search easier, we’ve also reviewed the best free apps and sites for hookups.

But overall, if you’re purely looking for no-strings-attached sex, then there’s nothing that beats Adult Friend Finder. There’s no second-guessing on that platform because everyone is using it to find casual sex.

So even if you’re shy and introverted, there’s a great chance you’ll score.


Step 2: Create an Attractive Profile

Once you’ve decided which hookup site to use, the next step is to create a profile.

The general rule is that the more info you add, the higher the chances of finding a match.

Because as we mentioned above, online hookups also come with their fair share of risks. One of them is that you don’t know who’s sitting behind the screen.

So by offering info and uploading several pictures, your profile gains a good reputation in the eyes of other users.

Uploading your latest pictures, writing a bio specifying your sexual orientation – everything can make a difference.

But some of you may not feel secure with entering such information. So you can also read about ways to use hookup sites anonymously.

Anonymous browsing would decrease your chances of scoring sex, but it would at least, keep you safe from harassers.

Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you’d like to browse anonymously or create an attractive profile. Both options have their pros and cons, so decide which one works better for you.

Our personal opinion is to create a good profile, especially if you want to score as much sex as possible.


Step 3: Contact as Many People as Possible

To all the men reading this. Don’t waste your time running behind the same girl.

The more women you contact, the higher your chances of scoring sex.

On the other hand, for women, you practically rule hookup sites, especially if you upload your pictures.

You’d literally have 100s of men sliding into your DMs, so you aren’t short on options.


Step 4: Shorten the Contact List

On a good day, there’s a chance that you would hear back from a couple of people.

So now it’s time to shorten the list. But hey, you might be thinking that the more the merrier, right?

Well, only if you’re sure that those aren’t fake profiles.

Unfortunately, hookup sites are swarming with fake accounts, and you need to learn how to identify them.

One simple method for that is to ask the people who you’re talking to hop on a video call.

If he/she is really interested in having sex with you then they will. However, if they show hesitance, then consider it a red flag.


Step 5: Meet Up for a Dinner or Go Out in Bars

Let’s say you’ve spoken to a potential hookup partner for a couple of days or weeks. Well, now it’s time to take the next step. Set a date to meet him/her.

You don’t have to pick a fancy place. A cheap bar or a restaurant would also do the trick.

After all, let’s not forget that meeting in real life is much different than online interactions.

If he/she was faking their appearance, then you can get to know that now.

This step is especially important for girls. You don’t want to directly hook up with a stranger before meeting him at a public place.


Step 6: Have a Few Drinks

If this is your first time hooking up online, then you’re probably nervous. And there’s a chance that your potential hookup partner is also feeling the same.

So how can you calm your nerves before hooking up? Well, grabbing a couple of drinks can do the trick.

But make sure that you don’t drink more than you can handle. The last thing you would want is to be drunk out of your senses around a stranger.


Step 7: Get a Room or Use The Car and Have Fun

Now that everything is in place and you two have also enjoyed a few drinks, the last step is to have sex.

Keep in mind that it’s still too early to invite your hookup to your house. So what you can do is go to a hotel or find a place to hook up in the car.

And if he/she is adventurous, then perhaps, you could also explore the possibility of having sex outdoors.

We have a whole list of places to make out outdoors without being caught in case you’re short on options.


Tips to Hookup Safely with a Stranger

tips to hook up with strangers

Even if you follow the steps above, online hookups are risky, especially for women. So here are some additional tips to hook up with a stranger:

  • Avoid giving your contact information until you’re completely confident he/she isn’t using a fake profile.
  • Arrange your own transportation. You don’t want to get in a car with a stranger and let them pick and drop you.
  • Add trusted friends to the list of your emergency contacts. Also, consider installing apps that allow you to share your location with a single tap.
  • Women should take control of the environment. Aside from physical safety, there’s also the risk of hidden cameras.
  • Both men and women should carry a pack of condoms. When it comes to safe sex, you can’t depend on anyone.

If you’d like to read more, then here’s a list of safety tips to follow while hooking up with strangers.




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