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How To Know If A Married Woman Is Attracted To You Sexually – Watch Out For These 11 Signs

A person doesn’t have to be a genius to tell if someone likes you or not. Although things aren’t as simple when it’s about finding out if a married woman is attracted to you sexually.

For one thing, she might just be friendly and kind. And if you try to make a move on her, she might report it to her husband.

You don’t want to get into a confrontation just because you miss interpreted her signs.

married woman sexually attracted to a man

This guide will help clear your doubts as we’ve listed the most common signs a married woman is attracted to you sexually. So you can make your move with confidence.


1. She Wear Sexy Clothes

Most women who get married, stop using sexy outfits because they don’t need to attract men any more. Of course, there are exceptions with women preferring a provocative style.

The thing you should watch out for is when a married woman dresses more provocatively than usual because you’re around. That indicates she is sexually interested in you and hopes to attract your interest.

And if while conversating she also emphasizes her cleavage, her goal is to get you lusting over her.


2. She Makes Sexual Jokes

When a married woman is attracted sexually to you, she’ll want you to be aware of her as a possible sexual partner.

A safe approach for her to do this is with sexual jokes. This way, she can put naughty suggestions in your head while disguising them as playful banter.

What she says can vary from mild innuendos to dirty jokes that will make you imagine doing her right then and there.

Plus, in the case you aren’t interested to hook up with her, she just can just say “I was joking”.


3. She Shares How Good She Is In Bed

For a married woman might be hard to attract a man only with physical appearance. This is because she might look old and not fit like a 20 years something girl.

But what she doesn’t have in physical attractiveness, she can make up in sexual experience. And she knows how attractive is that to a man.

If a married woman shares her habits in bed and telling you how good she is at blowjobs, that is an open invitation for you to make a move.


4. She Jokes About Being Your Lover

Is she joking about being your secret affair or hook up for the night? Like how much she would eat you up if behind closed doors?

Then you should consider this as a sure sign that a married woman is attracted to you sexually. She is just trying to figure out if you’re into her.


5. She Looks At You Seductively

She may not say it, but you’ll definitely feel that a married woman’s into you with the way she looks at you.

In this case, since she’s attracted to you sexually, she’ll be looking at you seductively.

Moreover, she’ll be eye-fucking you every time she spots you. In fact, she won’t shy away or even try to hide her passionate gaze if she wants to get it on with you.


6. She Invites You To Her House When Her Husband’s Out

Let’s be honest. Things usually get steamy when a man and a woman are alone in any private space.

And all things considered, this stays true even when one or both of them have already partners.

This is why when a married woman invites you to her house while her husband is out, you can bet she wants to have sex.


7. She’s Always Smiling

If a person likes someone, it’ll show up in their body language even if they try to hide it.

It’s proven in this Healthline article as it clarifies that a person who’s attracted to somebody will feel giddy around them and won’t be able to stop smiling too.

Yet, that doesn’t always mean that a married woman is interested in you sexually if smiling. But when smiling and looking at you seductively, you can bet she is into you.


8. She Acts Seductively

When a married woman acts seductively forward you that clearly means she wants to have sex.

For example, she might have been friendly and casual before. But now she suddenly acting sexy.

She’ll do things to turn you on, like unbuttoning her shirt to flaunt her chest or pulling her hair back to expose her neck.


9. Her Voice Is Different When Speaking To You

It’s actually quite common for women to unconsciously change their voice when with someone they like. The BBC’s article supports this as studies show that girls speak with a lower pitch when talking to guys they fancy.

With this in mind, when you hear a married woman be this way with you, she likely sees you as more than a coworker or friend.


10. Her Hands Are Always On You

Whether she does it subtly or aggressively, a married woman who’s itching to get intimate with you will always have her hands on you.

It’s how she can directly convey her feelings without saying them out loud. After all, would she be touchy if she didn’t like it?

On that note, it’s also a great method to let you know that she’s fine with being physical with you. At this point, she’s giving you the green light to have your way with her.


11. She Let You Know Her Sexual Fantasies

A married woman with sexual fantasies unfulfilled by her husband would look outside her marriage to satisfy them.

When she begins doing this with you, it’s pretty much a given that she is sexually interested in you.

She’ll do this over the phone behind her husband’s back… Or in person by asking to meet up somewhere where you guys can be alone.


What Do I Do If A Married Woman Wants To Sleep With Me?

The advances of a married woman are flattering, yet can it lead to a tragedy should you give in.

For the most part, an affair won’t only affect the two of you sentimentally but also have repercussions on your job and reputation if someone found out about it.

First, you should consider the probability to get caught. That way you can decide if it’s worth the risk.

Second, you should put in place clear rules before beginning the affair. You can use our friends with benefits rules which adapt perfectly to an affair with a married woman.

Also, make sure to read properly the signs of a flirting married woman. You don’t want to face an angry husband just because your advances weren’t appreciated by his wife.

At the end of the day, it’s all about evaluating the risks against the gains.




  • Peter Brown

    Dr. Peter Brown is a dating and sex expert that writes for several various publications. Having got his doctorate from Yala Univeristy and operating his own clinic, he has a vast knowledge about casual relationships involving married people. He likes to play golf and spend time with his children during weekends.