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How To Seduce A Girl Through Text – 9 Examples Messages

guy Seducing A Girl Through Text

If face-to-face interactions aren’t your selling point, then you can use text messages to seduce a girl without feeling awkward.

Before each message, you can have enough time to think about what comes up with just the right answer.

In fact, seducing a girl through text when done right, it’s the best way to warm the waters.

But if you don’t know how to push the right buttons, instead of seducing her you’ll repel her. And you’ll lose the opportunity to hook up with her.

Before getting into some examples of seductive texts, let’s see why texts are better seduction tools than face-to-face interactions.


Why Are Text Messages Excellent Seduction Tools?

seductive text messages exemples

In the past, if you wanted to interact with someone, you had to directly approach them.

But thanks to technology, this isn’t the case anymore. Text messages can especially prove to be a life-saver for people who lack social skills.

Here are some pointers that make text messages great seduction tools:

  • You can take your time – When seducing a girl face to face you’ve to answer on the fly. Instead seducing with text messages gives you the time to think about what to answer.
  • You can make her wondering – Because she can’t see you, you can write something that spices up her sexual imagination.
  • Text messages allow you to be in constant touch – That makes a girl feel special and wanted, and open the door to get her horny.

As you can see, texts make it much easier for you to seduce even the most difficult girls.

If you’ve already been flirting with a girl over text then it’s now time to take things to the next level.

Here are 9 text message examples to turn your texting session into a sexting session:


9 Text Message Examples To Seduce Girls


1. I Had a VERY Naughty Dream About You Last Night

We shared a similar text when we were talking about how to tease a girl over text in the previous article.

Except, with that one, your goal was to test the waters and catch her interest. With this one, you’re actually telling her how horny she made you feel even while you were asleep.

The Appeal: Great way to start a full-blown sexting session.

She’d definitely show interest in knowing what you saw, so use that to your advantage.

Make her imagine it by highlighting small details like what you and she were wearing, the surroundings, and so on. Then build things from there.


2. I Can’t Stop Thinking What We Could Be Doing Right Now

What we like about this text is that it isn’t too direct, yet, it gets your point across.

It’s obvious that you want to make out with her, but you’re still teasing her on “what” you two could be doing.

The Appeal: This is an open-ended text and a great way to start the sexting session.

Use it at the right time and she’d definitely show an interest in knowing what you want to do with her.


3. The Idea of Making Love to You is Driving Me Crazy

Tired of beating around the bush? Well, this one’s bold and direct. Only use it once she starts reciprocating your flirting.

The Appeal: This is the equivalent of saying “I want to fuck the shit out of you” but in a more respectful way.


4. I Wish We Could Meet Each Other in Natural Clothing

If you want to add a touch of humor to flirting, then this one’s a classic. But let’s hope she’s not too dumb to understand.

The Appeal: If you don’t know, natural clothing here implies that you want to meet her naked.

But you’re putting it humorously, so things are less likely to go wrong.

In case she replies that she is into outdoor hookups, don’t hesitate to consult our sex city guides under the section “Best Places For Outdoor Sex”


5. I Can’t Focus On Work With You On My Mind… And worst, I Have A Boner Because Of You

Make her feel wanted and special by telling her that she’s on your mind even when you’re trying to focus on work.

And by adding that you have a boner, she’ll feel arouse and perhaps touch herself. From the might happen to have a video sex chat.

The Appeal: The key to a women’s heart (and her pants) is to make her feel wanted.

This text shows that you don’t only think about her at night, but also while you’re busy at work. That’s how desirable she is.

Also by letting her know your condition in a fun way, she’ll get horny thinking about you.


6. What’s the Naughtiest Thing you Want to do Right now?

Keep in mind that timing matters the most before you send this seductive text. So make sure to flirt with her for a while before asking it.

After that, depending on her answer, you could also start sharing the sexual fantasies you have for her.

The Appeal: With this text, you’re suddenly flooding her mind with sexual thoughts.

Even if she doesn’t tell you, she’ll definitely think about it. And that’s enough to make her feel horny.


7. Nothing Gets Me Hotter Than Thinking About You

Once again, if you want to sound bold and take the initiative, then this text can do just that.

But only say it when you’re 100% sure that she’s in the mood.

The Appeal: It puts emphasis on how much you want her. There’s nothing else that makes her feel the way she does.

You’re again making her feel seduced by saying this.


8. What’s Your Favourite Memory of Us in the Bed

You can only say this if you’ve hooked up with her at least once but it can make like magic.

The Appeal: You can use this to seduce your friend with benefits or hookup partner.


9. Come Over Sometime…We Can Have a Lot of Fun Together

Another variation of “Netflix and chill” but not as obvious. You’re not being too direct, but she knows what you want.

The Appeal: If she doesn’t respond the way you want her to, you can simply tell her she has a dirty mind. This is why we’re using the word “fun” here.



5 Tips to Remember When Seducing a Girl Through Text Messages

Seducing a Girl Through Text Messages

Guys often make common mistakes while texting that make the girl lose interest in them.

So here are 5 tips to keep in mind while you’re trying to seduce a girl through text messages:


1. Use Humor But Don’t Be a Clown

There’s a fine line between using humor and presenting yourself as a total clown.

When you’re trying to seduce her, only crack jokes that add to the sexual tension or when you’re trying to lighten the mood.

Anything aside from that will make her feel she’s in a circus and make her lose interest in you.


2. Pick the Right Timing

If you’re trying to seduce her through text, then don’t forget to pick the right timing.

How to know that? Well, learn a bit more about her schedule.

Avoid sexual chats while she’s at work, otherwise, you’d probably get late replies and the convo wouldn’t get in the flow.

Instead, text her when she has nothing to do, preferably a while before she goes to the bed.


3. Tease Her but Don’t Offend Her

There’s a difference between teasing a girl and sounding downright offensive. Unfortunately, most men end up doing the latter while thinking it would work.

Don’t especially make jokes that target her physical appearance. Girls are very conscious about such stuff and it’s also disrespectful.

And in case you need some inspiration, check out the list of dirty questions to ask a girl without offending her.


4. Keep Your Texts Short and Simple

Did you notice how all example texts we’ve listed above are one-liners? Well, that’s what you should aim for as well.

If you want to seduce her, then don’t send her long and boring paragraphs. Flirting and even seducing on text is all about keeping it short and simple.


5. Make Use of Emojis

Lastly, even if it goes against your style, we recommend the use of emojis. The reason for that is, while texting, it’s hard to tell the tone of a person.

Emojis can help you balance that out. Not only can they be used to lighten the atmosphere but also help you avoid sounding like a robot.




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