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How To Turn On A Girl Physically: 7 Best Places To Touch Her

How To Turn On A Girl Physically

Whether you’re just starting out with girls or just want to spice up your current routine, we can help you to get any girl turn on.

But there’s one thing you’ve got to keep in mind if you want to succeed. It’s that you have to turn on a girl mentally before going for the physical.

The reason is you’ll have better chances not only to get her in the mood but also to achieve an orgasm.

And if you’re trying to turn on a girl physically just met, keep in mind that she needs some sort of connection first.

So do your best to develop a pleasant relationship, regardless of your intentions. Be patient, and don’t rush things.

Once you’ve overcome her defenses, you can target her sensitive spots.

Below you’ll find the best places to turn on a girl so you won’t waste time trying by errors…


1. The Neck

Did you know that the skin around a person’s neck is thin? And that it’s got several nerve endings too?

In fact, the neck is one of the top erogenous zones for girls. The back and side part, in particular, tends to be the most sensitive area.

Gently massage the back of her neck with your fingers while you’re talking or kissing her. Keep your motions slow and light.

And if you want to make her totally crazy, kiss her neck behind or below the ear while massaging the back of her back neck.

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2. Inner Thighs

Another body part that’s good to attack is a girl’s inner thighs. It’s the perfect stopover to warm her up before you have sex or eat her out.

Moreover, on top of turning her on, you’ll also be building up anticipation. She’ll be wondering what you’re going to do next every time you stop or pull away.

You can either stroke her with your hand or shower her with kisses. If you choose the latter, you’ll be exciting her whenever you get close.

How could she think of anything else when your face is just inches away from her privates. Not to mention, the position will give her a sense of power since you’ll be under her.


3. Ears

Kissing or simply whispering in the year of a girl can drive her wild.

There are thousands of nano filament tubes that carry photonic signals everywhere around the body.

So if you want to convince a girl to have sex, lick or kiss her ears with sexual intention. Even better if you use your hands to massage her back neck as explained earlier.


4. Nipples

When you’re busy kissing a girl, never forget to play with her nipples. You can use your hands, tongue, or teeth.

Some girls like it rough like pulling her nipples or squeezing them. Communicate openly with her asking what she likes.

Yet, keep in mind that many girls have sensitive nipples, So be careful with them. Apart from that, they’re erogenous zones as well.

Of course, the degree of sensitivity will be different for each girl. And some might enjoy it more than others.

But you can bet that nearly all of them will have a good response when you play with their nipples.


5. Lower Back

Since it’s close to the spine and is in a vulnerable position, a girl’s lower back is quite sensitive. Besides that, since she can’t reach it by herself, any attention it gets will be an exciting sensation for her.

In addition, putting your hands on the small of her back will remind her of sex since people grab it during doggy style and similar positions.

A couple of light touches along her skin here will certainly turn her on. If you’re on the daring side, you can use your tongue and lips to stimulate the nerves in this area.

Doing sensory play and using toys like a feather or vibrator is also a good approach to make her horny.


6. Lower Stomach

Are you planning to head straight to the main course immediately after foreplay?

Then there’s no better area to focus on than the lower stomach. It’s an erogenous spot that you can swiftly trigger in a girl with little to no problem.

What’s especially nice about the lower stomach is that it’s near a woman’s nether region. This means you can fondle and go down on her at the same time or do a similar combination to turn her on.

In other words, this location offers you the choice to double the pleasure that you can give.

Light kisses or gentle licks should do well and effectively make her crazy for sex. You’ll have her begging for you to put in the D.


7. Clitoris

You can stimulate every erogenous area in a girl’s body. But nothing will physically turn her on faster than playing with her clitoris.

It’s the ultimate key to arousing and pleasing any woman.

The tiny nub has thousands of nerve endings that you can easily awaken with your mouth or hand. You can also use sex toys if you guys are comfortable with them.

Yet, since the clitoris is extremely sensitive, you can’t just rub it carelessly. Being too rough with it or putting too much pressure will cause pain and put off the girl.

So you have to start slowly and speed up according to how your partner reacts. Let them direct you if it’s possible.




  • Tom Phillips

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