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Jacksonville Sex Guide For Singles And Couples

If you’re looking to get laid in Jacksonville and have great sex experiences, this guide offers tips and guidance.

We’ll show you how to hook up with singles and couples no matter your age, sexual interests, or the type of relationship you’re after.

From one night stand to find a regular fuck buddy, there are several opportunities to have sex in Jacksonville.


The Jacksonville Guide was last updated on September 2023

Jacksonville guide hookups

Jacksonville is a small city with an intimate atmosphere because it’s easy to meet the same people if you frequent the same places.

Probably this is the main reason why the swinger and BDSM scene operate underground. People organize sex parties and other activities mainly online.

For the singles out there the city has a young and lively atmosphere. There are also several places for outdoor sex if that is your kind of thing.


Gender Ratio: women vs men – There are fewer men than women in Jacksonville with a gender ratio of 94 men to 100 women compare to Florida’s gender ratio of 96 men to 100 women.

Ethnicity – 64% Caucasian, 15.3% Black, 13.8 Hispanic, 2.8% Asian, and 3.3% Some Other Race.

Number of Sex Clubs – 1 swinger club, 11 strip clubs and 1 BDSM club.




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Girls in Jacksonville

You’ll have a great time with women in Jacksonville cause of their sexy beach bodies and openess forward hookups.


Look And Physical Appearance

Jacksonville women are mainly white. This is why their hair color tends to be medium brown to dark blonde, and their eyes are typically light brown.

Even though they have fit and thin bodies, some are a little chubby. Aside from that, they’ve got an average height of 5’3-5’4.

Their fashion style, on the whole, is dressy, and they like wearing makeup, along with fake eyelashes.


Attitude And Values

Since they’re close to beaches, Jacksonville girls are sporty. They’re even famous for being good at watersports like surfing, wakeboarding, and the like.

And although they always keep their figures in shape, they love eating a lot of meat and barbecue. Their favorite kind is southern-style food, and they always go to Soul Food Bistro at the Potter’s House.

Cause they’re modern-day women, they don’t want to date seriously in their early 20s. As such, having flings and hookups is the norm for them.



This Duval County report on high school students says that many young girls in Jacksonville don’t have safe sex. It’s cause only 46% of them used a condom the last time they had sex.

Not to mention they enjoy their sex lives slightly more than the usual American girl. This Share Care article takes note of it as they’re number 13 on the Top Cities for Sex for Women.

Because they’re so relaxed about sex, Jaxson girls have somewhat happier sex lives. They also enjoy doing it bare, whether they’re single or not.


Summary of Jacksonville Girls

  • 3 traits: Jaxson women are sporty, fit, and love eating southern-style food.
  • 2 tips: To look good to women in Jacksonville, dress up nicely and show off your money by paying for their drinks or food.
  • 1 fact: Girls in Jacksonville have a taste for the finer things in life.


Men in Jacksonville

Tons of Jacksonville guys are doing well in their businesses. What’s more attractive about them is they’re fun to be with and are always ready to get laid.


Look and Physical Appearance

It’s common for men in Jacksonville to have light eyes and brown to blonde hair, seeing that a big chunk of them are white.

They’re on the tall side as well, since they’re normally around 5’10 or­ 5’11. Not only that, but they’re in good shape cause they like working out.

On top of this, they’re fashionable too. They like knowing what’s in style and wear hip outfits.


Attitude and Values

Lots of Jacksonville men are good at handling businesses. As a result, they know how to run things and are reliable.

But even when they work hard, they always make time for fun. They make sure to take a break to let loose by partying and drinking with their friends.

As for their thoughts on dating, they’re not the type to easily get serious. For this reason, they pretty much always go with casual relationships.



Duval County’s report on High school students shows that as teens, Jacksonville guys have responsible sex lives cause 60% of them used a condom the last time they had sex.

Yet, a big number of them stop having safe sex as they age. AIDSVu’s Local Data result proves this since over 67.4% of people with HIV are men.

This means that most young guys in Jacksonville are careful about sex. But as they hit their 20s, they start using other contraceptive methods cause they like having bare sex.


Summary of Jacksonville Men

  • 3 traits: Men in Jacksonville are good with businesses, hard workers, and always make time for fun.
  • 2 tips: To get close to Jacksonville guys, act casually with them, and don’t talk about boring topics cause you’ll turn them off.
  • 1 fact: Jacksonville guys hate Orlando cause of their sports rivalry.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

Jacksonville get laid online girl

This AskMen article says that the locals are open but not crazy about sex since they’re only 21st on the list of Thirstiest Cities in the US.

The interesting thing is people here aren’t that promiscuous.


Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

The people in Jacksonville have 8-9 sex partners their whole lives, as said in this article on the average sex partners in the US and Europe.

The locals just have 1-2 more partners than most Americans, meaning they aren’t that loose about sex.


Swinger Activities in Jacksonville

While Jacksonville isn’t shy about sex, swingers can only enjoy 1 on-premise sex club which hosts also BDSM events.

To go to any of their events, you have to join them and choose from one day up to 1 year VIP membership. It’ll cost $35-$275 per person.

Exciting features of the clubs are the extra cold dungeons, theme rooms, and glory hole areas, to name a few. They have a BYOB policy but serve food like light snacks.

Events to try are Sexy Saturdays, Wild Wednesday, and LGBTQ Nite.

We recommend going with a local couple if you want to have a good time. On sites like Adult Friend Finder you’ll find several members in Jacksonville.


Is It Easy To Hook Up in Jacksonville?

It’s not hard to pick up someone here, even during the day, cause the locals are friendly.

But since the city has a lively nightlife, you should go out at night as locals love to party and are quick to loosen up for hookups.


Where to Meet People For Sex in Jacksonville

Overlooked by many, it would surprise you how many sexual opportunities this city has in store for you.

Let’s explore the best places to get laid in Jacksonville…


1. Sex Dating Online

You can find many horny singles and couples on sites like Adult Friend Finder looking for all sorts of kinks. From swingers that want to swap partners to threesome seekers, there is something for everyone.

If it’s your first time trying to get laid by using an adult site, check out our tips to hook up online.


2. Night Hookups in Nightclubs and Bars

If you’re coming here from bigger cities like New York then you may find Jacksonville’s nightlife dull and boring.

However, that’s like comparing apples and oranges as this city does have some exciting social single bars and nightclubs.

Most people here know each other, so if you like someone, there’s a great chance you’ll have a mutual friend with them to help you connect.

With that said, here are the best hookup bars and nightclubs in Jacksonville:

• The Volstead – Located at W Adams St, in this place you can find horny cougars.

• Myth Nightclub – Located at E Bay St, the best place to enjoy a full-blown party atmosphere.

• 9 Zero Pour – Located at Beach Blvd, a busy college bar where things especially tend to get crazy on the weekends.

• Eclipse Club – Located at St Johns Ave, from themed nights to a bustling atmosphere. This is the best place to dance in the city.

• Flask and Cannon – Located at 1st St N, in general, the beach bars of this city are quite great. And this singles bar in Jacksonville isn’t any lesser.

Jaxsons love to drink, and at nightfall, they rush towards bars.

Thus, there’s no better place than King Street to mingle with singles for easy nightstands. It is located right near the beach, so you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Alternatively, Downtown Jacksonville is also quite active during the weekends, especially in the Riverside area. However, if you’re looking for action on weekdays then it may be deserted.


3. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties in Jacksonville

The people of this city have more of a country-style like mind-set. Thus, the idea of swinging does not appeal to them.

There were a couple of swinger clubs in Jacksonville that have now closed. Although there’s one kink club named Club Kink Jax where swinger parties are also often hosted.

Moreover, the easiest way to hook up with swingers here is to use sites like this one.



The same club (Club Kink Jax) that host sex parties also organize BDSM events.

It’s a members-only BDSM club where you can find a number of playrooms and equipment. Non-members first have to attend a special orientation.

Aside from that, you can ask your hookup partner if they want to do something adventurous, but that’s pretty much it as far as fetish scene in Jacksonville go.


5. Transsexual And Transgenders

Although there aren’t any true trans bars, there are still a decent number of places to meet transsexuals in Jacksonville.

Similar to many other cities in the U.S, you can visit the Jacksonville branch of Hamburger Mary’s which is known for its live drag shows.

Alternatively, you can always sign-up on transsexual and transgender dating sites and you’ll likely find a hookup.


6. Strip Clubs

Although Jacksonville is a low-profile city, it still packs a pretty good selection of adult entertainment venues.

You can have some cheap naughty time to relieve some stress in one of its many strip joints.

Following is our list of the top 3 best strip clubs in Jacksonville:

• Centerfold Lounge – Located at Philips Hwy, gorgeous girls, amazing dances and plenty of erotic services, here you’ll find everything you’d expect from a quality strip joint.

• Emperor’s Gentlemen’s Club – Located at University Blvd W, you’ll find girls of all races here, especially Hispanics.

• Pinky’s Gentlemen’s Club – Located at Atlantic Blvd, this club is open 7 days a week with special events on weekends to offer the best exotic entertainment in the city.

night hookups strip club Jacksonville

Girls in Pinky’s Gentlemen’s Club


Best Places For Outdoor Sex

While some people enjoy the thrill of banging in public, others, unfortunately, do not have the privacy they need at home. Regardless of the reason, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the best places for outdoor sex in Jacksonville:

• Neptune Beach – Sneak into a nearby hut or simply, go in the water for a nice and long make-out session.

• Julington Durbin Creek – Hide behind the woods, and start thrusting your wood.

• Ortega Stream Valley Trailhead – People avoid coming here due to the litter, so you’ll get the privacy you need.

• Boone Park – During the day, this is a play area for kids, and at late night, for adults.

public sex voyeurism Jacksonville

Boone Park

So these were some places where you can fuck in public.

However, make sure you aren’t too loud because even if a place looks deserted, you never know who may be nearby. And lastly, always clean the sex litter.


Adult Hotels And Hostels

Always book a room at the party center of a city so you don’t have to drive far back in case you find a hookup.

In this case, Jacksonville Beach is the place, and here are the best hotels in Jacksonville around it:

• Hampton Inn

• Holiday Inn

• Margaritaville Beach Hotel

Alternatively, if you’re on a budget, then here are some hostels in Jacksonville for solo-travelers.

• JaxRelax

• Morgan Co – (Located at St Augustine Rd #24-1084)

• Dixie Motel – (Affordable motel for a short stay)


Safe Sex And Clinics

There’s a reason people say “don’t be a fool, cover your tool”. Because not using protection can lead to a lifetime of trouble.

Nonetheless, if you’re worried about your sexual health, you can drop by The Doctors Center or AHF Wellness Center for quick checkups.

Hope this Jacksonville sex guide is been helpful. Have fun hooking up here.


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