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How To Join A Sex Party In Detroit

Detroit sex party

Heading to Detroit for a sex party?

Detroit is Motor City, but it’s also home to thousands of kinky singles and couples who love to swing and go to orgies.

Whether you’re new to Detroit or passing by, the good news is that there are plenty of sex parties here.

The only challenge you’ll have is finding them in the first place because most sex parties are invite-only.

In this article, we’ll be showing you how to build up a solid network of contacts so that you can secure an invite to a Detroit sex party every single week.


Best Places To Find Sex Parties in Detroit

There are many different ways you can find sex parties in Detroit, including hookup sites, swinger clubs and even swinger house parties.


1. Hookup Sites

Hookup sites are ideal for finding sex parties as they let you connect with people down to fuck and with no strings attached.

Many people in Detroit use Adult Friend Finder for networking and getting invitations to private sex parties.


2. Swinger Clubs

There aren’t that many swinger clubs in Detroit but those available organize swinger parties and sometimes orgies.

The only downside is solo males aren’t welcome everywhere, so you should get an escort from a well-known adult dating site.

Below is the list of the clubs:

Wild Walkers  – Wild Walker’s welcomes single men and couples onto its premises. You don’t have to be a member to attend events and it’s open Thursday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s.

However, single men can only attend on Saturday’s if they’re with an escort.

Angel Entertainment – Angle Entertainment offers upscale swinger parties.

Single men are permitted entrance but you absolutely must abide by the rules if you want to visit again. This is also a 21+ service and alcohol always has a BYOB policy.

• Club 616 – This sex club is slightly further afield (Grand Rapids) but it’s well worth checking out if you love dressing up for swinger parties and love to hit the dance floor.

This is a social lifestyle club that accepts new members, and which often arranges hotel takeovers for the purpose of group sex.


3. Hotel Takeover

There are poly groups in Detroit that arrange hotel takeovers now and then. Like Bella and Jase in this video…

This is when a group books one or two floors and invites singles and couples over to participate in group sex activities.

It’s like

Some sex clubs, such as Club 616, arrange hotel takeovers.

However, it’s also a good idea to use swinger sites in order to network with local couples who will let you know when the next hotel takeovers are.


4. Listing Boards

You won’t find private parties listed on boards like Kasidie. But you will find details on a range of the latest sex events in Detroit.

Once more, when you start to go to events where sex-positive people hang out it won’t take long before someone invites you to a sex party.


How To Get Invited Regularly to Sex Parties in Detroit

If you want to be invited to orgies and sex parties on the regular in Detroit, you need to do certain things.

For example, it’s essential that you become a part of the sex-positive community because anyone who hosts a private party won’t invite a total stranger.

This means getting out there and meeting sex-positive people!

You can use poly apps as well as visit swinger clubs or attend sex-positive events and introduce yourself.

Once you’ve done that, the next step is to demonstrate that you’re a mature adult who takes this seriously. You’re responsible, you’re trustworthy and you’re sex-positive.

In other words, you don’t slut shame, you don’t kink shame and you don’t judge anyone based on their sexual interests.

Not just that but you understand that No means No.

On the contrary, show that you are a friendly, fun-loving person who people want to hang out with. Have a look at our swinger rules list if you’re new to this.

Lastly, you’ll get extra brownie points if you’re willing to do the heavy lifting. This means helping out with the planning of a sex party, as well as cleaning up afterward. Get involved!


FAQs About Detroit Sex Parties

– What’s the Best Way to Find Swinger Parties in Detroit?

To find a swinger party in Detroit, it’s a good idea to start by visiting swinger clubs. Here, you can meet swingers, introduce yourself and find out which parties they’re heading to next.

If you’re a solo male or female, first find a sex partner to join you on any adult sites like Adult Friend Finder.


– Can I Attend a Sex Party in Detroit Alone?

You can attend a sex party in Detroit alone. However, while single females are easily accepted, single males will find it harder to gain entrance.

That said, provided you’re fit, well-groomed and have a certain talent (well-hung), getting into a Detroit sex party as a single man will be easier.


– How Do You Go About Getting Invited to an Orgy in Detroit?

To get invited to orgies in Detroit, it helps to know sex-positive people and poly couples who regularly attend orgies.

Provided you can demonstrate that you’re a reliable, responsible and mature adult, there is every chance they’ll invite you along.

However, if you’re a single person, it’s worth signing up with a popular adult dating site to meet someone you can couple up with as this will improve your chances of securing an invite.


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