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Las Vegas Hook Up Guide For Singles And Couples

There’s no shortage of sexual opportunities in Las Vegas. Yet, if you want to get laid, you have to visit the right places.

Fortunately, this guide has all the info that you need to make the most out of your stay.

We’ll go over a wide variety of topics including the local sex life, casual hookups and best venues to find casual sex.


Las Vegas Guide was last updated on 31 January 2022

Las Vegas hook up guide

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas, or more casually known as the City of Sins is one of the best places to get laid in the United States.

The world-famous tagline “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” indicates when visiting this adult’s paradise you can do anything and be anything you want to be.

The city is all about having fun like gambling, partying, and hooking up. That’s why 42 million tourists visit Vegas every year, they want to get loose.


• Gender Ratio – There are 100 men to 100 women.

Etnichy – 27.8% Caucasian, 24.2% White Hispanic, 22.1% Other Hispanic, 11.9% Asian, and 15% Some Other Race.

Number of Sex Clubs – 24 swinger clubs and 62 strip clubs.



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Sex Life And Hookup Culture

meet girls men Las Vegas night hookups

As hookups are the norm in Las Vegas, people have an accepting attitude towards it. Parties, nightstands and swinging activities are the norms.


Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

Casual sex is a standard part of everybody’s lives in Vegas, and anyone can be as loose as they want.

Hookups, sex parties, and swinging activities are so common that hotel receptionists won’t even ask how you’re going to all fit in only one bed.

So if you are looking for the right place to lose your virginity or conquer that burning desire to spark up your sex life, Las Vegas is the city for you.


Swinger Activities in Las Vegas

With several sex clubs, Las Vegas has something to suit anyone’s tastes. From transsexuals to couples only events.

Just a look at the many members on Adult Friend Finder, you can understand how promiscuous the city is. Introduce yourself and you’ll get an invitation to a private sex party in no time.

Don’t forget to bring some booze, people are looking for a good time.


Is It Easy To Hook Up in Las Vegas?

If you can’t get laid in Las Vegas, we don’t know where you should go next. People visit the city to get stoned, drunk, and have sex with strangers.


Where to Meet People For Sex in Las Vegas

From large casinos to nightclubs, pool parties and online hookups, there are plenty of places to make some naughty memories.

So what’s the best place to find sex in Las Vegas? Continue reading to find out…


1. Sex Dating Online

There is no better way to get laid than using the top Las Vegas hook up sites and apps. There are all sorts of niche apps and sites for swingers, BDSM enthusiasts, people who want to get laid with trans women, and many more.

And because Las Vegas doesn’t have a shortage of kinkers looking for casual encounters, online hookups are abundant here.


2. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties

Las Vegas is full of sexually liberal people who want to spice up their sex lives. So unsurprisingly, it also has some great venues to explore the swinger lifestyle.

However, expect to pay a hefty price to have fun in the sex clubs here. The entrance fee and drinks are costly.

Fortunately, there are many sex enthusiasts in Las Vegas that use Adult Friend Finder to network with other like-minded people and they organize private sex parties regularly.

The only thing you need to do is to introduce yourself and let them know when you’ll be in Vegas. It’s impressive how welcoming people are here.

sex club Las Vegas swinging meet couples

Risque Estate’s lounge in Las Vegas – Nevada

Here are also some of the best swinger clubs in Las Vegas:

• Risque Estate – A private residence where frequent swinger and nudist parties are hosted and singles are also welcome. But make sure to bring your own booze.

• Red Rooster – Located at Greyhound Ave, this is one of the largest swinger clubs in Las Vegas. While single men aren’t allowed here, you can find orgies and even join the party nude.

• Whispers Club – Located at a 5 minutes distance from The Strip, this swinger club is popular among locals and people in their 40s.


3. Nightclubs and Bars

The people of Las Vegas know how to party and the world-class nightclubs, bars and casinos further raise the caliber of the city’s nightlife.

I know you are already thinking of the best places to drown yourself in fun. This is why I have compiled the best nightclubs and bars in Las Vegas to hook up:

• Oddfellows Club – Located at Blvd N STE, non-stop dancing, excellent cocktails, and a party atmosphere.

This nightclub has everything required to find a one night stand.

• Blue Martini – Located at Town Square, an upscale cougars bar in Las Vegas. If you’re into older women, then plan a trip here on Thursday nights.

Check out our article on how to tell an older woman you want her.

• Stoney’s Rocking Country – Also located at Town Square, if you’re looking for a social atmosphere and casual sex, don’t miss it.

• XS Nightclub – Located at S Las Vegas Blvd, rocking a gold-accented interior, this spacious nightclub has a large dancefloor, poolside patio and plenty of beautiful people for you to flirt with.

• Downtown Cocktail Room – Great drinks, fun people and a laidback atmosphere.

The Las Vegas Strip is where the majority of the people head to. It covers an area of 4.2 miles between Sahara Avenue to Russell Road.

Downtown Las Vegas is popular among local customers and has some cozy small bars, restaurants and casinos.


4. Strip Clubs

hot girls Las Vegas strip club nightlife single men

Some of the best strip clubs in the U.S can be found in Las Vegas. Although keep in mind they can be pricey with the cover charge going as high as $50.

So if that doesn’t fit the bill, then a cheaper alternative is to hop on adult cam sites like StripChat. You will find all sorts of performers eager to please your fantasies.

With that being said, below are the top strip clubs in Las Vegas:

Little Darlings – Located at Western Ave, known as the headquarters for bachelor parties, this strip club has full nude dancers, cheap drinks and even offers free transportation.

• Deja Vu Showgirls – Located at S Sammy Davis Jr Dr, a classic strip club with an erotic environment and plenty of choices for beers and liquor.

It is open 7 days a week from 6 pm to 4 am.

• Centerfolds Cabaret – Located at Paradise Rd, another exciting option to spend the night out with your friends while surrounded by some beautiful women.

This strip club also offers free transportation.


5. Transsexual Friendly Gay Venues

Las Vegas is probably one of the best cities to meet trans in the U.S. Yet, keep in mind that a fair number of them are also into prostitution.

The main party hot spot for trans people is Las Vegas Lounge. From a transsexual crowd to Go-Go dancers and strippers, you’ll come across endless opportunities here to hook up with transgenders.

Aside from that, Hamburger Mary is the second-best place to meet trans in Las Vegas as the bar hosts frequent drag shows.

Lastly, you can also connect with a large community of transsexuals on trans dating sites.


6. BDSM Club

Now, this may be a letdown but ironically, BDSM clubs in Las Vegas are banned.

Knowing how it’s the Sin City, you’d expect to find plenty of places for kinksters but that’s hardly the case.

Your best bet is to connect with the online community of fetish lovers on

Alternatively, take the route towards California to explore the intense BDSM experience of Los Angeles.


Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has so many casinos, clubs and party venues, that you’re prone to feel lonely if you don’t have a sexy partner to accompany you.

Yet, we wouldn’t recommend you to jeopardize your freedom by entering into a serious relationship. Even less to marry someone just met.

But rather, you can take advantage of the growing sugar dating scene in the city and form a mutually beneficial relationship.

In case you didn’t know, Las Vegas is a paradise for those who’re into sugar relationships.

The City of Sins has the highest number of sugar daddies per capita in North America.

Not only that but there are also just as many sugar babies in Las Vegas to offer the perfect girlfriend experience.

So if you want to find the ideal partner then the easiest way is to sign up with a popular sugar site.


Best Places for Outdoor Sex

People from all over the world visit Las Vegas to indulge in naughty activities – and hitting it outdoors is one of them.

So here are some places you can have outdoor sex in Vegas:

• Calico Basin Trail – This place is popular among hikers. It’s enough so you can also turn it into your basecamp for outdoor sex.

• Old Spanish Trail Park – One of the quieter parks in the city, especially if you visit after sunset.

• Fashion Show Mall Parking – This mall has free parking without cameras. So it’s a great place to have sex in a car.

• Little Red Rock – This hiking area is open 24 hours, and if you get off the main trail then it’s easy to find a secluded spot.


Hotels And Hostels For Sex in Las Vegas

Following are some of the sexiest hotels in Las Vegas near The Strip:

• Bellagio Hotel

• Four Seasons Hotel

• Waldorf Astoria Hotel

And if you’re a solo traveler, party hostels can be a great place to find casual sex. Here are our recommendations:

• Sin City Hostel

• Hostel Cat

• Las Vegas Hostel


Safe Sex And Clinics

Knowing how easy it is to get laid in Las Vegas, you may become negligent towards your sexual health.

However, make sure to always use protection to avoid the risk of STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

You can also visit The Center Wellness Clinic and Sexual Health Clinic for quick and reliable check-ups.


Hope the Las Vegas sex guide was helpful. Wish you plenty of hookups!




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