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How To Join A Sex Party In Ottawa

Ottawa adult party

Ottawa may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of wild sex parties, but don’t let its quiet reputation fool you.

While it’s nowhere close to Montreal, the city still has a lot to offer for adventurous couples and singles looking for a good time.

From private orgies to public group sex gatherings, we’ve got the inside scoop on where to find the hottest parties in town.



Where To Find Sex Parties in Ottawa

There aren’t many public places that organize sex events, but once you build a network, you’ll find more than enough private sex parties.

But of course, even then there are a few swingers clubs that you can visit to mingle with open-minded couples.

There are also a few nudist camps and beaches, but they require quite a drive.

So let’s start with:


1. Lifestyle Clubs

The majority of Ottawa’s lifestyle clubs were closed in the last few years.

We’re not sure about the exact reason, but it’s probably due to the lack of local interest.

But don’t worry because there are still some places like the Phoenix and Lux Velvet that you can visit.

Phoenix was the first club we visited. It has a yearly membership that costs $80 for couples and grants you access to all public events during the year.

But that is aside from the cover fee, which kinda sucks for people like us who are only there for one night.

The club does host couple-only events, but sadly, it did allow single men on the night we arrived.

It had a somewhat ragged interior and leaned more towards the kink side. There were two dungeons and a few social spaces for couples to hang out.

Dan and I played on the spanking bench for a while and had sex while other people watched.

But nothing special as no other couple was interested in swapping.

After that, we visited Lux Velvet, which is honestly the better choice. It opened just recently in 2020 so it still felt new.

The great thing is that you can enter the club without a membership and they often host themed parties.

We liked the quality of the couples in Lux Velvet Club more. Though most of them were new to the scene, they were still quite friendly and social.


2. Hookup Sites

We tried a couple of new sites to find swingers and sex parties in Ottawa, but most of them were dead.

Surprisingly, we didn’t have any luck on SDC either, which was shocking because it’s reliable in most cities.

But eventually, we decided to use FetLife, and were surprised to see how popular it is among swingers in Ottawa!

Now, we know the site focuses more on kinks, but just search “swingers Ottawa” and it will lead you to many different groups.

Another site that worked exceptionally well for us was SwingingHeaven. It wasn’t as great as FetLife, but we did find some fun couples there as well.

Though before you use SwingingHeaven, disable “Allow contacts from Male” from the Privacy Settings. Otherwise, your inbox will be full of desperate single dudes.


3. Non-Commercial Sex Parties

The Farm BK is known for hosting non-commercial sex parties. You can join them by applying on their website, but single men must first clear their vetting process.

We personally haven’t had the chance to join their events, but based on the pictures and the rules on the site, they seem to know what they’re doing.

Then, there are also parties hosted by The Collective at Brass Monkey, which is a live music venue. You can find more info about their upcoming events through their Facebook page.


4. Nudist Camps and Beaches

Ottawa has a decent selection of nudist camps and beaches. But before we proceed, we must say that these places are normally a hit or miss as you won’t always find swingers at these spots.

But anyway, Eagle’s Embrace is a beautiful naturist campground and a popular getaway for open-minded couples. The camp also features parking, cabins, and outhouses.

Then there’s Sunward Naturist Park. This park features 500 acres of wild forest. And it’s a hotspot for couples who want to spend some quality time in nature.

The only issue with these places is that they’re only good during spring and summer. This is especially troublesome if you consider how long the winter lasts here.

If you’re planning a trip to one of these places, then here’s a candid video by Barbie Ferreira to get an idea about the type of atmosphere you’ll find..


5. Sex Shops

Another great way to find adult parties in Ottawa is through sex shops. Most of the time, the employees at these shops are pretty nice.

You don’t have to worry about being judged either because they’re used to hearing all sorts of things.

There’s a great chance that they may know a thing or two about local private parties and can point you in the right direction.

We suggest that you start with Stag Shop, as it’s the best adult store in Ottawa.


How to Get Invited to Private Sex Parties in Ottawa

The first step in joining private sex parties is to build a network.

Now, we know that isn’t easy in Ottawa because there are only a limited number of swinger clubs in the city.

So what you can do instead is to hop on FetLife and join one of the many chatrooms on the site.

It honestly worked surprisingly well for us. We met plenty of interesting couples and got an invitation to our first private event within 3 days.

But make sure that you first build a solid couple profile. Otherwise, you might not get accepted to these groups.

We also found this Facebook group by the name of Events by Jessi Nessi.

They allow single men but the only problem is that it can take some time to get accepted.




What are the best lifestyle clubs in Ottawa?

The two lifestyle clubs in Ottawa are Phoenix and Lux Velvet. Phoenix leans more towards the kink side, while Lux Velvet focuses on swingers and organizes better sex parties.


Is it hard to find private sex parties in Ottawa?

Finding private sex parties in Ottawa is hard but only if you don’t know how to navigate the local scene. FetLife works like a charm in the city and has plenty of swinger groups to build a network.


Is it possible to find swingers at nude beaches and camps in Ottawa?

Yes, it’s possible, but you shouldn’t entirely depend on it. You’ll find plenty of open-minded couples at these places but not all of them would be into swinging.




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