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Perth Hook Up Guide For Singles And Couples

If you’re wondering how to get laid in Perth and you don’t know where to begin, this guide is for you.

You’ll find all the info you need to find local sex with couples and singles alike. From online hookups to the best swinger clubs in the city, there is something for everyone.

It is all about knowing what to do and how to do it and you’ll find out that having sex in Perth isn’t that hard.

The Perth Guide was last updated on 16 May 2021

Perth hookups guide

Perth is a 2 million inhabitant city on the West coast with an open-minded population forward casual hookups. It’s great hooking up with someone here because most people enjoy flirting and experiment sexually.

There are many polyamory couples hooking up online in this city but also a few swinger clubs that hold sex parties regularly.

The singles prefer to hang out at night in bars and clubs, so it’s safe to say that night hot spots are one of the best places to get laid in Perth if you don’t have a partner.

Yet, many local hookups take place on adult sites and apps.

In this guide, you’ll find a list of the best hotspots for hookups, places for outdoor sex, and tips to find a sex partner.

So if you want to get laid in Perth, keep reading… And don’t hesitate to ask questions or share your experience in the comment form at the bottom of this guide.


Number of Sex Clubs – 3 swinger clubs, 21 strip clubs, and 1 BDSM club.




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Girls in Perth
Look, values and sexuality

Men in Perth
Look, values and sexuality

Sex Life & Hook Up Culture
Casual sex, swinging activities and hooking up in Perth

Where to Meet People For Casual Sex in Perth
Hookups, sex dating, swinging, orgies, strip clubs, transgender and BDSM

Best Places For Outdoor Sex
Do you have a fetish for dogging, public sex or voyeurism?

Adult Hotels And Hostels
Best hostels for hookups and erotic hotels in Perth

Safe Sex And Clinics
Play but stay safe


Girls in Perth

Perth girls are easy on the eyes and great bedroom partners too.

Look And Physical Appearance

Most of the girls in Perth have British and Irish backgrounds. This is why they tend to have light hair and eye colors rather than dark ones.

Furthermore, they have big frames since they’re mainly 5’4 – 5’5 in height. Plus, they naturally have large boobs that go well with their curvy bodies.

With the city’s casual feel, the ladies like to wear trendy yet comfy clothes. In effect, they’re often in shorts and T-shirts or loose outfits like sundresses.

Attitude And Values

Perth women live in a university city, so they’re educated and liberated. Due to this, they have strong qualities and are financially secure in life.

And even though they’re competent, they don’t look down on others. As a matter of fact, they’re approachable and hospitable since they like to socialize a lot.

On that note, they have modern beliefs on relationships. Hence, it’s not unusual for them to casually date one or more persons at once.


As soon as they’re of legal age, most girls in Perth begin to have sex. This statement comes from this study which says that 50.7% of 17 year old girls have regular sex.

Not to mention, the bulk of girls in Perth like to give blowjobs as per this report stating that 67% of girls in 12th grade give oral sex.

In short, half of the girls here are sexually active before they leave high school. What’s more, they like to please their partners and go down on them.

Summary of Perth Girls

  • 3 traits: Girls in Perth are educated, competent, and like to socialize.
  • 2 tips: To get close to women in Perth, be patient and respect them since they go for guys who treat them well.
  • 1 fact: Perth women like to travel, especially to Bali.


Men in Perth

Carefree and easy to get along with, men in Perth are attractive arm-candies and sexy fuck buddies.

Look and Physical Appearance

In general, Perth guys have British and Irish blood running through them. As a result, they have either blonde or light brown hair and blue or green eyes.

They’re on the tall side as well, seeing that their normal height is 5’10-5’11. Their figures are also lean and firm cause they’re in good shape.

Apart from that, they have a casual-dressy style. On account of this, they like to dress in tops that are easy to move in, like short-sleeved polo shirts.

Attitude and Values

Perth men like to relax and go at a slower pace than guys from other Australian cities. For this reason, they don’t work overtime and head to the beach after office hours.

Besides that, they have a good sense of humor and are outspoken. In this case, they don’t even hesitate to share their opinions, even with strangers.

Meanwhile, they’re quite carefree about dating. And since they have modern views, they prefer to have hookups over serious relationships until their 30s.


44.5% of 17-year-old Perth guys have had sex, according to this study. It means that most guys here lose their virginity in the late teen years.

And based on this research, 43.3% of 10th–12th grade boys always used a rubber when they have sex. It goes to show that the majority like to do it raw.

With that in mind, most guys in Perth become sexually active around 17 years old. Moreover, they prefer to have condomless sex.

Summary of Perth Men

  • 3 traits: Perth guys are outspoken, have a slow pace, and like to relax.
  • 2 tips: To appeal to men in Perth, show that you’re interested in them without being pushy and avoid serious topics.
  • 1 fact: Many Perth Men earn lots of money.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

singles hook up Perth private bedroom

Perth hookup scene is lively. In fact, it ranks as the 7th horniest city in Australia, as written in this GQ article. Reason being the locals are horny and into casual sex.

Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

The people in Perth have a sex-positive culture. This makes having casual sex typical for everyone.

Also, since it’s a college and university city, the young population is mostly made up of horny students who want to get laid.

Swinger Activities in Perth

It’s known that swinger clubs are one of the best places to get laid in Perth. And fortunately the city has 3 on-premise swinger clubs, in spite of the many active swingers in Perth.

You’ll have to pay $25-$100 to experience their swinger parties. A few of their fun events are Cum & Cocktails Night, All Genders Party, and Seduction Sunday.

Some of the clubs’ facilities are dance floors with cages, themed rooms, pool tables, and playrooms with sex toys and the like.

Aside from the on-site clubs, there are several online swinger groups and many polyamory couples on hook up sites. They hold private sex parties.


Is It Easy To Hook Up in Perth?

Since there are plenty of young people here who want to get laid, you’ll have an easy time getting into someone’s pants.

But due to the locals’ focus on school and work during the day, the chances of picking up someone is the best at night and by using online hookup sites.


Where to Meet People For Sex in Perth

If you’re wondering where to get laid in Perth, below you’ll find the places…

1. Sex Dating Online

In Perth, hookups are the norm both online and offline. All you need to do is sign up on sex dating sites like Adult Friend Finder and look for the right partner.

It’s the easiest way to connect with horny singles and couples to meet and fuck.

2. Night Hookups in Nightclubs and Bars

Perth is one of those Australian cities that offers something for everyone. It is Australia’s party hub due to its diverse variety of bars, pubs and nightclubs.

Once the sun goes down, drinks start to pop one after another. And in the late hours of the night, hookups become the norm.

Visit the following night clubs and bars in Perth for singles if you want to increase your chances for a one night stand:

• Air Night Club – Located at James St, a sleek 2 storey night club. Here you can drink, dance and flirt all night long.

• Hula Bula Bar – Located at Victoria Ave, a tropical-themed bar that often attracts older women. Unarguably the best cougars bar in Perth.

• Villa Club – Located at 187 Stirling St, an after-hours club. The party starts when the whole city falls asleep.

• Geisha Bar – Located at James St, an upscale bar and nightclub. Mainly attracts models and rising stars and has an intimate atmosphere.

• Grand Bar & Bistro – Located at St Georges Terrace, the live music and DJs make this place the top singles bar in Perth.

Northbridge gets the most votes for offering the best nightlife in Perth. The area is packed with places to party. And James Street, in particular, attracts singles looking for a fling.

Alternatively, Crown Casino has a street full of adult entertainment venues. The ideal place to spice up your night then that’s where you should go.

Similarly, the area around Swan River is also a great proposition. However, it’s more famous for date nights and mainly attracts a younger crowd.

3. Everyday Life Situations

This city is known for its sandy blue beaches. So unsurprisingly, they are also the best place to meet singles in Perth.

And it’s a sin to not name Cottesloe and City Beach whenever someone talks about beaches in Perth.

Cottesloe beach Perth

Cottesloe beach

Those two beaches are always crowded. Especially, if you’re visiting on the weekends.

Perth is also home to some of Australia’s most prestigious universities. So it’s a pretty good city to also hook up with youngsters.

Want to meet undergrads? Then you can hang out near the Curtin University or UWA campus area.

Similarly, malls also never disappoint. Watertown Brand Outlet Centre and Forrest Chase are your safest bets for the daytime game.

4. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties in Perth

swingers in Perth clubbing

As isolated as Perth is from other Australian cities, it’s a heaven for lifestyles. There are a variety of venues that host sex parties for couples and singles.

These are our recommendations for swinger clubs in Perth:

• Infusions Club – The only rule to enter this club is to dress stylish and sexy. From dungeon rooms to luxury playrooms, you’ll find it all here.

• Club 103 – A two-story well-equipped lifestyle club that’s open 7 days a week.

• Inner Circle – An invitation-only sex club for open-minded couples in Perth.

5. BDSM in Perth

The kink scene in Perth is also rapidly growing. There are a variety of BDSM communities and private clubs that you could visit.

One of your options is Club Freak, which is one of the best fetish clubs in Perth. Regardless of your preferences, you won’t get judged here.

Alternatively, you can also find your way to plenty of private events. All you need to do is join the BDSM groups on

6. Transsexual And Transgenders

Perth is one of the better cities in Australia to hook up with trans. The people here welcome inclusivity, so transsexuals feel more comfortable opening up.

Simply visit LGBT-friendly venues like Connections Nightclub, Hula Bula or Court Hotel.

These places also often host drag shows. So it’s highly likely you’ll meet transgender here.

You can also go with the online way to meet trans in Perth by signing up with a popular trans dating site.

7. Strip Clubs

meet sexy girls Perth hookups

There’s no shortage of quality strip joints in Perth. From diverse dancers to a highly erotic atmosphere, you’ll find all that you need.

• Penthouse Club – Located at William St, is nude waitressing is one of your kinks, then visit this strip joint.

• The Voodoo Lounge – Located at James St, one of top Australia’s adult entertainment clubs. No better place for a boy’s night out.

• Club 316 – Located at Charles St, a Perth pleasure house for those seeking lap dances.


Best Places for Outdoor Sex

Want to spice up your sex life?

These are the best places for outdoor sex in Perth:

• Kings Park – Park your car at the backside and have a steamy car sex session at night.

• DNA Tower – The top of this tower is usually secluded. But don’t forget to double-check for the homeless.

• James Mitchell Park – One of the largest and greenest parks in the city. Come during the late hours of the night and find a corner to bang.

• Gooseberry Hill – Hiking trails never disappoint. Pack a blanket and get off the usual track.

public sex in Perth

Statham’s Quarry Walk in Gooseberry Hill

You can have sex in a public space in Perth as long as you aren’t “visible”. So you can use this loophole to your advantage.


Adults Hotels and Hostels

There’s no better place than Northbridge to stay in Perth. It’s the main party hub for singles.

Here are our recommendations for adult hotels in Perth:

Alternatively, try staying in the following party hostels in Perth to find hookups:


Safe Sex And Clinics

As exciting as this city can be, don’t forget about your sexual health. Using a condom can save you from unnecessary problems.

And visit clinics like M Clinic and Sexual Health Clinic for regular STDs checkups is a good habit.

This concludes the Perth sex guide. Enjoy hooking up here.


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