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11 Best Places To Hook Up During The Day

There’s nothing wrong with routines. But when it comes to hookups, things can get dull after a while if you don’t come up with something new.

We already discussed fun things to do when hooking up with someone.

But in this article, we’re going to explore the best places to hook up during the day to spice up your sex life.

And if you happen to be a student that can’t take the partner home for casual sex, below you’ll find some good places to hook up during the day with a low risk of getting caught.

Even if you don’t have a car.


1. In Changing Rooms

changing rooms best place to hook up during the day

Those who want to do it in public but can’t go all out should give changing rooms a shot. Some of them even have chairs, making it easy to have sex in all sorts of positions.

What’s more, the large mirrors inside amp up the sexiness to the max as you and your partner can clearly see your faces and bodies as you fuck each other.

The interesting part is changing rooms are the best place to hook up and not get caught because there is no camera for privacy reasons.

Also, the service staff isn’t allowed to go and open.

Just pick the last boot and make sure to lock the door.


2. At The Back of The Cinema

With the dark setting, soft chairs, and loud background sound, cinemas offer one of the ideal places to hook up during the day.

For this reason, it’s common for couples to get horny at the back of the cinema.

Moreover, it’s not hard to do. You simply choose a movie with only a few people, and once the lights are out, you’re good to go.


3. The Gym

This one is for people who feel bold but still want to have privacy. Furthermore, since gyms tend to have many rooms, you can go with whichever suits your comfort level at the moment.

For example, if you need the safety of covered space, the shower stall will do. But if you want an open area, then the locker room is a good option.


4. In Your Car

Although cars aren’t the most comfortable place to do it, they provide security and coverage. In turn, those inside it can loosen up more and get it on smoothly.

It’s also convenient as you can bring sex toys without any problem.

So, what’s are the best places to hook up in a car during the day?

best places to hook up in car during the day

You want to go to those locations accessible by a car that aren’t trafficked.

For example, the stadium’s park is a great spot unless is game day. Also, farming roads offer intimacy when crops don’t need maintenance.


5. Swimming Pools

Underwater sex with a hot girl in a bikini or a guy in trunks is something that many folks dream about.

But you don’t need to have your own pool to make it real, cause the public pool nearest you is good enough.

You have to check them first, though, to know the area and busy times to make your hookups hassle-free.


6. Abandoned Buildings

Abandoned buildings are good places to hook up during the day if you don’t have your own place.

The reason is you can arrange a mattress with bedsheets to have casual sex regularly making it effectively your private hookup spot.

Although from the outside, empty buildings look scary. Yet once you enter them, you’ll see that they’re good places to hook up.

Not only they are spacious, but it’s also unlikely that anyone will come and bother you.

With that in mind, you can fuck all you want without a care.


7. At A Park or Forest

Outdoor sex, whether it’s in a park or forest, is both pleasurable and soothing. This is backed up by this article by Taking Charge, which explains that nature has a positive effect and makes us feel relaxed in general.

Aside from that, they’re also good places to park the car and have sex. You can even fuck on the hood and get wild when no one’s around.

In our world sex guides page you’ll find the most popular cities to hook up around the world. Every guide has a section dedicated to the best hotspots for outdoor sex.


8. In Public Restrooms

Given that restrooms are classic hook up locations at night, it shouldn’t be any surprise that they work just as nicely when the sun’s out.

Having said that, you can have sex in any restroom, be it in a hotel, bar, mall, or school.

You just have to be alert and pick one that’s not busy to not get caught.


9. In The Shower

Now, you don’t always have to leave your house to get the sparks flying. At times, just a simple move is all you need.

It’s also free, convenient, and safe for you and your partner since you can do it in your place or theirs.

Note – washing each other in the shower is a fun way to start foreplay.


10. The Balcony

If you want something risky but would like to hang out in your house, then fucking on the balcony will suit your needs.

You can have sex lying down on blankets to stay out of sight. But if you like the excitement of being seen, then you lean against the balcony to do it.


11. At Rooftops

Due to the many buildings nowadays, most people can go to rooftops with ease. As such, they make great places to hook up during the day.

Another key point is that since rooftops are high, you’ll have privacy and a clear view of the sky. This gives them an outdoor feel even when you’re completely secured on all sides.




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