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How To Join A Sex Party In Miami

sex party in Miami

If you’re looking for a city that knows how to party, few places can match the energy and excitement of Miami.

But beyond its legendary beaches, Miami is also home to a thriving sex party scene that attracts people from all over the world.

As someone who has experienced this scene firsthand, we’re excited to share tips on how to join these events.

In this article, we’ll not only cover exclusive, invite-only sex parties but also some of the best venues that allow both couples and single men.

So keep reading to discover how you can join the hottest sex parties in Miami and experience the city’s wild side.


What to Expect from Miami Sex Parties

Despite having only two lifestyle clubs, Miami has a thriving sex party scene. Both venues allow single men except on Saturdays, which are couples-only nights.

While we had fun at both clubs, we noticed that most couples preferred watching.

In comparison, the private sex parties we attended usually had a more welcoming and experienced crowd. And the majority of them wanted to play.

We discovered one such party hosted at a hotel through Adult Friend Finder, where we met people from all walks of life and had a great time.

So in conclusion, while the parties hosted in lifestyle clubs are not bad, Miami private parties are just on another level.


Where To Find Sex Parties in Miami

Even though Miami doesn’t have a lot of lifestyle clubs, you can still find sex parties quite easily.

Like all summer spots, it has several fantastic beaches, some of which are clothing-optional where you can find open-minded couples.

Then there are plenty of private parties that you can find your way into with the help of hookup apps or events sites.


1. Lifestyle Clubs

This might come as a shock but the city only has two lifestyle clubs. It had five just a few years ago, but this number has diminished as of late.

The two remaining ones are Trapeze and Velvet up in Lauderdale.

Trapeze attracts a slightly older crowd, with most women being in their 40s. However, during my experience on a Saturday night with my partner we encountered women and couples in their late 20s to early 30s.

It’s worth noting that despite the older crowd, women going to Trapeze have remarkable plastic surgery that would outshine the bodies of those women in their 20s.

Instead in Miami Velvet, you’ll find women and couples in their 20s. So if you get intimidated easily by young and attractive people, stick to Trapeze.

Our first experience at Miami Velvet was rather terrible because we accidentally visited on Friday.

There were too many pushy single men and Dan eventually had to ask one of them to screw off.

We didn’t stay too long that night but decided to visit again the next day on a couple’s only night.

Except this time, we had a blast and the couples were also quite energetic and young (probably in their late 20s and early 30s).

So stick to Saturday nights unless you’re into having sex while a dozen single men jerk off to you.

So yeah, both clubs are pretty good but Trapeze is more elegant and focused on older couples, while Velvet’s demographic skews younger


2. Hookup Apps

If you want to join a private adult party then you can’t honestly go wrong with SDC.

The site is widely popular among swingers in South Florida. And most couples use it before planning a trip to Miami to network with open-minded couples.

Aside from sharing info about upcoming themed nights in Trapeze and Velvet club, SDC is also a great site to apply for invite-only sex parties.


3. Nude Beaches

swingers in Hailover beach in Miami

Haulover is one of the biggest nude beaches in Florida. It has a nudist section that is popular among swingers.

The place is visited by locals and tourists, and you can see people of different age groups.

It’s overall a great spot to socialize and network with open-minded attractive couples.

But be careful because as this Reddit user mentions, there might also be some creepers trying to secretly record or take pictures.

Luckily, we didn’t experience anything like that except for one perverted dude who kept staring at Louise unflinchingly.

We went away and laid down near other couples and fortunately, he didn’t follow.


4. Cruise Ships

Miami is a popular starting point for cruise ships. If you’re planning a voyage and would like to have a sex party on the sea, there are a few ways to go about things.

The first approach would be to become a member of the Virgin Pineapple Friends Facebook group.

This group talks about adult-focused cruises and you can connect with couples before casting off.

We got to learn about a voyage by Bliss Cruises through this group.

We’re glad we joined it because the ship was just luxurious and had over 4000 people among which a large number of them were swingers.

If you’re also planning to book a virgin voyage, then this is the kind of atmosphere you can expect in them.


5. Sex Event Sites

If you’re looking for a more intimate, incognito environment, you should check out the VIP Bliss site.

The company organizes sex events each month, taking over popular Miami nightclubs. They also organize cruises, vacations, and pool parties in the city.

These events are private, so you’ll need the invitation to get in. VIP Bliss prefers young, good-looking couples, although they’re not as restrictive as some lifestyle clubs.

It’s worth noting that VIP Bliss isn’t associated with Bliss Cruises.


6. Lifestyle Resorts

Similar to Orlando and some other places in Florida, Miami has its own lifestyle resort.

Rooftop Resort is a relatively small clothes-optional hotel located in Hollywood City.

You can have fun in a small pool that is, as the name implies, located on the hotel’s rooftop. There’s also a retractable roof ensuring full comfort to the guests.

The hotel also has a Scandinavian sauna and video playrooms. It’s relatively close to Haulover nude beach, which is another major bonus.


7. Adult Sex Stores

Adult sex stores are a fantastic option if you wish to learn more about the local events but also meet similar couples.

Your best bet is visiting Toys Tonight locations. The company has three stores in the city, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find them.

Even if you don’t find anything, you can always buy a few trinkets for your partner and yourself.


How to Get Invited to Private Sex Parties in Miami

Private Sex Parties in Miami

The fastest way to find private sex parties in Miami is through Adult Friend Finder.

At least, that was the case for us. But feel free to try other swinger sites as well if you want.

Virgin Cruises is also a great choice and while it’s not strictly a private sex party cruise, you can turn it into something similar as you’ll find many horny couples on the ship.

The VIP Bliss also hosts invite-only events from time to time. You can apply for upcoming sex parties through their site.


Sex Parties in Miami: FAQs


What are the best lifestyle clubs in Miami?

Miami only has two lifestyle clubs: Velvet and Trapeze. We can’t say which one is the “best” because it honestly depends on your preference.

If you want a younger crowd then go with Velvet, but if you prefer more mature couples then head to Trapeze.


Do lifestyle clubs in Miami allow single men?

Yes, lifestyle clubs in Miami allow single men except for Saturday nights, and maybe some special themed events. Be sure to check the event calendar and rules of the swinger club before planning your visit.


Can you find swinger couples on Miami cruises?

Miami cruises hosted by Virgin Pineapple and Bliss Cruises are widely popular among swingers. So yes, there are high chances of finding like-minded couples on these cruises.




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