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12 Clear Signs A Married Man Wants To Sleep With You

married man want to sleep with this girl

Have you been getting friendly with a married man lately?

And you’re wondering if is trying to seduce you… Or is attracted to you sexually… Or perhaps if just he is thinking about you.

It can be hard to figure out by yourself what are his true intentions. And it is even harder to find out why a married man would want to sleep with you.

But we know when a married man wants to be more than a friend, and these are 12 clear signs that he is trying to get in your pants…


1. He’ll Hang Around You As Much As Possible

You may be in separate departments at the office, or you might not even be working at the same place.

But no matter the distance, it won’t stop a married man who’s into you from hanging around as much as he can.

Obviously, he wants to know you better and see if you’re into him.


2. He Always Compliments You

A pretty obvious sign that a married man is attracted to you sexually is that he lets you know you’re attractive.

In this case, he’s totally drawn to you that he can’t keep his thoughts to himself any longer.

As a result, he’ll give you loads of compliments on your looks and personality at every chance he gets.


3. He Acts Different When You’re Alone Together

Most married men are concerned with their image and want to keep up appearances.

Not to mention that a married man doesn’t want others to know is flirting with other women. It can be devastating for his career.

So he’ll act differently when it’s just the two of you than when you’re in public. This means he’ll want to show his flirty side when you’re alone with him.


4. He Shows Interest In Your Love Life

If he wants to know who you date, then it’s a big sign that a married man wants to sleep with you.

Think about this for a minute: why would a guy care about your love life if he doesn’t have any personal interest in it?


5. He Always Helps You

What better sign than when he always goes to help you. Sure, some men like to give a hand since they’re polite.

But if he tries his best to make things easier for you in general, he’s certainly looking at you as more than a friend or coworker.


6. He Jokes About Liking You

One of the methods that men use to test the waters without risking anything is to joke about it.

Hence, a married man who’s into you will joke about liking you. This way, he’ll have an idea of how you feel about him with your reactions.

Furthermore, should you dislike him, he can back off to avoid rejection.


7. He Doesn’t Talk About His Marriage

Want to know how a married man you forget that he’s taken?

It’s quite simple – he just won’t talk about his wife or his marriage to you. This makes him available to you.


8. He’ll Say That He’s Unhappy With His Marriage

Should he be the type of guy who appeals to emotions, he’ll use the pity me card to gain your attention.

Having said that, he’ll tell you how unhappy he is in his home life and how badly he’s being treated. Basically, he’ll paint himself as the sad husband who can only get comfort in your arms.


9. He Makes Constant Eye Contact

You’ll be aware that a person is into you due to their body language, especially how much they look at you. This article by Regain holds up this statement since it describes that eye contact is a sign of attraction.

Therefore a married man who is trying to seduce you will constantly make direct eye contact.


10. He Notices Changes About You

When someone is interested in you, they won’t be able to stop themselves from observing you. They’ll notice every single thing about you.

For this reason, when a married man takes note of the different things you do, then it’s a strong sign that he wants to sleep with you.


11. He Tries To Get One On One Time With You

Just because a person enjoys your company doesn’t instantly mean that they like you.

But, a married man is definitely into you if he keeps on wanting to have one on one time with you, be it for work or something else.

Plus, the fact that he always chooses you instead of others is a strong giveaway.


12. He Always Talks To You

People usually don’t talk long to a person they have no interest in. Of course, this doesn’t apply to the workplace as they’ll have to do the occasional small talk.

On account of this, if you feel that a married man always talks to you, even about small things, it’s definite that he wants to sleep with you.


Should You Flirt With A Married Man?

Now that you know he wants to sleep with you, you should flirt with him. Reason being that you let him know you’re interested.

If you don’t flirt with him, he would leave you alone and move on with his life assuming you aren’t into him.

Keep in mind that flirting with a married man doesn’t take much effort. At the slightest sign that you’re available to him, he’ll date you immediately.

And in case you aren’t sure to sleep with a married man for ethical reasons, this interview offers some food for thoughts…




  • Peter Brown

    Dr. Peter Brown is a dating and sex expert that writes for several various publications. Having got his doctorate from Yala Univeristy and operating his own clinic, he has a vast knowledge about casual relationships involving married people. He likes to play golf and spend time with his children during weekends.