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20 Signs A Married Woman Wants To Sleep With You

Contrary to popular opinion, many women have high sex drives. Unfortunately, most of them don’t get laid as much once they turn into wives.

It’s why lots of married women tend to stray when their bedroom needs aren’t met.

Of course, they can’t just get anybody, as hooking up with the wrong guy could spell disaster for their marriage.

Perhaps, you’re the right guy. In fact, you have the feeling that a married woman wants to sleep with you.

Yet, you aren’t totally sure and you don’t want to face an angry husband in case you flirt with her.

flirting sign married woman want to sleep with guy

If you notice a few of the signs below, you can be totally confident that a married woman wants to sleep with you…


1. She’ll Wear Sexy Clothes Around You

When a woman dresses sexy, that means she is sexually available. She’ll wear sexy clothes because want a guy’s attention.

Usually, when a woman gets married, she’ll dress conservatively indicating her marriage commitment.

Now, if a married woman suddenly wears sexy outfits when she’s specifically around you, that is a clear sign that she wants to sleep with you.

Pay attention if she’ll look her best on the days that you meet than on days she’s with other people. And you’ll get your confirmation.


2. She Openly Talks About Sex

One of the solid signs a married woman wants to sleep with you is when she talks about sex. What she is trying to do is to arouse you.

Of course, she can also just be a person that’s frank about these things. But why would she be this open with you in particular?

She probably wants you to get hot for her.


3. She’ll Ask You Out For Casual Lunch Dates

When a married woman is the forward type, she will ask you to have a casual lunch date with her.

The launch is preferred over dinner simply because at that time the husband is busy working while at dinner time she is busy cooking for the family.

What’s more, she’ll want to do it at her place while her husband’s away so in case you make a move the bedroom is a few steps away.


4. She Talks Badly About Her Sex Life

Normally, married women would keep their unhappy sex life tightly under wraps.

But if a married woman shares with you her disappointing sex life, she is secretly hoping that you get the hint.

Basically, what she is trying to tell you is “can you help me to climax again?” Yes, you’re the chosen.


5. She’s Always Complaining About her Husband

This is the same form of the previous sign just with a different target: her husband.

Just think about this. There’s no reason for her to tell you that her husband is not making love to her. Unless of course, she wants you to play that role.

And either way, older married women who do not get sexual gratification from their husbands are the easiest to court.


6. She Shares Intimate Details of her Love Life with You

She definitely doesn’t have to flex her blowjob skills in front of you. Nor tell you which sex position she enjoys.

Married women who open up about their sex life are the easiest to bed.

Because in most cases, the reason she’s sharing such intimate details is that she wants to sleep with you.


7. She Flirts With You

Given that wives are supposed to be off the market, a married woman should only be making moves on her husband.

Yet when you find her acting flirty, you can bet that she’s got the hots for you. Furthermore, she wants to hook up or have an affair with you if she goes for you aggressively.


8. She Wants To Have Alone Time With You

Since she’s a married woman, it’s understandable why she won’t initiate any funny business out in public.

She will try to have alone time with you without creating suspicion. Emyli shares our view by mentioning this sign at the beginning of her video…

So make sure to pay attention to her cues when asking to come over to her house because the husband and kids aren’t there.


9. She Often Invites You To Her Place

Have you ever attended that awkward dinner where her husband visibly hates you?

Well, in most cases, his hate is justified. He has probably noticed that you’re not just a “friend”. In fact, she may have feelings for you.

So play your cards right because while he’s at work, you might end up banging his wife on the same table.


10. She Would Add Sexual Innuendos to Every Conversation

There’s nothing wrong with cracking a few dirty jokes now and then. Especially between men.

However, when a married woman adds a sexual innuendo to a conversation, then she’s definitely dropping a hint.

Try reciprocating those jokes, and see where the conversation goes. But take it slow and don’t overdo it.

Otherwise, too much sexual talk may get her to guard up again.


11. She Compliments Your Body

It’s quite obvious that she’s been eyeing your body when she compliments you about it.

Moreover, she can directly let you know how much she’s into you by saying you’ve got a hot ass or something similar.


12. She Would Make Excuses to Talk to You

If married women are interested in a man, they’d often make excuses to talk to him.

She’d often initiate the conversation by asking a favor. And if she’s your colleague, then she’d ask the most obvious “work-related” questions.

So if she often asks exclusively for your help, then that’s only an excuse to talk with you. in other words, she is waiting to make a move on her.


13. She Says Why Didn’t She Met You Earlier

“Why didn’t I meet you before?” This one’s a classic and it’s as obvious as it gets.

If a married woman says this or something similar to you then she’s clearly regretting her married life. Her honeymoon phase may be over, and now she’s thinking about how she could’ve gone for better options.

She wants to sleep with you but the only thing stopping her is her conscience.

From there, all you have to do is to continue building the sexual tension and you’ll bed her in no time. For more info check out how to flirt with a married woman to build sexual and emotional attraction.


14. She Stays Close To You

People naturally value their personal space. Due to this, another telltale sign that a married woman wants to sleep with you is when she stays close to you.

This goes to prove that she’s comfortable around you, and probably she prefers intimacy more with you than her husband.

If you notice she sits next to you, even when she can sit anywhere else in the room, that means she is attracted to you.


15. She keeps You a Secret from her Husband

If a married woman is sexually interested in you, then she’d keep you a secret from her husband.

That’s because deep down, she might know that she wants to sleep with you. And would like to keep her potential affair a secret.

All you have to do is prove to her that you’re open to hookups and can stay hush about it.


16. She Starts To Whisper In Your Ear

No married woman on earth would whisper in your ear. That’s is too sexual. Unless she wants to have an affair with you.

She is trying to turn you on by breathing in your ear while suggesting naughty fantasies.


17. She Makes Time For You

A woman who’s happy in her marriage will have no time for you. She’ll focus all her energy on the family.

Yet, if she is available for you, she might be waiting for your move on her. Make sure don’t make her wait too long because her time is limited.


18. She Sends You Naughty Messages

She’ll be sending innocent greetings to test things out at first. After you’ve both warmed up, she’ll turn the heat up and send naughty messages at night.

She may even pretend to send sexy selfies by mistake. The moment you receive these sorts of messages from a married woman, it’s certain that she wants to get in your pants.


19. She’ll Ask About Your Daily Routine

Being that she’s got a family, she doesn’t have much free time.

Before starting to flirt with you, she might figure out your daily routine to see if you and her can match the daily schedule.

This isn’t a clear sign a married woman wants to sleep with you. But perhaps that she is discreetly making plans to hook up with you.


20. She Touches You Or Herself In Intimate Places

Well, there isn’t a stronger signal that she wants to have sex with you when she touches herself or you in intimate parts.

So, what are you waiting for?


What Do I Do If A Married Woman Wants To Sleep With Me?

married woman want to sleep with him

Getting involved with a married woman can be troublesome. And should you pursue her, you can’t expect a lasting relationship as it’s often just a temporary one.

Yet, we can’t deny that the temptation of something forbidden has a thrilling appeal.

Having said that, it’s up to you whether you want to enjoy an exciting affair by convincing a married woman to sleep with you or back off to stay at peace.

All in all, you have to be ready for the consequences of your decisions.


How To Convince A Married Woman to Sleep With You

Most men miss out on the opportunity to sleep with married women because they’re too afraid to make a move.

Awakening the horny side of married women may be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Especially, if she’s already dropping signs that she’s sexually attracted to you.

So the only thing you need to learn is how to convince a married woman to sleep with you.

And quite frankly, that isn’t too difficult either. You only have to make sure that you take things slow.

Make it look natural so her conscience and sense of guilt don’t take over. Develop an emotional bond with her, and if she’s having a rough patch, then use that to your advantage.

Within no time, you’ll have her moaning your name while she’s on all fours.




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