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9 Surprising Signs He Regrets Sleeping With You

Signs He Regrets Sleeping With You

You have slept with this guy and you’re wondering if he regrets sleeping with you.

While some men are low-key, most give hints when they didn’t enjoy the sex. You just have to pay closer attention to their body language and behavior.

I’ll make it easy for you with this post so you can clearly know if he’s pulling away from you, and what you can do about it.

Let’s start with the most common signs telling he regrets sleeping with you.


1. He Ignores You

An obvious sign that he regrets sleeping with you is when he starts to be cold and ignores you. He may do it as soon as the next day or a couple of days after your meet up.

At any rate, he’s decided that what you two did was a mistake. Hence, he won’t want to get involved anymore. As such, he’ll choose to slowly break off contact or ghost you later.

This usually happens when hooking up with someone who has a girlfriend.


2. He Doesn’t Flirt With You Anymore

Before you guys had sex, I bet he couldn’t stop himself from flirting with you. And that he was all over you most of the time.

So, when he suddenly stops being sexy or flirty and acts like you’re just plain friends. Then it’s a clear sign that he regrets sleeping with you.

He may think that you had sex too soon or that you’re better as friends than something more.

Whatever spark you had doesn’t make a difference now. He only wants to steer you far from anything romantic or sexual.


3. He’s Suddenly Too Busy For You

Naturally, every person has their own life to live. And understandably, guys can get busy with their studies or jobs.

Yet, it shouldn’t come to the point that you nearly have to beg for his spare time.

Therefore when he’s regularly not available to you once he’s gotten laid, it’s quite a huge sign that he regrets having sex with you.

Moreover, if he doesn’t make plans to meet you again, it’s cause he doesn’t want to talk about it and would prefer to brush you off until you get the hint.


4. He’s Distracted When He’s With You

A man who’s happy to have fucked you will let you know how much he liked it. Furthermore, he’ll want to hook up again.

With that said, you should be the center of his attention when you’re together.

But, if it’s the opposite, and he’s mentally not there, he certainly doesn’t want to be with you. Besides that, his lack of care says that he’s no longer interested.

Basically, he’s lost what sexual or romantic attraction he had. And is just waiting for things to end.


5. He Doesn’t Reach Out To You

It’s written in this Love Connection article that when a man is sexually attracted to you, one of the things he’ll do is find any excuse to continue having a conversation.

In light of this, his attitude towards you should stay the same, whether you’re serious or not, since he’ll want to have more sex.

Instead, when he can’t bother to reach out that means you’re not his type. Essentially by doing nothing, it’s letting you know in a nice way that isn’t interested in you anymore.


6. His Body Language Shows It

While a lot of people may be able to lie smoothly with their words, a person’s body language hardly can be faked.

For that reason, even non-verbal behaviors serve a purpose, as stated by Psychology today’s article on it.

This, by all means, say that when a man’s not as touchy as he used to be with you, he won’t want to fuck you again. He’ll keep you at arm’s length and get rid of any sexual vibe.


7. You Only Spend Short Times Together

If he doesn’t spend much time as he did before, chances are he doesn’t see you as a sex partner.

For example, back then, you could often hang out with him for hours. Whereas your meetings these days are much shorter and fewer in comparison.

Not to mention, you can feel that he’s itching to leave as soon as he arrives.

In this type of scenario, he’s simply not present in the relationship.

Plus, all things considered, he’s likely acting this way cause he wants you to be the one to break it off.


8. He’s Distancing Himself From You

Of course, you can still be friends, even after you’ve screwed each other. After all, he can be nice about it and remain kind to you.

The closeness you once had with him is gone. Sure, he’ll act as if you’re on good terms, but he’ll draw the line between you.

He won’t want to share personal details, and he’ll expect you to do the same.


9. He Always Has An Excuse Not To See You

People generally do what they can to be with the person they’re into. And guys, in particular, would like to see a girl, especially if they have a shot at getting some action.

Meanwhile, this won’t work on a man who’s giving off signs that he regrets hooking up.

What’s more, he’ll always have an excuse to be unavailable. And on the days that you actually manage to make plans, he’ll either flake or cancel on you.

In short, he’s indirectly telling you that he’s doesn’t want to see you again.


What To Do When He Regrets Sleeping With You?

couple talking regrets after sleeping together

Knowing that he regrets sleeping with you can be hard to take in. You may end up blaming yourself and think that you’re unappealing.

Or perhaps regretting that you slept with him too soon. But as Matthew says in this video, you should own your decision instead of regretting it.

After all, if you slept with him is because you were attracted and found it the right time to do so.

But frankly, you shouldn’t lose sleep over this since the real issue is mainly with the guy in most cases.

And if it’s a miscommunication problem, you should give him some space and calmly sort it out.

Although when it’s a preference, all you can do is accept things and move on. Shit just happens sometimes. That’s life.

The best option for you is to not overthink and focus on what’s worth your effort.

Who knows, the next guy met on a popular hookup app could be the right one.




  • Ashley Miller

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