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7 Solid Signs She Just Wants to Hook Up With You

Girls often expect guys to make the first move. And if you lack experience, then you may have let many hookup opportunities slip by.

It takes effort to meet girls and it’s understandable that you want to conclude with most of them.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the most common signs when a girl wants to hook up.

In fact, if you’re wondering whether the girl you’re talking to wants to hook up, you’ll finally be able to get to the bottom of it after reading this article.

Let’s get started.


1. She Always Texts You Late At Night

guy sending hook up text messages

Do you constantly notice a pattern that every night when it’s time to hit the hay, she drops you a text?

Well, it may not only be because “she just wants to talk”.

If she’s regularly texting you at the late hours of the night, then it’s fair to say she’s into you. And you can tell if a girl wants to hook up over text when the conversation gets sexual.

Is she just ranting all night about how her asshole boyfriend is treating her bad? Then you might as well catch up on some sleep because you’re just seen as a friend.

But if she’s texting you every night to have random conversations, then this is a good hint.

You can further test this out by coming up with some smooth one-liners. And if you’re short on ideas, then you can use some popular hook up text message to test the waters.


2. She Misses No Opportunity To Touch You

Do you notice that every time you hang out with her, she misses no opportunity to touch you?

This is probably the single most obvious hint one could drop.

Touching opens a path towards physical intimacy. And at times, it can also act as a good sign to assess if someone is into you.

Everyone has different levels of public display of affection. So start by noticing if she normally touches people in public.

If she doesn’t but often touch you, then there may be something more to this than meets the eye.

Start by reciprocating her touch but make sure it doesn’t come off as too unnatural or desperate.

If she often “unconsciously” holds your hand, then grip it back without applying too much pressure.

girl holding guy want to hookup

And if she often holds your arm, then you know she wants you to make a move.


3. She Breaks Her Own Policies and Rules For You

Many girls have rules and policies like no kissing on the first date or no sex in the first two months of dating. But when a girl wants just to hook up, she ignores them.

And the thing is she’ll let you know that around you she feels more adventurous and will do an exception only for you.

This is a great time to take the initiative by taking her to your place or have sex in the car.

You don’t want her to change her mind, right?


4. She Has a Seductive Body Language Around You

Assessing the body language of a girl is one of the best ways to determine if she wants to hook up. Yet, most guys don’t know how to do it.

Try to notice if she’s doing any of the following things while she’s around you:

  • She continuously strokes her hair while looking at you.
  • She bites/licks her lips while looking at you.
  • She’s showing you her cleavage (the most obvious sign).
  • She fiddles random objects in her hands while you’re around.
  • She laughs at pretty much everything you say.

While not all of the signs are directly related to having sex right now, they’re still good pointers.

And it’s safe to assume she may want to hook up if she’s doing more than two of the things above.


5. She Smiles and Makes Eye Contact with You

Probably one of the oldest tricks in the book. But hey – it still works. This can apply to a girl you already know as well as random women at the bar.

girl smiling at the bar hinting a hook up

First, she starts by making eye contact. Every time you look towards her, you’d notice she’s already looking at you and instantly look away.

And if that doesn’t give the guy enough of a hint to start a conversation, then the next step is to smile.

Has any of this happened to you at the bar or inside a club? Then we’re afraid to say, you missed out on a solid opportunity for sex.

However, if a girl you know is doing this, then without wasting any time, take the initiative. Because girls don’t do that with every random person they see.

If they’re making eye contact with you and are even throwing a smile, then what else do you want them to do!?


6. She Continually Brings Up Sex Conversations

Having a general discussion and sharing sex views is nothing out of the ordinary. But do you notice that she doesn’t miss any opportunity to make the conversation sexual?

If so, then it is a clear sign she wants you. The reason is she has sex on her mind while talking to you and fantasize about it.

It can be something as random as favorite sex positions, or even her turn-offs in the bed.

So instead of waiting for her to gift you a Kamasutra book and making it too obvious, grab the opportunity.


7. She Wants to Spend Alone Time with You

Girls aren’t too accessible for people they are not interested in. They will make excuses to ditch plans and wouldn’t follow up either.

But does she go the extra mile to meet and spend alone time with you?

For instance, if you ask her to hang out then even when she’s busy, she’ll try to make the time. And if she can’t make the time, she’d try to reschedule the meetup.

These are clear signs of interest and even the fact that she may be down to hookup.

However, some girls also play hard to get. They may not be available on your terms, but she’ll still make effort to set a time to see you.


How to Tell if She Wants You to Make a Move

In general, girls use a mix of physical and verbal signs to indicate their interest in you. But rarely they take the initiative to hit on a man.

We explain already the most common signs she wants to hook up with you, but there are several more hints that would take several articles to cover.

The best way is to follow your gut instinct and when a girl acts in a “different” way than other girlfriends, ask yourself: “Is she trying to hit on me?”

Most guys just don’t pay enough attention, and they let slip chances.

Whenever a girl does act in a weird way, start to question her intentions. By doing so, you’ll instantly be able to catch the signs that she wants to hook up.




  • Tom Phillips

    Tom Phillips is a Dating Coach for World Hookup Guides who has been helping men to succeed with women for almost 7 years. His coaching career began with one-on-one coaching and has gradually evolved into seminars. He has dated successfully dated several women over the years and now shares strategies and techniques on several national publications in addition to World Hookup Guides.