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Sleeping With A Married Man – 7 Reasons Why It Isn’t Ok

There’s nothing wrong with having a crush on a man who has a wife. That is as long as you don’t cross the line.

Yet, if you’re seriously considering sleeping with a married man, then you’re going to face plenty of problems along the way.

Maybe you think that the risks aren’t that bad, and you can take them on.

But, the costs of an affair are huge and will potentially change your life, especially when you’re the mistress.

woman want to sleep with a married man

This guide will inform you of the 7 important reasons why it’s not a good idea to sleep with a married man.


1. It’ll Ruin Your Image

No matter what you do to cover up the relationship, the people around you will figure it out sooner or later. While they may not tell his wife, word will get around that you’re sleeping with a married man.

As a result, rumors about you will spread and will reach your social circle and workplace. In turn, everyone will see you as the “other woman,” which will certainly ruin your image.

Moreover, strangers who don’t even know you personally will tend to think poorly of you once they learn that you’re a mistress.

And should your family learn about the affair, there’s a chance they’ll reject you or do something similar.


2. You’ll Mostly Be Alone

Despite his promises and sweet words, you’ll mostly be alone when you’re in this type of relationship. The reason being you’re just his dirty little secret that he has to hide at the end of the day.

Due to this, the time he can give you is restricted even when you’re sleeping with a married man at work.

This means that you can forget about being together during the holidays and special occasions. Those days are instantly off-limits because he’ll be with his family, not you.

What’s more, he’ll have to bring his wife to parties and events. Meanwhile, you’ll need to be a friendly coworker and stay away since you’re in public.


3. You’ll Always Have To Lie

Since affairs are frowned upon and illegal in some areas, you’ll have to lie to keep the relationship under wraps.

In fact, you won’t only have to lie all the time, but you must keep track of what you say as well.

You wouldn’t want to slip up and reveal your relationship, would you?

Now, this might not be a big thing at first, as many people often lie. But if you sleep with a married man, you’ll have to deal with the harmful effects of constantly lying to everybody.

Psychology Today’s article proves this, as studies tell us that lying has a negative impact on a person’s health and well-being.


4. You’ll Be Last On His List

Being that he has a family that he loves, he’ll value them above all. Naturally, you won’t even come close, as you’ll regularly be last on his list.

And whatever you do for him, you’ll never be his priority.

Apart from that, when you sleep with a man whose wife is pregnant, he’ll only go to you for comfort. In other words, the focus of the relationship will solely be on his needs and not yours.

Aside from that, he won’t put up with crap like a regular boyfriend. After all, you’re simply his side piece.

As such, the moment you make a fuss or trouble him, he won’t think twice about ditching you.


5. He Probably Won’t Leave His Wife

He may be one of a kind in your eyes, making him the man of your dreams. Sadly, the married man you’re sleeping with likely doesn’t feel that way about you, even though he won’t say it.

For starters, he should have no issue dropping his wife if he was truly unhappy with her. Divorce is pretty common nowadays, and the rates have never been higher.

On top of that, he also has you, so what’s stopping him?

At this point, he’s merely unsatisfied with some part of their marriage, yet he still wants to be with his wife. He probably won’t ever leave her cause he’s just using you to feel good about himself.


6. You’ll Always Be Blamed

You should know that since you’re a woman, it can’t be helped that you’ll be at a disadvantage in this situation. To add to that, people will always blame you whether you started the affair or not.

On that note, you’ll be branded as a slut and homewrecker for going after a married man. Not to mention, some of your friends and family will choose to shun you cause you’ll be an embarrassment to them.

Whereas your partner in crime won’t get the same harsh treatment. He could even be praised by other guys for getting in your pants.


7. You Will Never Be His Only One

Of course, it’s a given that you’ll feel like the winner since he’s cheating on his wife with you. Then again, what assurance do you have that he won’t stray when you become official?

After all, the odds are pretty high that he’ll be unfaithful to you too. Why? Because the saying once a cheater, always a cheater is indeed true in most cases.

This article on affairs by the Conversation completely supports this. It explains that recent studies suggest that people who have cheated before tend to keep on cheating on their partners.

Hence, if you decide to get together with a married man, you’ll never be his only one.


What’s The Alternative to Sleeping with a Married Man?

There are several dangers that come with sleeping with a married man and no much to gain.

Therefore you should stop yourself from getting mixed up with taken men to avoid any headache.

Besides, do you honestly want to play second fiddle when you could be a man’s only choice? No, right?

This is why you should go with a single guy instead. There are literally millions of available men out there that are ripe for the picking.

You just have to look, and you’ll surely find someone who’ll fit you to a tee, be it for a serious or casual relationship.

Get the guy you want all to yourself by going out in person or by signing up on a popular adult dating site.




  • Peter Brown

    Dr. Peter Brown is a dating and sex expert that writes for several various publications. Having got his doctorate from Yala Univeristy and operating his own clinic, he has a vast knowledge about casual relationships involving married people. He likes to play golf and spend time with his children during weekends.