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What To Do When A Guy Ignores You After Sleeping With You

girl ignored after sleeping with a guy

So, you met up with a guy and had sex with him.

But now that a day or two has passed without hearing from him, you’ve realized that he’s ignoring you after sleeping with you.

Obviously, you’re feeling terrible about it. Nothing hurts more than being ghosted, especially after that moment of intimacy and vulnerability.

We understand how confusing it must be and perhaps you’re wondering why a guy change after you sleep with him.

The reasons can be many, and unless he honestly tells you, you will never know the truth.

This is why this article will help you with what you can control. And those are your actions forward a goal.

We’ve come up with 7 things you can do right now when a guy ignores you after sex.


1. Send A Text To Stimulate His Ego

Was the guy you slept with confident? Like it seems takes great pride in himself and perhaps his bedroom skills.

When he’s that type of person, stimulating his ego may stop him from ignoring you. The reason is men with big egos usually want to be with people who’ll reassure them of their greatness.

Therefore if you butter him up by telling him how amazing he is, he’ll want to keep you around.

Send him a clear text like, “I can’t believe you gave me several orgasms the other night.”

In addition, praises about his technique in bed or dick size will also make him eager to wow you again.


2. Send Some Hot Photos Or Video To Get Him Back

If you’re 100% sure that a man enjoyed sleeping with you, sending him hot photos or videos of yourself will turn him on.

You remind him about your sexuality and how eager you’re to please. A combination that rarely any guy can resist.

Yet, make sure to take sexy pictures that reveal only your best features as you can see in this video…

To stay on the safe side, though, you shouldn’t send any nudes regardless of how much you like the guy. Always wear lingerie and use apps that will allow you to send disappearing photos or videos.

You should expect him to quickly reply with, “where are you?” or “want to meet up?”

From there you can start to flirt with him over text to create sexual tension. But if you want to make him crave for you emotionally, it takes time and patience.


3. Achieve Closure By Messaging Him About Your Feelings

Sadly, many men pretend to be interested in serious relationships to get laid. And if the person you had sex with is one of them, you won’t get anywhere no matter what you do.

For this reason, when this sort of guy ignores you after sleeping with you, it would be better to message him about your feelings for closure. Politely express your frustration at being tricked and put an end to your connection.

You also shouldn’t hope for a reply, as your aim is to get the negativity out of your system.


4. Ignore Him Back

Did the guy you meet at a nightclub or bar start to ignore you after having sex? In that case, you should simply ignore him back.

If he’s into girls who play hard to get, being distant will make you more attractive to him. After all, it’s generally known that men aren’t into clingy or needy women.

So don’t chase a man if you don’t want to turn him off. Besides, he’ll contact you in a while should he honestly like you.

Yet without talking to him, you can only guess what he thinks of you after you sleep with him.

And when he completely disappears, that’s the sign that you should forget about him. He isn’t worth your time anymore.


5. Talk To A Friend Or Therapist

Girls tend to take rejection badly. Fortunately, talking or ranting is the best way to get over it.

Of course, you can’t just chat up anybody since this is a delicate topic. It would be good for you to talk to a trusted friend or a therapist.

Either one will do, as long as they’re truly looking out for you. Although the latter would be the ideal as a professional can guide you to address the root of your troubles.


6. Look For A New Sex Partner

It’s often been proven that the fastest way to heal a broken heart is to find new love. And the same goes when you sleep with someone who doesn’t reciprocate.

Just sign up with a hook up app and find someone to sleep with you. Having casual sex with someone new will get back your confidence by knowing that you’re desirable.

If that guy ignored you after sleeping with you, it’s his loss. Look for someone else more worthy.


7. Focus On Yourself

A guy may have various reasons for ignoring a girl after a hook up. It might be dealing with personal issues or having a girlfriend already… Or maybe you’ve done something that turned him off.

At this point, only he knows why.

However, you shouldn’t think about this too much. Cause do you honestly want to be with a man that can drop you like that?

You deserve better than that and nothing less.

So instead of drowning yourself in negative thoughts, you should redirect your time and energy to focus on yourself.

Improve your mind and body by surrounding yourself with positivity.

Exercise regularly and eat well to keep in shape. Also, spend time with people who love you and entertain yourself with your passions to have good mental health.




  • Ashley Miller

    Ashley Miller is a Dating Coach and author for She teaches women how to deal with self-esteem and insecurities issues and how to flirt, have casual hookups, or get into a serious relationship. She has many years of personal coaching experience and is particularly passionate about helping people to find dating success regardless of race or gender. You will find her cooking delicious pies, enjoying a book, or playing skying in her free time.