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Where To Meet Married Women – 9 Best Places

It’s not strange to fantasize about married women. They are sexually experienced and mature.

Yet, the best part is they are easy to bed, unlike the young girls. The reason being they’ve many responsibilities and no time to waste in small talks.

What you only need to do when you find a hot married woman is to show that you’re an energetic person, demonstrate that you’re fun to be around, and be straightforward.

In this article, we reveal the best places where to meet married women eager to hook up. So you don’t waste time approaching those wives who aren’t into casual sex with strangers.

In fact, you first have to find married women who want to fool around.

You can’t just approach random women and hope things will work out. Doing that may land you in trouble and possibly earn you a punch from an angry husband.


Best Places To Meet Married Women

bar place to meet married women

If you’re after horny married women, start with…


1. Ashley Madison

You’ll get lucky without a doubt when you sign up on Ashley Madison. It’s the go-to site for married people who are looking for affairs.

The site has a reputation for being discreet, so you don’t risk getting bit up by a hungry husband. Married women don’t want to risk their marriage and expect you to have a similar mindset as well.

Considering these details, it’s a great site where you can meet many married women who are ready to get laid.

Pros – You get access to a large number of horny wives.

Cons – Men have to pay for membership.


2. Adult Friend Finder

Are you only up for hookups or one-night stands? Then you have to give Adult Friend Finder a shot. It’s one of the well-known hook up sites.

Unlike Ashley Madison where married women cheat on their husbands, on Adult Friend Finder you’ll find couples looking for a good time. This means you’re going to fuck a married woman in front of her husband.

Cuckolding is a thing nowadays, and you’ll be surprised to find so many horny married women on this site looking for a guy to please her in front of her husband.

Pros –  You can meet up with married women in most countries since it’s used internationally.

Cons – You’ll have to specifically search for married women cause there are singles too.


3. Victoria Milan

If privacy is your main concern, Victoria Milan has got you covered. It’s famous worldwide as an affair site aimed at married people searching for partners outside of their marriage.

For this reason, it prioritizes its users’ anonymity above all. And as such, the site has features to protect them, such as encrypting messages and options to blur photos.

On the whole, it assures each person who uses it a smooth and secure experience from start to end.

Pros – Your account and messages can’t be tracked.

Cons – You need to have paid membership to interact with others.


4. Cougar Bars

Those who want to meet older women and have a few drinks should go to cougar bars.

These bars are just regular upscale bars at a glance where young people don’t hang out. There you’ll find mainly women in their mid-30s and above.

Now, what’s nice about going to this kind of bar, is that firstly, it’ll be full of experienced milfs and cougars as well.

And secondly, most of the married women here have one obvious goal for the night. – That is to score with someone that’s not their husband.

Check out our city hookup guides for the cougar bars available in your city. In the menu at the beginning of the guide click on “Where to Meet People For Casual Sex”. There is a “night hookups” section.

Pros – They’re free to enter.

Con – You’ve to be confident because you need to flirt face to face. Check out how to convince a married woman to sleep with you.


5. Hotel Bars

Some classy/upscale hotel bar is the favorite place for married women to go for a drink and why not, hook up with some younger guy.

There you’ll find classier married women who are usually neglected by their busy husbands. Don’t need to say it’s an easy catch.

Alternatively, heading to a bar in a convention hotel after dinner is also a good place to meet married women.

And because they are away from home, they are more prone to hook up.

When visiting upscale hotel bars, the best time is to go between 4-7 pm especially happy hours. and Don’t miss out on the ladies’ nights.

Pros – Classy married women eager to hook up.

Cons – Being elegant and know how to flirt discretely is important.


6. Dance Rooms

Dance rooms are usually more popular with women than men, especially the older ones. Hence, it’s an ideal place where you can meet married women.

Aside from that, the fun and lively atmosphere will make it easy for you to get close to them cause they’ll be caught up in the vibe.

What’s more, you’ll have chances to flirt close up as they’ll need a partner for some of the dances. Besides, touching each other will also make her aware of you as a man.

Pros – You’ll have opportunities to woo her when you dance closely.

Cons – You need to be a good dancer.


7. Yoga Classes

Anyone can do yoga, regardless of their gender. Yet, the majority of people who do it are women.

This article by Harvard Health Publishing verifies it, as it notes that 70% of Yoga practitioners in the US are females.

As a result, yoga classes largely consist of girls, ranging from teens to those in their 50s. With attention to this, joining a class is a good way for you to meet married women.

Pros – The married women here are likely to be in shape and with a high sex drive.

Cons – You have to pay for classes and participate in the lessons.


8. Gyms

With the focus on health and fitness increasing every year, more and more married women are hitting the gym.

Not only do they want to keep healthy, but also stay young and sexy.

With that said, going to the gym will give you countless opportunities to interact with somebody else’s wife.

Just don’t look at them or interact while they are working out. That’s creepy.

Instead, chat with them before or after the workout by asking about their workout routine.

Pros – You can hook up with sexy married women at the gym.

Cons – They’re picky when it comes to physical appearance. Make sure to have muscles.


9. At Work

This report by Fox News claims that most affairs normally happen at the workplace. It explains that people are more open to their coworkers’ interests since they share the same views about their projects.

In short, this means that if you fancy married women, you’ll have a high success rate of snatching up one at work. And as you guys have to go to the office daily, you can work your magic on her over time.

Yet, we’ve placed this placed to meet married women last because having affairs at work can be messy. In fact, we didn’t mention it in the top places to hook up with married women.

Pros – You can see her every day, and you don’t have to go out of your way.

Cons – Other people may notice what you’re doing if you’re not careful.


How To Know If She Is A Cheating Wife?

met cheting married woman in library best place

Though married women cheat, they’re more secretive about it in comparison to married men. In turn, this makes it difficult to tell if a woman is a cheating wife.

To prevent yourself from making the wrong decisions, you must figure out if a married woman is attracted to you sexually. Once you know that she’s definitely interested, only then should you pursue her.

This way, you can safely make a move when you know she’s open to affairs.




  • Peter Brown

    Dr. Peter Brown is a dating and sex expert that writes for several various publications. Having got his doctorate from Yala Univeristy and operating his own clinic, he has a vast knowledge about casual relationships involving married people. He likes to play golf and spend time with his children during weekends.