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6 Best Places To Meet Trans Women

Does the idea of hooking up or dating trans women turn you on? If so, then you must be wondering where you can meet them.

Well, meeting trans women is becoming increasingly easier due to the internet and also how society is getting more open-minded forward minority genders.

People are becoming more welcoming towards transgenders so it isn’t uncommon to find them in public spaces. Nowadays you can meet trans women at pretty much any place you find cis women.

But to make your search even easier, we’ve created a list of the 6 best places to meet trans women near you.


Where To Meet Trans Women

where can i meet transwomen near me

1) Trans Hook Up And Dating Sites

Even if you live in a country where transgender feel reluctant to come out in public spaces, the internet has got you covered.

Meeting trans has never been easier, and the credit for that goes to the trans hook up and dating sites.

With just a few taps, you can find transgenders near you for a date or casual sex.

We’ve already reviewed the best trans sites and apps in detail. But in case you can’t bother to read the full review, TSDates and Ladyboy Kisses are the way to go.

TSDates is the perfect site to find hookups. But if you’re looking to create a more meaningful connection then Ladyboy Kisses is a better alternative for folks who’re interested in dating.

Just sign up for free, create a profile and start to chat with any trans you like. Once you feel ready, meet up.


2) LGBT Events and Parades

The LGBT movement is growing fast with the number of events and parades increasing every year.

The Pride March in New York is the biggest event in the world where to meet trans women…

Regardless of how backward the country you live in is, you’re highly likely to find trans women in such events.

After all, these parades and events have been doing a wonderful job in spreading more awareness about transsexuals and transgenders.

So if you’re especially from any country in North America and Europe, then mark your calendar.

There may be an event right around the corner where you’ll find plenty of trans women to flirt with.


3) LGBT Clubs and Organizations

If you’re still a student, then look for LGBT clubs and organizations in your university. You are likely to find one.

Needless to say, these clubs are a hotspot to meet trans women. The best part is that it’d also be easy to break the ice.

And even if you don’t directly find trans women in these clubs, you’ll at least get a couple of leads and build a few connections to meet them.


4) Online Forums and Sites

This doesn’t beat the trans hook up and dating sites, but still, it’s worth mentioning that there are online forums where you can mingle with trans.

One of them is the popular Reddit. Here you’ll find subreddits for trans meet ups and the like. See if there is any trans in your city ready to get frisky.


5) LGBT Areas

Most North American and European countries have exclusive LGBT areas. There’s a high possibility that you would come across trans women there.

If you’re looking for LGBT areas in your city, then check out our world sex guides. Every city guide has a “Transsexual and Transgender” section with all the info on where to meet trans women.

With that said, most people often visit gay bars in hopes of meeting trans women. But we don’t recommend doing that as it’s usually a miss.

Trans women don’t visit gay bars too often. You’re better off visiting bars that are popular among cis women.


6) Places Popular Among CIS Women

There’s a common misconception that you can only meet trans women at “trans exclusive venues”.

However, that cannot be further from the truth. It’s possible to find trans women anywhere you can meet cis women. So this further diversifies your options.

You can visit nightclubs, bars or even a restaurant – you never know when you might get lucky.

Sure the probability may not be as high as in some of the places we’ve listed above, but the chances are still there.


What To Keep In Mind When Meeting Trans Women

Here are 3 main things to remember:


1) Don’t Stare at Their Body

Staring at someone out of admiration is one thing, and making them feel like they’re a science experiment is another.

You don’t want to do the latter. Otherwise, not only would they feel uncomfortable but also, you may lose your opportunity to hook up.

Especially, once they undress, even if looking at their genitals surprises you, don’t make it too obvious.


2) Ask What’s Off-Limits

It’s always a good idea to ask what’s allowed and what isn’t in the bed, regardless of who you’re having sex with.

The same applies when you’re hooking up with trans women.

In fact, they may even dislike getting touched on certain body parts, so it’s important to discuss these things beforehand.


3) Don’t Objectify Them

Transsexuals are often hypersexualized by people – and the trans community absolutely hates that.

So don’t treat trans women like they’re sex objects. That would only tarnish your chances of finding a hook up.

At best, they’d only agree to have sex with you if you compensate them – that too if you’re lucky.


Where Can I Meet Trans Women For Hookups?

Most people believe that they have to visit trans exclusive venues and places to hook up with trans women. However, that’s hardly the case.

You can meet trans girls anywhere you can meet cis ladies. It’s as simple as that.

And if that sounds like a hit or miss, then don’t worry, the internet has also got you covered. There is plenty of trans hook up sites where you’re guaranteed to find trans women to hook up with.

Hooking up with a transgender woman is like hooking up with a CIS woman.

But there are a few things to keep in mind which we’ve already covered in detail in our last article about hooking up with a transgender.


1) Treat Them with Respect

Many people often see transgender as sex objects and don’t treat them with respect.

So first things first, if you’re approaching a trans woman, then make sure to treat her with respect.

This alone would be enough to help you earn some brownie points for a hook up.


2) Treat It Like a Regular Hook Up

The biggest mistake people make when approaching trans women is that they overthink.

How would you approach a cis woman? You’d just go and talk to her, right? Well, why not do the same for trans women?

It really isn’t any different – and trans women also prefer to be treated like well…women. They’re not expecting any special treatment from you.


3) Don’t Ask Personal Questions

Lastly, no matter how curious you are, prying into someone’s personal life is never a good idea.

This applies even more so to trans women. Don’t ask them questions like if they’ve had a gender transformation surgery yet.

You’d find that soon enough anyway once you hook up with them.




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