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Asian Match Mate Review: We Used The Site In 2023

AsianMatchMate Homepage

Asian Match Mate in the last ten years is been the site to find casual encounters with hot Asians from different countries and regions.

We wanted to know if the site still gets you laid or if has lost its relevancy somewhere along the way.

One of our team members recently traveled around Asia for a few months so we asked him to use it.

Find out if it was worth the time and money in this detailed Asian Match Review.


Founded: 2006

Site Address:

Rating: 8.5/10

Estimate Number Of Users: 8 million+

Popular Age: 22-45

Active Audience: 85%

Fraud & Scammers: 20%


Is Asian Match Mate Worth Your Time And Money? Our Opinion

Asian Match Mate has been around for a long time now, and honestly, the profile quality has declined over the years.

The site has inactive accounts due to its popularity and we encounter fake profiles as well.

But it’s not all that bad because you can still find sexy Asians to hook up with in the mix.

There’s always something going on in the background, and live features make it feel as if you’re a participant in a porn site

Nice-looking Americans and Europeans shouldn’t have much trouble finding Asian women for sex.

The only drawback is that the free plan can only be used to browse the site, all the key features like messaging are locked behind a paywall.

But if you’re willing to get past all of these things then Asian Match Mate is still a viable choice to get laid in Asia.

Just keep in mind that the site is strictly used for hookups. If you’re looking for something serious then you’re at the wrong place.

AsianMatchMate Couple Kissing


How Does Asian Match Mate Compare To Adult Friend Finder?

Both Adult Friend Finder and Asian Match Mate serve their intended purpose and can help you get laid.

But let’s not ignore the fact that Asian Match Mate, as the name implies, mainly targets Asia. On the other hand, Adult Friend Finder is more recognizable around the world.

It has over 80 million users compared to the 8 million people using Asian Match Mate.

These two sites are somewhat similar in terms of interface. Both of them have a lot of nudity, popping out as soon as you open the page.

When you enter either one of them, you will be bombarded by cams, video chats, messages, and whatnot.

In conclusion, if you want to hookup with sexy Asians then you can’t go wrong with Asian Match Mate.

But if you want to keep your options open then you can use Adult Friend Finder for more than just casual sex.

You can find threesomes, swingers, and even private sex on the site regardless of which city you’re staying in.


The Outcome Of Our Asian Match Mate Review

AsianMateMate Asian Girl

Now to answer the important questions.

How was our personal experience, what we liked and dislike about Asian Match Mate and most importantly, how was the response?

Let’s dive into the details.


The Pros and Cons

So what do we like and dislike about Asian Match Mate? Here are a couple of things that stood out right off the bat:


  • Lots of users from all over Asia.
  • Everyone is straightforward and wants casual sex.
  • Full refund if you don’t hook up after 90 days of paid membership.
  • You can video call users to avoid getting catfished.


  • You can’t do much without subscribing, as most features are locked with the free plan.
  • Lots of pop-ups and distractions prevent you from focusing on chat.
  • The site looks very old.
  • A large number of inactive users.


Member Quality and Activity

AsianMatchMatch Profiles

First off, 8 million people are using this platform. While there are lots of inactive users, you can still find girls and guys in just about any major Asian city.

As it usually goes with hookup sites, your success rate depends on factors such as age and look.

Handsome young men and women are able to find much more matches.

Furthermore, if you’re a white man from Europe or America, you shouldn’t have much trouble scoring through this website.

We got a lot of messages during our short stay.

Luckily, one of them did lead to sex, but most of the other messages were either fake, or the user disappeared after chatting for a while.

The thing we really liked is that there’s no BS. Everyone’s there for the same thing, and they’re open about it.

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll get laid the same day you open an account.


How Much Did It Cost?

If you want to actually use Asian Match Mate then you have to upgrade your plan. There’s no other way around it.

The free plan is pretty much useless and at best, you can only navigate the site with it. Messages are locked behind a paywall and you can’t even view user profiles.

This is what the membership cost of Asian Match Mate looks like:

AsianMatchMate Pricing

The subscription gets cheaper with longer plans.

Paid membership allows you to send unlimited messages, check out other users’ accounts, watch a live stream, and much more.

As previously mentioned, paid membership also has a 90-day money-back guarantee if you don’t meet anyone.


Are There Any Better Alternatives To Asian Match Mate?

Asian Match Mate is a fantastic site, especially for guys visiting Asia on a short trip. Guys who are looking for a specific nationality can go with Thai Friendly or Pina Love.

Here are some other platforms worth checking out:

Looking for more alternatives? There are many other adult dating sites that you can try as well!


AsianMatchMate FAQs


Is Asian Match Mate a legit site?

Although Asian Match Mate might seem like an old porn site, it’s a completely legit adult dating platform.


Are the profiles on Asian Match Mate real?

We presume that the majority of the profiles on Asian Match Mate were made by real people.

However, there are lots of inactive accounts due to the age of the site.


Can I use Asian Match Mate for free?

You can try Asian Match Mate for free. Unfortunately, given that most features are blocked with the free plan, you would most likely have to switch to the paid option sooner than later.


What is Asian Match Mate used for?

Asian Match Mate is mainly used to find Asians down to have casual sex. It also features nude live cams, adult chatrooms, and more.


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