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5 Best Trans Dating Sites And Apps To Get Laid In 2021

It’s common to find reviews for transgender dating apps and sites, but no one talks about the “other sites and apps”. There are also hook up and down to fuck sites out there.

The main purpose of any transsexual site or app is to connect you with the third gender. Yet, some have different uses than others.

In fact, some are more focused on dates while others cut the chase. In other words, you don’t have to go for a date if your intention is to have only casual sex with a trans.

Yet, if you enjoy intimacy or simply prefer to know someone before getting under the bed’s sheets, there are several options out there no matter your age.

Whether you want to date or hookup with transgenders, we have reviewed only the best dating sites and apps to save you time and money…

  • TSDates – Best site for hookups and casual sex.
  • My Transsexual Date – Best site to meet transsexual women and transgenders for intimate relationships.
  • Taimi – Best trans hook up app that caters to the young.
  • Tinder – Popular hook up app for straight people but with several trans users.
  • Transgender Date – Best transexual dating site with several trans women looking for cis men.

At the bottom of this review, you’ll find answers to the most common questions about dating and hooking up with transgenders.


The 5 Best Trans Dating Sites And Apps To Hook Up in 2021

The most important factors to consider when choosing a trans site/app are the number of users and easiness to hook up.

Below is a list of the 5 best trans apps and sites for hookups.


TSDates – Best Site For Hookups

tsdates best trans site for hookups

TSdates is unarguably the largest and best trans hookup site in the world. On this site, you won’t find love or a serious relationship, but just casual sex.

If you’re a straight single, a couple, or a third gender person, this site makes it easier than ever to get laid with transgender, transsexuals, transvestites, and all other third sex members.

The Pros:

  • Welcomes straight, couples, lesbian and gay.
  • Variety of features and filters to help you hook up with the perfect trans women.
  • You won’t be bothered with dating requests.

The Cons:

  • No mobile app.
  • Too much nudity on your face.

Visit… Or read our full TSDates review.


My Transsexual Date – Best Dating Site to Contact Transsexual Women

best dating site transsexual women

MyTranssexualDate is a pure dating site to look for a relationship with a transgender woman. It is all about intimacy, friendship, and companionship.

Of course, it happens to just go for a date and have sex but decide not to continue the relationship. Yet, MyTranssexualDate isn’t considered a hookup site.

If you’re a straight man who is looking to date trans women in the West, then this site is just for you.

But if you’re in Asia or plan to find an Asian transsexual girlfriend in this part of the world, then sign up with its sister site MyLadyboyDate.

The Pros:

  • You’ll find more than hookups: friendship, intimacy, and companionship.
  • Strict screening of new members to avoid prostitution and scams on the platform.
  • TS date advice for beginners and experienced.

The Cons:

  • Most transgender women expect a serious relationship.
  • No mobile app is available.

… Or read our full MyTranssexualDate review.


Taimi – Best Hookup Trans App For The Young

Best hookup trans app

Taimi initially started off as a gay dating site, but since then it has expanded and welcomes all LGBTQI+ communities.

There’s no shortage of transwomen on the platform. And while the scale tips a bit more towards the side of casual hook-ups, it’s also possible to find intimate relationships on Tiami.

It isn’t always clear where the line is drawn, and the only way to find it out is to meet up.

The Pros:

  • Most people using Taimi are in their 20s. This means more hookups than serious dates.
  • Members can make audio and video calls directly on the app.
  • Easy to use.

The Cons:

  • Matching system is a bit complicated.

Visit Taimi
… Or read our full Taimi review.


Tinder – Best Free Hookup App

top hook up app trans

Tinder is regarded as one of the best dating apps in the world. However, what may surprise you is that although Tinder is not trans-specific, there are plenty of transsexuals on the platform.

Yet, Tinder is all about hookups and the majority of the users on the platform are also in their twenties so you’ll find more hookups than sincere relationships.
How to find trans on Tinder? They usually write on their bio that they are transgenders.

And if they look too beautiful to be women, then trust your gut-feeling as she may be a he.

The Pros:

  • Like Taimi, the majority of users are young. This means most people want to get laid rather than date.
  • You can search for profiles outside your city with the passport option.

The Cons:

  • You might go through out several profile before finding a transgender woman.

… Or read our full Tinder review.


Transgender Date – Best Transexual Dating Site for CIS Men

Best transexual dating site

TransgenderDate is a trans-specific platform that is designed to help transsexuals find serious dates and get laid.

With over 400,000 verified profiles, regardless of your preferences you can easily mingle with hot trans women and find casual sex as well as long-term relationships.

The Pros:

  • Several trans women looking for men.
  • You can find trans of all ages and interests.

The Cons:

  • Annoying ads when checking out profiles
  • You have to go on a date if you want to get laid

… Or read our full Transgender Date review.


Full Review Of The Best Transgender Hook Up Sites And Apps

woman popular trans site app hookups


TSDates Review

One of the main reasons why TSDates stands out from other transexual dating sites is because on this platform, it’s all about hookups and sex.

Transsexuals on TSDates also often share their amateur kinky photos and videos, which can further build up the sexual tension and anticipation.

After all, if you’re hooking up with someone, then it’s only natural you’d want to know what they look like underneath the clothes.

You’ll also find many horny shemales that show off their beautiful bodies without shame or reservation. So you can even call the site a paradise for people who’re interested in casual sex.

And if that wasn’t enough, then the advanced search features of the platform can help you connect with transgenders in any city around the world. Especially helpful for people that travel often.

All in all, whether you want to have a nightstand with transsexuals or transvestites, or any third sex members, with almost 100 million users around the world, hardly you won’t get laid here.

Yet, if you feel uncomfortable seeing nudity, don’t sign up.

If you’re more inclined towards finding a serious relationship, then there are other sites for that purpose on this list.


My Transsexual Date Review

The majority of the trans dating sites are intended more towards hookups and casual sex. However, that’s not the case for My Transsexual Date.

This site is all about serious relationships and intimacy. If you’re looking for a lifelong companion, you can find plenty of transwomen here who would be interested to know more about you than just the size of your stick.

Yet, similar to other dating sites, you might also end up scoring casual sex due to good chemistry. But by any means, it cannot be considered a hookup site.

After all, this website was created to eliminate the stereotype that transwomen are highly sexual, so naturally, hookups and kinky activities are banned on it.

Perhaps this is also one of the reasons that My Transsexual Date has a strict moderation process and there’s no shortage of high-quality profiles.

In fact, any profile or activity that may violate the terms of the platform is often banned instantly.

The target audience of this site in particular are straight men, and of course, transwomen. Nonetheless, you might find people belonging to all sexualities on the platform.

Over the years, My Transsexual Date has gained more than 700,000 users and the number continues to grow.

Therefore, it is safe to say that if you’re after a serious relationship with a transwoman, then this is the site you want to sign-up on.


Tiami Review

Initially, Tiami started as a platform for the gay community, but since then, it has expanded tremendously.

Tiami shares plenty of similarities with Tinder, except for the one major difference that it’s intended for the LGBTQ!+ community.

What sets Tiami apart from other trans dating apps is the fact that it’s not all about just getting laid. There are transwomen on the platform who are looking for serious relationships.

Yet, that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t find transsexuals who are up for casual sex.

The users are typically in their 20s and 30s, so if you want a serious relationship, then it’s a safe assumption that you should aim to connect with the higher end of the age group, as they’re often looking to settle down.

Otherwise, if it’s casual sex you’re after, then the younger users would certainly be down for a fuck.

One exciting feature that Tiami brings to the table is that it also asks you the “bedroom role”.

Whether you’re submissive or dominant, top or bottom, you can set your preferences on the app, connect, and enjoy a memorable trans hookup.

In short, if you want to enjoy the best of both worlds, then Tiami offers plenty of chances for TG datingand hookups.


Tinder Review

This isn’t probably the first time you’ve heard about Tinder, and it probably isn’t the last either.

Tinder is one of the most popular hookup/dating platforms out there. Although it is not particularly a trans dating site, you can still find more than enough transgender on the platform.

Tinder has been hailed as one of the top hookup/dating apps in the world for a long time now. Its sleek user-interface, simple yet engaging navigation system and advanced search filters make it rightfully take the crown.

However, in case you’re wondering how you can hook up with trans on Tinder, simply swipe to the profile and keep an eye on the bio. Most trans clearly specify that they aren’t born women.

Yet, if you’re looking for sincere relationships with transwomen, then Tinder may not be the platform for you.

Like Tiami, the majority of the users on Tinder are in their twenties. And as we all know, when there’s a lot of young blood at one place, then there’s also a lot of casual sex.

Ideally, if you’re searching for a serious relationship with transwomen, then you should use a trans-specific site like My Transsexual Date.


Transgender Date

Transgender Date is a relatively new platform that welcomes all sexualities but primarily focuses on transwomen.

Similar to Taimi, Transgender Date targets on balancing the best of both worlds by providing opportunities for dates as well as casual sex.

Except, this platform comes with one major twist. If you want to sign-up on the site, then you must go through a strict moderation process.

The moderation process is one of the core reasons why Transgender Date is on this list. There are only a handful of trans dating platforms out there that can help you avoid the BS of spam and bots, and this is one of those.

Once you’re done with the verification process you can also enjoy an abundance of features like creating your own blog, joining chatrooms (which may potentially lead to casual hookups and sex parties with trans), and whatnot!

Moreover, the user base of Transgender Date is also quite diverse as you can find transsexuals of all ages and interests on the site.

The platform is especially considered to be a paradise for straight men as there are many transwomen who are looking for intimate relationships or a fuck buddy as well.

All in all, if you can get past the annoying ads on the site, then it is one of the best sites to meet trans.



Should I date transsexuals?

It all depends on your sexual orientation. If transsexuals attract you, then you shouldn’t stop yourself from dating one.

Where can I meet transgender women?

You can meet transgender women on several online dating apps and websites like TSdates for casual sex or MyTransexaulDate for an intimate relationship.

Can I hook up with transgender online?

Yes, it’s the easiest way to get laid because there are very few social places where you can hook up with trans.

How is it like to date a trans?

Dating a trans is pretty much like normal dating. You find a trans online or offline, and see if you two are compatible.

Do you have any tips to date a transgender?

Of course. Just treat him/her as a regular woman. A transgender thinks, feels, and acts like a woman so there are no special tips really.

What are the benefits to date and hook up with trans?

The main benefits are that trans are usually much hornier than women and you can play with their tools.

Am I still straight if I date trans women?

Yes, dating transwomen does not make you gay or lesbian. Transsexuals transition to their chosen gender and only you can decide your sexual orientation.



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