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Best Swinger Sites And Apps For Swingers In 2024

Nowadays there are all sorts of hook up apps and sites out there.  And there are also a couple of them popular among the swinger community.

Unfortunately, not all of them deliver their promises. Some might not have enough members while others aren’t private enough.

To save you time and money, we’ve taken it on ourselves to review the best swinging apps and sites to connect with like-minded people.

At the bottom of this review, we’ve also answered some common questions asked by first-time swingers.


How we Picked the Best Swinging Apps and Site

It’s common for people to run into swinger sites that are full of fake profiles and a complete waste of time.

So here’s the criteria we’ve followed to filter out the cream of the crop:

• Number of Users – Higher number of people on the site means greater odds to find the right match.

• Match Quality – Adult sites are full of fake accounts, bot profiles, and even scammers. So we review only those where you’ll talk to real people.

• Experience Level – The type of audience the site caters to the most. It could be curious first-timers or the veterans of the swinger lifestyle – or maybe both.

• Willingness to Swing – Some sites have people who are just looking for casual sex and might not be into non-monogamous fun.

• Attractive Interface – A good UI makes navigation so much easier, so although not a top priority, we’ve tried providing sites with the best interface.

Note that you’re free to try the sites in the order of your choice. Just because a site is lower-ranked, doesn’t mean it’s bad by any means.


The Best Sites for Swinging in 2024

On these sites and apps, you’ll find singles interested to join a couple for a threesome as well as couples looking to swap partners.


1. Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder homepage

Most probably you heard already about Adult Friend Finder if you aren’t new to the lifestyle.

It’s the most popular adult site for hookups worldwide, and you’ll find plenty of swingers in most cities around the world.

Whether you’re looking for casual hookups, swap partners, threesomes, or orgies, you’ll find it all here.

AFF is pretty unique because it allows you to interact with other users through videos and live streams. It also has the feature to start a blog that you can use to connect with other swingers.

Just remember that Adult Friend Finder is an NSFW site since it throws a ton of nudity at your face.

But then again, we don’t think you’ll be looking for swingers on AFF anyway with your colleagues around.

Lastly, Adult Friend Finder offers a free as well as a paid membership.

You can browse the platform using a free membership and even receive messages but you cannot respond to them.

That’s why you can spend some time on the site to get the gist of it and eye down other swingers. Upgrade your membership as soon as you think you’ve found a potential match.


The Pros

  • Huge user base with over 80 million users
  • You can start your own blog
  • Meet all sorts of people sharing different kinks
  • Advanced search options making it easy to find swingers
  • Multiple ways to interact with users including livestreams

The Cons

  • You cannot reply to messages on the free plan
  • Throws too much nudity on your face

Visit AdultFriendFinder


2. Swap Finder

With over 40 million profiles, SwapFinder is among the largest swinger-exclusive platforms on this list.

The site allows its users to look for potential partners through its advanced filters.

Users can browse hundreds or even thousands of profiles based on their closest location and online activity.

The most popular feature of SwapFinder is its live sex cam that both couples can use to flirt before an actual sex date.

This feature also helps couples avoid getting catfished or scammed by fake profiles.

What makes SwapFinder popular is that the site welcomes all sexualities.

If you’re into it, then you can even find transsexuals on the site and invite them for a threesome.

You will be asked about your preferences during the signup process and then the site’s algorithm will show you matches according to that.



  • More than 40 million registered users
  • You can find all sexual orientations
  • Live cam sex feature to know members are real
  • Great platform to find threesomes
  • Responsive customer service


  • Mobile version of the site is buggy
  • Only premium members can send messages

Visit SwapFinder


3. Swingtowns

Swingtowns homepage

Swingtowns has over a million registered users and it is a perfect platform for all non-monogamous people. The site is used by both first-time swingers as well as the veterans of the community.

Setting up an account is a fairly straightforward process. And similar to Tinder which has a swipe left and right feature, Swingtowns gives you the option to choose between pass and like.

The good thing about this site is completely dedicated to swingers. You’ll have a judgment-free environment to express yourself in front of other couples.

Plus, the customer support team is also quite responsive.

If you feel that a profile doesn’t belong on the site or if someone is misbehaving then you can easily report them.

But keep in mind that the majority of the users on the site are from U.S and Canada.

That’s why if you’re from these areas then you’ll have a higher chance of meeting swinging couples.

The biggest drawback of Swingtowns is its limited features on its free plan. And although the platform doesn’t have a mobile app, the site is still mobile responsive



  • You can like other members’ profiles as a free member
  • Interact with horny couples and singles in the chatroom
  • Great to meet with both veterans as well as first-time swingers
  • Video chat options available for paid members
  • Block members that you do not want to interact with


  • Most of the features aren’t available for free users
  • Does not have a mobile app



4. Swinger Lifestyle

Swinger Lifestyle is unarguably one of the best sites to connect with the local swingers in your area. The reason for that is the site uses GPS technology to show swingers who are nearest to you.

Plenty of swingers also use this site to host a meet and greet and to further expand their circle. In fact, it isn’t uncommon to receive invitations to private swinger parties using SLS.

The platform has more than 5,000 active swingers at any time of the day with 300+ chatrooms.

Since the site is exclusive to swingers, the members are quite vocal about their preferences and interact without any hesitations.

Swinger Lifestyle is mostly popular among users aged 18-25. However, you can also meet older couples as well through the site.

Signing up on the platform is completely free but like other swingers sites, you cannot reply to messages on your free plan.



  • Great to connect with local swingers in the area
  • Frequently used by swinger community for meet and greets
  • Profiles are detailed and go through a strict screening
  • You get a map to the U.S which you can click to find swinger clubs
  • Active daily user base with plenty of chatrooms


  • Doesn’t have advanced search features like other sites
  • The user interface looks outdated and can be improved

Visit Swinger Lifestyle


5. Tinder

Tinder home page

You probably didn’t expect to see Tinder on this list.

While it’s true that Tinder is a dating/hookup platform built for singles, it isn’t uncommon to meet swingers on the site.

Honestly, it shouldn’t be surprising either because the site has more than 75 million active users.

If you want to filter out the swingers among its audience, then simply, write that you’re looking for partner swappers in your bio.

It won’t take long before someone contact you for a threesome or foursome.

And if you don’t want to publicly come out as a swinger, then you can also anonymously use Tinder.

But if you do that, then it would become a bit more difficult for you to find action.



  • Many couples looking for threesomes
  • Free users can use most of the features
  • A massive user base of over 75 million people
  • Clean and attractive user interface
  • Both website and mobile app is available


  • Not a swinger exclusive site so users may be judgmental

Download Tinder


6. Reddit Swingers

This recommendation is a bit different because it isn’t your conventional swinger site.

But most of you have probably heard about Reddit and might already know what it is.

For those who don’t, Reddit is one of the most popular online forums in the world.

The site has different communities which are referred to as “subreddits”.

You’ll basically find a subreddit on the site for almost any topic you can think of – and swinging is not an exception to it.

Hundreds of swingers make posts on Reddit every day to find threesomes and partner swappers.

You can also find some people posting information about different swinger clubs and meet and greets.

Plus, the forum is also well-moderated, so any judgemental comments would probably also get deleted.

The best part of finding swingers on Reddit is that you can be completely anonymous to the other users on the site.



  • Completely free to use
  • Get information about swinging events
  • Anonymously connect with other swingers
  • Fast instant messaging feature
  • Less chances of fake profiles


  • Couples might be a bit far from you

Visit Reddit


FAQs from First Time Swingers


– Where can I meet swingers online?

There are many sites that you can use to meet swingers. Even though Adult Friend Finder is the most popular, Swinger Lifestyle and Swingtown are also good alternatives.

– Is it easy to get to know swingers online?

Yes, it’s easier to get to know swingers online than in real life. That’s because they’re surrounded by like-minded people so they can be vocal without having to worry about being judged.

Also swinging online is become extremily popular after the Covid pandemic forced to shut down the swinger clubs.

– Which are the top swinger sites?

The top swinger sites include Swingtowns, and Swinger Lifestyle. Adult Friend Finder is also a notable mention, however, it isn’t exclusively designed for swinging.

– Why do couples get into swinging?

Most couples get into swinging because they do not enjoy monogamous relationships. Swinging allows them to have sex with other people while maintaining emotional exclusivity with their partner.

– What is the difference between soft and hard swinging?

Hard swinging refers to all sorts of sexual activities including intercourse. Soft swap on the other hand stops before penetration and is more focused on kissing, caressing and sometimes oral sex. Deciding exactly what’s included may vary from couple to couple.

– What’s the best app for swinging?

Unfortunately you won’t find any swinging apps either in the Apple store or Play Store. They don’t accept adult apps. However, all the above sites are mobile friendly.

– Are there any rules for swinging?

Yes, setting rules and boundaries is an important part of having a healthy swinging experience. The rules for swinging should always be mutually discussed and agreed upon among partners.

– Is swinging dangerous?

The biggest fear that most swingers have is being exposed in front of the vanilla world. Aside from that, there are also health risks, but most of them can be avoided by using protection.

Some people think that swinging can also be dangerous emotionally, but as long as you’re following the most common swinger rules, that shouldn’t be the case.

– There are any free swinger sites?

You can use Swinger Lifestyle, Swingtowns, Adult Friend Finder, and SwapFinder for free, but you won’t be able to respond to the messages.

If you don’t like these restrictions then you can try Tinder or Reddit.




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