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Best Hookup Apps And Sites To Get Laid In 2023

You’ll find several reviews of dating sites and apps out there. But not many reviews properly the other “type of websites and apps”.

There are hookup dating sites, casual sex apps, niche platforms for swingers and BDSM lovers, and let’s don’t forget the trans hookup sites and apps for those who want to connect with the third gender.

The main purpose of those hookup sites and apps is to help people to get laid. Yet, each platform has different uses.

Some are more focused on casual dates, others on sexual arrangements like friends with benefits while others focus on particular groups like transgenders, swingers, or people with fetishes.

No matter what your sexual interests or orientations are, we’ve reviewed the best sites and apps for hookups to save you money and time by not having to try them up by yourself.


Top Hookup Sites And Apps in 2023

  • Adult Friend Finder – Best hook up site for no string-attached sex
  • TSDates – Best site to hook up with trans women
  • Swap Finder – Best site to hook up with swingers
  • Friend Finder – Best site to find friends with benefits.
  • – Best site to hook up with BDSM enthusiast
  • Ashley Madison – Best site for casual affairs.
  • Bumble – Best hookup app for young girls. It’s basically Tinder for women.
  • Tinder – Best hook up app for young and attractive people
  • Grindr – Best adult dating app for gays
  • Feeld – Best hook up app for people into fetishes.


What Is The Best Site To Hook Up In 2023?

The best hook up site is definitely Adult Friend Finder. The reason is the massive amount of members anywhere around the world that are into casual sex.

If you have particular needs, there are hookup apps for couples and even sites to get laid with trans.

Below there is the review of the best hook up sites and apps at the moment:


Adult Friend Finder – Best Overall

Adult Friend Finder hookups couples

If you’ve explored your options of adult dating then Adult Friend Finder requires no introduction. It is one of the most frequented hook up sites in the world.

With more than 80 million users, finding hookups is as easy as it gets.

The site remains active with horny people regardless of the time of the day. And perhaps one of the best parts is that registration on AFF is also free.

Moreover, unlike regular dating apps, Adult Friend Finder doesn’t make any matches.

You’re fully in charge of finding yourself a fuck buddy by browsing through different profiles and mingling with different people. The site is also famous among swingers. And you’ll likely find a threesome or get an invitation to a sex party.

All in all, it is one of the most reliable adults dating sites to find local hookups.

The Pros:

  • Perfect place to find local hookups.
  • Great to meet swingers.
  • Easy to find threesomes and get invitations to sex parties.

The Cons:

  • Too much nudity.

Visit AdultFriendFinder Site


Friend Finder – Best To Find A Fuck Buddy (FWB)

What makes Friend Finder secure a place at the top of this list? It’s the ultimate base camp to hunt down friends with benefits locally.

So if you don’t like changing sex partners too often but also you don’t want to get into a serious relationship, finding a friend with benefits is the way to go.

This site has become a hub for people looking to have casual relationships and one-night stands.

The Pros:

  • Sexual relationships without drama.
  • There is a wide variety of free features.
  • 1 million users.
  • The site recently underwent a facelift.

The Cons:

  • Can’t send messages without a paid membership.
  • The option navigation is messy.

Visit Friend Finder Site


Tinder – Best For Young People

Local hookups on TInder

Tinder doesn’t need an introduction – It is one of the most popular hookup apps and dating apps in the world.

Because someone uses it to hook up while others to date, all you need to do is put on your bio that you want a one-time thing.

But be careful about catfish trying to steal your money…

All you need to do is sign up, create a hook up profile and you’re ready to find casual sex.

The only thing is nowadays people on Tinder are transitioning from hookups to dating. So don’t keep your expectations too high.

The Pros:

  • 10 million active users daily.
  • Great to flirt and hook up.
  • No bullshit ads.

The Cons:

  • Not exclusive to hook ups.
  • Only for young users (below 30).
  • Too much catfishing.

Visit Tinder


TSDates – Best Site To Hook Up With Trans

find transgender women online

If you want to hook up with a trans woman, TSDates is unarguably the best and largest trans hookup site in the world.

This site makes it easier than ever to get laid with transgender, transsexuals, transvestites, and all other third sex members.

The Pros:

  • Several features and filters to match the perfect trans women.
  • Welcomes straight, couples, lesbian and gay.
  • You won’t get bother with dating requests but only hook up opportunities.

The Cons:

  • Too much nudity.
  • No mobile app.

Visit TSDates Site


Ashley Madison – Best For Affairs

local hook up site for married people

Over the years, Ashley Madison has taken the throne for one of the best hookup sites. It particularly appeals to Canadian and U.S citizens and is a base camp to find married people eager to explore sexually outside the marriage.

In fact, aside from local hookups, it’s one of the best sites for partner swapping. At the same time, you can also discreetly mingle with other married people.

This site can make your fetish of fucking older men or women into a reality. And in comparison to other sites, no one here will judge you.

Even if you have the weirdest fetishes you can explore them without worrying about others.

And to top it off, the website is also completely free. So signing up here is unarguably the easiest way to find local hookups.

The Pros:

  • Hotspot to find older couples and married people looking for an affair.
  • More than 70 million users.
  • Well-known and trusted.

The Cons:

  • Some fake and inactive profiles.

Visit Ashley Madison


Grindr – Best Site For Gay Hookups

gay local hookup app

This is an app exclusive for LGBT folks or gay men to be particular. In fact, some people even call this app Tinder for LGBT people.

On the platform, you’ll have a grid of thumbnails in front of you. You can use that grid to sort out profiles you like and also the ones you don’t.

The community of Grindr is also quite close. You can meet with different people through the site to easily hook up locally.

And the best part is, most users on the platform are there to find flings.

So if you are from LGBT community then don’t forget to try this wonderful app.

The Pros:

  • Perfect place for the LGBT community.
  • Endless local hookup opportunities.

The Cons:

  • Not many options for gay women.

Visit Grindr


Feeld – Best For Couples

find local swinger for hookups

The idea behind Feeld was to help people to find polyamorous relationships. However, that doesn’t mean the app cannot be used for local hookups.

In fact, people that use the app are some of the most open-minded people you’d find. It has a culture of open relationships, threesomes and group sex.

And if you want to spice up your local sex – the people of Feeld are quite kinky.

Within no time, you’ll not only find a hookup but also a bondage partner. While the site requires some fee, for the most part, its basic features are free.

The Pros:

  • Full of kinksters.
  • Dedicated to hookups.
  • Perfect to find orgies.

The Cons:

  • A high number of inactive profiles.

Visit Feeld


Bumble – Best For Girls Looking To Hook Up Tonight

local hookups for women

Bumble isn’t particularly a hookup app, but you can still find local hookups there.

And while only women are allowed to message first, it can also be good for men. Why is that the case?

If you have a good profile, women would come to you instead of the other way around.

So guys can simply sign up and leave the app as-is. But perhaps If you want to find local hookups, you can write about it in your bio.

There’s a great chance that women may take the initiative and approach you. So sit back and relax while Bumble does the job of helping you get laid.

The Pros:

  • More control to women.
  • Convenient for guys.

The Cons:

  • Not dedicated to hookups.

Visit Bumble


What Are The Differences Between These Hook Up Sites And Apps

Some hookup sites like Adult Friend Finder might seem a little dirty. It has more in common with a porn site rather than a mainstream hookup dating app, but it’s still the best way to get laid.

If you’re more into a friend with benefits kind of relationship a site like Friend Finder is what you need. Just make sure to be upfront with your intentions to avoid misunderstandings.

For young people in their teens and 20s, Tinder is a sure bet to find local hookups. Obviously it’s much easier to hook up for girls than guys as you can see in this video…

Ashley Madison is the best site to hookup with married people and for those who are into mature sexual experiences. In fact, users on Ashley Madison are usually sexually open-minded with all types of kinks.

Talking about kinks, Feeld is a hook up app where you’ll find threesomes and group sex. Especially useful for those couples in a polyamorous relationship. Yet, it is only one of the many hookup apps for couples available out there.

And don’t miss out on Bumble if you’re a woman looking for a hook up in your area or Grindr if you’re gay.

That being said, all of these apps normally guarantee that you’ll find a local hookup. Just sign up and have fun!


Hookup Sites FAQs


– What’s a real hookup site?

A real hookup site is a popular platform with millions of users genuinely looking to get laid. No bots and not too many fake profiles.

All the hookup websites we’ve reviewed on this page are real.

– Are hookups sites legit?

All the hookup sites we’ve reviewed above are legit. People use them every day to get laid with strangers.

There are sure ways to find out if a hookup site is legit.

– Are there anonymous hookup sites?

All the hookup sites and apps above ask only for your email to verify the account. That means you don’t need to disclose your real name or other details.

However, when it comes to personal photos, only Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison let you tarnish the image.

Check out our anonymous hookup sites and apps review to learn more about privacy.

– How to hook up with strangers safely?

Before hooking up, meet up in a public place to see if you feel comfortable with him/her. If you feel something is right, follow your instinct and leave.

Also, you can book a hotel room to have sex to preserve your safety and privacy. Going to their place might be a risk, and going to yours your reveal where you live.

– Are there any actual free hookup sites?

All the hookup sites in this review are free to register, create a profile and see other users’ profiles.

Yet, if you want to unlock their benefits you need to pay a subscription that starts from a month up to a year.

– Is Tinder for hookups or relationships?

We’ve already explained in detail when Tinder is used for hookups or relationships.

But in short, Tinder in the West is still used mostly for hookups. While in the East Tinder is seen as a relationship app. This is due to cultural differences between the West and East.

– Which hookup sites are completely free?

Dirtyr4r on Reddit and the Missed Connection section on Craiglist are totally free.


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