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What Nationality Cheats The Most And The Least

Cheating in relationships is a tough topic. It’s something no one wants to think about, but the truth is, it happens a lot.

Whether people are married or just dating, cheating is a big reason why relationships fall apart.

We decided to dig into this and see what’s really going on around the world.

Who’s cheating, why are they doing it, and most importantly, if certain nationalities cheat more than others.

We checked out surveys, polls and research from all over the globe to bring you the facts.

And guess what…

Some countries do report higher or lower rates of stepping out on their partner.

So let’s dive in and explore what nationality cheats the most and the least, why it happens and more.


How Have We Gathered The Data

At WorldHookupGuides, we’ve taken a meticulous approach to gather data on infidelity, ensuring our insights are both comprehensive and reliable. Here’s a breakdown of how we’ve collected our data:

• Studies and Research: We’ve extensively reviewed a wide array of credible studies and research papers focused on infidelity. This foundational research has provided us with valuable insights into the underlying factors and trends associated with cheating.

• Polls and Surveys: To supplement our research, we’ve analyzed numerous polls and surveys conducted across different demographics, nations, and cultures. By examining the perspectives of both men and women, we’ve aimed to present a well-rounded view of infidelity.

• Websites and Forums: In addition to academic sources, we’ve explored online platforms such as Reddit and Quora to gather firsthand accounts and personal anecdotes related to infidelity.

• Local Feedback: To further enrich our understanding, we’ve sent our team members situated in various countries to gather local insights, through direct interviews and interactions with the locals.

We’ve created this list by pulling info from these diverse sources. It’s a mix of hard data and real-life stories, giving you the full picture of why people cheat and how it all plays out.


Why in Some Countries People Cheat More?

The prevalence of cheating or infidelity can vary across countries due to a combination of social, cultural, economic, and individual factors.

Take culture, for example. Some societies are more laid-back about infidelity, while others see it as a major taboo.

And then there’s the whole gender dynamic. In places where traditional roles are the norm, like where men are expected to be dominant and women more submissive, you might see higher rates of cheating.

Economics also comes into play. When times are tough financially, it can put a strain on relationships, leading some people to seek comfort elsewhere.

Plus, there’s this idea in some places that personal happiness is king. If someone isn’t feeling fulfilled in their relationship whether emotionally or sexually, they might be more tempted to look for it elsewhere.

Also, let’s not forget the media, painting these romanticized pictures of affairs and making it seem almost glamorous. It’s like a fantasy versus reality situation.

So the answer to why people in some countries cheat more isn’t black and white. It’s about understanding the environment they’re in and what they feel they’re missing in their relationship.


Countries with Most Cheaters


1. United States

The United States is known for its open and liberal culture. Unfortunately, this openness is often misrepresented in personal relationships in the form of infidelity.

According to data from The American Psychological Association, 40-50% of first marriages in the U.S. end in divorce, with infidelity being a factor in 88% of divorces.

Supporting this notion, a Statista survey conducted in 2021 indicates that about 21% of Americans have admitted to cheating on their partner.

To add further insight, we conducted a survey involving 500 individuals, in which 67% admitted to cheating in their current or previous relationships. Among these respondents, 43% were women and 57% were men.

This highlights that cheating is a common issue across genders, with a slightly higher occurrence among men.


2. Thailand

Infidelity rates in Thailand have been a hot topic, with several surveys shedding light on cheating in relationships there.

Back in 2012, the Durex Global Sex Survey provided early evidence of this trend, revealing that 54% of Thai respondents admitted to having an affair.

The same survey also showed that Thai men were by far the most prolific cheaters, with 54% of them owning up to affairs.

Thai women weren’t far behind either, with 59% admitting to cheating on their spouse.

This positioned Thailand as having one of the highest rates of infidelity globally at the time.

Further adding to this, a more recent survey cited in a 2023 article by Khaosod English indicated that Thailand’s infidelity rate has risen to 61%.

That is a staggering 10% growth over the past decade, highlighting that infidelity is a significant issue affecting relationships in the country.


3. United Kingdom

Infidelity is becoming a growing concern in the United Kingdom, with technology heavily influencing personal relationships.

There are more than 5 million active Tinder users in the United Kingdom, which isn’t a problem by itself.

However, research indicates that about 25% of Tinder users are in committed relationships, suggesting that dating apps are now commonly used for affairs.

Diving deeper into who’s more likely to step out on their partner, men and women are almost neck and neck.

The data from YouGov shows that 20% of men and 19% of women have been involved in at least one affair, with most affairs happening with friends or work colleagues.

This suggests that infidelity in the UK often occurs within close personal networks​​.


4. Italy

The main reasons Italians cheat vary. For 27.1% of people, being sexually attracted to someone else was the top reason.

About 22% mentioned having an argument with their partner as the cause. Interestingly, most people who cheated, about 61.4%, didn’t want to leave their partner afterward.

In addition, Italian men cheat more than women. Based on research, over half of men—55%—admitted to cheating on their partners, making them some of the most unfaithful in the world.

We interviewed 100 Italian men to understand why they cheat, most of them said there are “no real consequences” for cheating in Italy. So this seems to be culturally ingrained  and accepted.

This might be true since, according to the Italian National Institute of Statistics, only 15.8% of couples got divorced in Italy in 2021.

And if we have a look in the Italian political sphere, you have the ex prime minister Silvio Berlusconi known for his bunga bunga parties and current prime minister Meloni recently divorce because her ex husband is out there flirting with his female colleagues.


5. Brazil

Just like in other parts of Latin America, Brazil sees its fair share of cheating in relationships.

But again, it’s worth noting that men often are more frequently involved in infidelity.

Research has shown that a staggering 70% of Brazilian men have confessed to cheating “once or twice,” and alarmingly, 26% admit to having cheated “more than three times.”

This trend has led to a growing concern among women, that a large number of Brazilian men are not emotionally available and may be prone to infidelity.


Countries With Least Cheaters


1. Iceland

Iceland has the lowest infidelity rate in the world, with only 9% of its people cheating on their partners.

It’s speculated that the low rate might be because it’s a small country with only around 376,000 residents.

Then again, Iceland is considered to be one of the happiest countries in the world, which makes a whole lot of sense when you have loyal partners.

And if you’re thinking that Icelanders are probably great at hiding their affairs then that might not be the case either.

Interestingly, it’s not just about hiding affairs either. During a data breach of the popular affair site Ashley Madison, only 128 users were from Iceland, despite the platform having millions of users worldwide.

This strikingly low number suggests that Icelanders might not have as much to hide as one might assume.


2. Turkey

Turkey also stands out for its low infidelity rate, which could be attributed in part to the religious Muslim population of the country.

According to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT), the average crude divorce rate in Turkey is 1.64 per 1,000 inhabitants indicating stable marital relationships.

What’s interesting is that based on this survey, the most common reason for divorce in Turkey, according to both men and women in 2021, was when one spouse acted irresponsibly and didn’t care enough.

But here’s the twist: more than 19% of women said cheating caused their divorce, while only 8% of men said the same.

This shows that Turkish men are more likely to cheat than Turkish women which isn’t surprising.

In places like Turkey, where traditions are strong and women might not have as many rights as men, it’s more common for men to have affairs outside of marriage.


3. China

China has a strong social stigma regarding infidelity. Based on this study approximately 74% of women and 60% of men in China consider extramarital sex completely unacceptable.

But that doesn’t mean the Chinese residents have a clean slate.

The Chinese government reported that the divorce rate has been rising, with the Ministry of Civil Affairs noting an increase in divorces year over year.

Infidelity in China is cited as a common cause of divorce, alongside financial disputes and mismatches in personality.

But for now, we can say that cheating in China isn’t as common as in other countries – at least based on the available data.


4. Canada

Canada is known to be one of the friendliest countries in the world, and this reflects in its relatively low infidelity rates.

Based on a poll conducted by Mainstreet Research only 10% of Canadians admit to infidelity.

However, the Ashley Madison data breach revealed that 22% of Canadians have seriously considered cheating, with more men admitting to this behavior.

Interestingly, there also seems to be disagreements on the “definition” of cheating among some Canadians.

17% of females consider watching pornography as cheating, compared to 9% of the males.

This shows that Canada has a more complex view on infidelity. But regardless of that, the rate is lower in comparison to most countries out there.


5. New Zealand

New Zealand has a relatively low reported rate of infidelity but looks like the Kiwis are slowly starting to get a bit sneaky.

There are reports that Kiwis are signing up on affair sites like Have an Affair.

This article by Stuff mentions that among 80,000 New Zealanders that have joined the site, 82% are men, while 18% are women.

This aligns with the data by the World Population Review which indicates a 19% infidelity rate in New Zealand, with dating apps being the go-to for those looking to stray.

So, if your partner’s glued to their phone, you might want to keep an eye out!


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