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Alanya Sex Guide For Singles And Couples

Alanya is a beach resort city in Turkey, so naturally, it’s a great place to mingle with sexually adventurous tourists.

We say tourists because while visiting this city you shouldn’t keep high expectations from the locals.

Hooking up with them isn’t impossible, but requires a ton of effort, so unless you take it as a challenge, it’s not worth it.

With that said, don’t worry because in this Alanya sex guide, we’ll share plenty of other tried and tested tips to help you get laid.

We’ll cover a variety of things including the city’s best nighttime venues, pick-up bars, and also offer some insight into its hookup culture.

So keep reading to learn how you can find sexual encounters in Alanya.


The Alanya Hook Up Guide was last updated on 15 May 2023

Alanya hook up guide



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Sex Life And Hookup Culture

Louise and I had no trouble getting laid while visiting Alanya.

The sheer number of kinky, horny tourists makes it easy to find singles (and even couples) for all types of debauchery.

We used adult dating sites and found people willing to hookup even before we arrived in the city.


Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

Most locals in Alanya are faithful Muslims. It’s a small coastal city ruled by a conservative mindset.

So, chasing after locals is not only hard, but it can be potentially dangerous! The saving grace is that this is a tourist hotspot.

Alanya has 300,000 residents, and during the summer, this number increases to 500,000.

Most visitors come from sex-liberal countries such as Britain, Netherlands, Russia, and Germany so they’re pretty open to casual sex.


Swinger Activities in Alanya

Any form of swinging is punishable by Turkish law.

In fact, a few years ago, there was a major scandal that reached major European news outlets.

According to the British Guardian, 29 people were facing up to 177 years in jail for organizing swinger parties. So, don’t expect to find any lifestyle clubs in the city.

But you can still discreetly hook up with foreign swingers through adult sites like Adult Friend Finder


Is It Easy To Hook Up in Alanya?

Like most summer hotspots, it isn’t particularly hard to get some action. Aside from nightclubs, you can also engage tourists at the resort.

Westerners should be your primary target, but you might also get lucky with some of the Eastern European girls.

Back in the day, Turkish girls were a no-go zone. But nowadays, locals have become more open to the idea of casual sex.

Keep in mind that Turks still don’t look kindly at any type of public lewdness.



Where to Meet People For Sex in Alanya?

Hookups in Alanya

Before we begin, one suggestion is not to go crazy when hitting on locals. Don’t make the mistake of being too direct, unless they’re frank enough.


1. Hookup Apps

We started testing different apps even before arriving in the city, but most failed to deliver results.

The only adult site that worked was Adult Friend Finder. We won’t say that “it worked like a charm” but it was at least enough to connect us with some horny tourists.

We were using different accounts and Louise’s inbox was obviously spammed by single men.

But I also surprisingly managed to hookup with a hot local, so not bad at all.


2. Night Hookups in Nightclubs and Bars

During our stay, I managed to hook up with two foreign girls while checking out nightclubs. However, we couldn’t get them interested in a threesome.

Like in other tourist places, nightclubs are the best places for finding nightstands.

Although tourists don’t care much about clothing, local Turkish women love elegant men. Turks are especially crazy about perfumes, and they use a lot of them!

Havana Club – Havana Club plays techno and is especially popular among tourists. It was our number one choice for finding guys and girls for sex.

Although you still can’t go wild, it seemed that the club’s security was a bit more lenient than the other places.

Robin Hood – The great thing about Robin Hood is that it features three music stages. One of them plays Turkish songs, and, as you can presume, it’s ideal for hitting on Turkish singles. The other two are more tourist-friendly.

Las Vegas Cafe & Bar – This is a street bar and a perfect spot to meet singles in Alanya. Most people here seemed quite social and it isn’t uncommon to start a conversation by offering someone to buy a drink.

Harry’s Pub – If you’re looking for live music, you can’t go wrong with this place. Harry’s Pub is perfect for guys who like rock and alternative sound.

Although it isn’t that big, the atmosphere is chill and great when you want to relax from all the dancing. Ideal spot for smooth talkers!

Club Summer Garden – Club Summer Garden is one of the biggest venues in the city. If you wish to hook up at all costs, this is probably one of the better clubs to do so.

As there are so many visitors, you have limitless options. A good percentage of visitors are high or drunk, and the parties tend to get out of control.

If you want to mingle with other tourists in Alanya then Carsi Mahallesi is where the main strip is.

This neighborhood is in the very center of the city, and it features nightclubs and pubs like Havana, Harry’s Pub, and Robin Hood.


3. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties in Atlanta

As we previously said, don’t expect some wild swinger parties in this city. Even mentioning group sex can get you in trouble. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out of luck.

For example, you should try some of the kinkier hookup apps. Aside from Adult Friend Finder, you might also get lucky with Feeld.

We suggest that you stick with foreigners, just to avoid potential troubles.

Another potential choice is Adam & Eve. One thing they don’t tell you in the brochure is that it’s a perfect place for hooking up with couples.

It’s an adults-only resort with some kinky stuff going on in the rooms.

We didn’t book the place for a full day but we did visit it for a few hours. After mingling with one Dutch couple, we took our business upstairs.

It didn’t take long for Louise to go down on the guy, which can also be said about his wife.


4. BDSM Venues

Similar to swinging, don’t expect some wild BDSM adventure.

Your best bet is meeting couples and singles via dating apps. The good thing is that there are two sex shops in Alanya, so you can get stocked on dildos, handcuffs, whips, and gags beforehand.

We wouldn’t suggest carrying BDSM equipment in your luggage, though.


5. Transsexual And Transgender Places

LGBT activities were recently banned following the 2018 Pride March in Istanbul.

So while transsexual events aren’t that common, the local populace is legally allowed to change their gender.

That means finding trans women in Alanya is still possible – but definitely not easy.

But you can start with Club Pose as they host drag shows so it’s possible to find trans women there. Otherwise, you can also try some popular trans dating sites.


6. Strip Clubs

Unfortunately, there are no dedicated strip clubs in Alanya. But you can still find strippers inside nightclubs like Havana.

They won’t engage in any lewd activities in public, but maybe you can pay them for a private show.

But that’s also a risky venture that can get you in trouble with local authorities.


Best Places For Outdoor Sex

You’ve probably already guessed that Alanya isn’t the best place to have outdoor sex – unless it’s a remote area.

One place where you can perhaps have some fun is Damlataş Beach. But even then, wait for the sunset because the place is often crowded during day time.

Another potential spot is Kizilalan Orman Parki. It’s a big park with plenty of pine trees to hide behind, but always be on guard.

But regardless of the place you choose, just proceed with caution because you can get in serious trouble if someone catches you.

Alanya Couple Outdoor Sex


Adult Hotels and Hostels

If you’re looking for affordable places to bring your nightstands then you can try the following adult hotels and hostels in Alanya:

Michell Hotel – Mitchell Hotel is just one of the few adult-only hotels in the city. It’s a bit outside Alanya, toward the east. So, you can grab a taxi and take your hookup for a wild romp.

Lemon Villa Hotel – Lemon Villa is in the very heart of the city. As it’s a relatively small place, it’s not ideal for chasing after swinger couples. However, it’s perfect for having sex after all-night-long parties.

Royalisa Palmiye Beach Hotel – This is another relatively cheap hotel located in Saray Mahallesi. It has some great pubs and clubs in the vicinity making it a convenient place to book with your nightstands.


Safe Sex And Clinics

Turkey is one of the safest countries in the world for unprotected sex having approximately 0.2% HIV prevalence.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you should be negligent. This is especially true when hooking up with tourists from sexually-liberal countries.

If you suspect an STD, we suggest that you visit one of the local medical centers. What Clinic, UZ Clinic and Alara are some of the best clinics to get yourself checked.


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