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Guadalajara Hook Up Guide For Singles And Couples

If you’re looking to get laid in Guadalajara and want to enjoy great sex experiences, this guide offers updated information, tips and guidance.

We’ll show you how to hook up with singles and couples no matter your age, sexual interests, or type of relationship you’re after.

From one night stand to find a regular fuck buddy, there are several opportunities to have sex in Guadalajara.

The Guadalajara Guide was last updated on 12 April 2021

Guadalajara hook up guide

Guadalajara is a cultural city with about 1.3 million inhabitants. Here you can hook up with tourists and locals alike.

The locals are conservative, but the many students in the city are open-minded forward casual sex and fuck buddy relationships. Meaning getting laid in Guadalajara isn’t that difficult if you know how to move.

This is the reason why we’ve compiled a list of the best places to get laid and tips on how to hook up in Guadalajara for the people new to the city.

At the bottom of this guide, you’ll find a form where you can ask questions and add your experiences.


Number of Sex Clubs – 3 swinger clubs and 8 strip clubs.




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Girls in Guadalajara
Look, values and sexuality

Men in Guadalajara
Look, values and sexuality

Sex Life & Hook Up Culture
Casual sex, swinging activities and hooking up in Guadalajara

Where to Meet People For Casual Sex in Guadalajara
Hookups, sex dating, swinging, orgies, strip clubs, transgender and BDSM

Best Places For Outdoor Sex
Do you have a fetish for dogging, public sex or voyeurism?

Adult Hotels And Hostels
Best hostels for hookups and erotic hotels in Guadalajara

Safe Sex And Clinics
Play but stay safe


Girls in Guadalajara

Known for their beautiful looks and white skin, Guadalajara girls are friendly and down for hookups.

Look And Physical Appearance

The Hispanic women in Guadalajara tend to have dark hair. Yet a few have golden blonde hair.

Their eyes range from dark to light but are mainly in brown hues.

Although they’re thin to chubby, their full boobs and shapely hips give them hour-glass figures. They’re on the tall side at 5’3 and above.

They’re cool and chic as they live in the fashion center of the country. For this reason, they’re showy and like vibrant and sexy clothes.

Attitude And Values

Though they’re conservative on some things, Guadalajara girls are kind to everyone, even to tourists. It’s why they’re quick to make friends with new people.

Aside from that, they’re outgoing and expressive. So much so that you’ll see them smile or chat to folks they just met on the street.

Now, most of them want to date seriously cause of their old-fashioned views.

However, girls in their teens are open-forward casual sex.


At this time, girls in Guadalajara have sex early in high school. It’s shown in this study on Mexican teens that they first have sex at 15-16 years old.

On that note, a lot of them are careful when they have sex. This detail is backed up by this sexual health study that says that 63.3% of young girls use contraception.

In light of these things, girls as young as 15 have sex lives here. On top of that, they’re responsible since most of them use protection.


Summary of Guadalajara Girls

  • 3 traits: Guadalajara women are kind, outgoing, and quick to make friends.
  • 2 tips: To attract Guadalajara girls, be macho and look your best since they like guys who dress up.
  • 1 fact: The girls in Guadalajara are Catholic but open-mindedsexually.


Men in Guadalajara

Guadalajara guys are some of the best-looking men in Mexico. They’re easy to be with as well and eager to hook up.

Look and Physical Appearance

Due to their Hispanic blood, Guadalajara men’s hair ranges from black to dark brown. And for the most part, they have dark brown or light brown eyes.

Their regular height is 5’8 to 5’9, which is higher than the average Mexican. Besides that, they have solid to plump bodies.

They’re also fashionable and dress their best from head to toe. Their style is smart-casual, in polos, tight pants, and pricey shoes.

Attitude and Values

Cheerful and sociable, men in Guadalajara are the easygoing type. With this in mind, they spend time with their friends at trendy bars and cafes.

They’re hospitable and family-oriented, even if they party all the time. In fact, they turn protective when it comes to the people they care about.

In dating, they get serious quickly and more or less have a family by 30. Yet, the younger ones in their teens to 20s simply want to date around.


Guadalajara guys are into sex by 9th and 10th grade. It’s based on this Mexican teens’ study that states that they first have sex at 14-15 years old.

In a word, they love fucking, as Cision’s article puts them as the 4th most promiscuous men in Mexico cause 68% of them have sex with 7 or more partners each year.

This means that they have sex as soon as they’re teens. In any case, they’re carefree about it and sleep with as many girls as they can.

Summary of Guadalajara Men

  • 3 traits: Guadalajara guys are cheerful, hospitable, and sociable.
  • 2 tips: To get close to Guadalajara men, know some Spanish words and be friendly but not too frank with them.
  • 1 fact: Men in Guadalajara always watch football games and wear a shirt of their team.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

get laid Guadalajara couples

Guadalajara is one of the best places to get laid in Mexico for young singles. There are many universities here and as you might know already, students are promiscuous and horny.

Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

The locals still keep some customs, but they now have modern beliefs. In turn, they’re more welcoming to sex in general.

But their openness for sex needs to be private since a good public image matters a lot.

Swinger Activities in Guadalajara

Guadalajara has 3 swingers clubs that you can enjoy. To check them out, you’ll have to either call them or sign up as a member on their site.

They have themed parties like Sexy Militar, Sexy Ass, and Gang Bang Party. There are also swinger beach trips that last for 4 days, such as Swinger Fest Beach Party.

These clubs have many fun services to excite guests, such as glory hole, dark room, stripper shows, and dance floors.

Apart from that, there are plenty of LGBT sex clubs in the city.

Is It Easy To Hook Up in Guadalajara?

With Guadalajara having an accepting view of sex and a friendly attitude forward foreigners, it’s easy to pick up someone here.

However, you should learn some Spanish as it’s the fastest way to get laid since most don’t know any English.


Where to Meet People For Sex in Guadalajara

Wondering what sexual opportunities await you in one of Mexico’s largest cities?

Here is a list of the best places and ways to get laid in Guadalajara

1. Sex Dating Online

Language barriers can often get in your way of hooking up with locals.

However, on sites like Adult Friend Finder, this isn’t an issue as people care only about sex. So even if you can’t speak Spanish, there’s nothing to worry about.

2. Night Hookups in Nightclubs and Bars

Famous for being the birthplace of tequila, it isn’t surprising why the locals here love to drink.

The bars start filling up in the evening and remain crowded till late in the morning. So it’s safe to say you’ll have enough chances to find casual sex.

Following are the best bars and nightclubs in Guadalajara for singles:

• Kin Kin Club – Located at Planta baja, Av, an NYC standard nightclub and possibly the best place to find nightstands in Guadalajara.

• Barezzito Provi GDL – Located at Manuel Acuña 3184, want to dance till 5 am and potentially end the night with a hookup? This is the place to go.

• The Puerta de Alcala – Located at Av Inglaterra 3110, a hotspot for people in their 40s, making it the best cougars bar in Guadalajara.

• Bar Americas – Located at Av. Chapultepec Sur 507, a singles bar that plays EDM with plenty of young people to socialize with.

• Pigalle Bar – Located at Calle Emeterio Robles Gil 137, known for its cozy and intimate atmosphere, a great place to find some action.

Keeping in mind how the locals of the city are a bit conservative, meeting foreigners is the easiest way to find sex.

So if you’re a backpacker, then there’s a no better place for you than Centro.

The area is particularly popular among tourists and it isn’t uncommon to meet U.S expats there as well.

Alternatively, although expensive, Zapopan is also a great proposition to enjoy the nightlife of the city.

It has some amazing spots for date nights and singles are always roaming around as well.

Lastly, the Chapultepec neighborhood is also frequently visited by tourists and international students, mainly due to its bar strip.

In short, it is one of the best areas to bar hop in Guadalajara.

3. Everyday Life Situations

Guadalajara has a decent daytime game, and if you know how to speak Spanish, you can further diversify your options.

The city is a blend of modern and traditional that tourists love to explore. So during the day, the best place to meet singles in Guadalajara is Tlaquepaque.

pick up girls Guadalajara intimate dating

Tlaquepaque main road

It is the arts and crafts hub of the city and also offers authentic Mexican food that attracts all sorts of people. So you’ll have plenty of options to flirt.

Similarly, there’s an indoor market located at the city center named Mercado Libertad, which is also packed during the day.

And if you want to hit on the locals, then Parque Colomos is a large park where you can try your luck.

However, if you don’t know Spanish, then it may be a waste of time. As the key to hooking up with the locals here is to maintain a conversation.

Lastly, regardless of the city, malls are always a great pickup spot. So don’t forget to visit Centro Magno and Plaza Sania.

4. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties in Guadalajara

Although not as good as Mexico City, Guadalajara still has a handful of options for you to find swingers and sex parties.

Here are some swinger clubs in Guadalajara you can go to:

• La Reata – A relatively new option for swingers to connect and have fun together.

• Sw Club – This club hosts different themed nights, so before visiting, check their calendar.

• Luxor Louvre – Famous cuckold club in Guadalajara that’s been around for more than 30 years.

5. Transsexual And Transgenders

Unlike Mexico City, Guadalajara isn’t really the best place to meet trans.

You’ll find a handful of LGBT friendly venues, but nothing trans exclusive.

Some of your options include the Caudillos Disco Bar and California’s Bar.

Note that both of these are gay bars, but they offer the best chances to meet trans in Guadalajara.

Alternatively, signing up on trans dating sites is a more solid option to hook up with transsexuals.

6. Strip Clubs

Since prostitution is legal in Mexico, the strip joints are usually brothels in disguise.

So if a dancer looks too friendly and invites you for sex, then she’s probably a hooker.

hot girl Guadalajara strip club night hookups

With that said, the following are the best strip clubs in Guadalajara:

Lipstick Nightclub – Located in Zona Centro, one of the best strip joints in the city and the girls are also easy-going and don’t mind touching.

• Praga Club – Located at Av. Adolfo López Mateos, a decent club, but always double-check your bill.

• Las Palmas Mens Club – Located at Av Cruz del Sur, the girls are hot but the drinks may be a bit expensive.


Best Places for Outdoor Sex

Some people have a fetish for fucking outdoors, while others, unfortunately, do not have a place to bang. Regardless of the case, don’t worry as we’ve got your back.

Following are the best places for outdoor sex in Guadalajara:

• Parque Colomos – Largest park in the city with so many bushes to hide behind that it won’t be hard for you to find some privacy.

• Barranca de Huentitán – Large hiking trail with enough secluded areas for a good session.

• Parque Agua Azul – Sizeable green space with an outdoor theatre, perfect spot for car sex.

• Bosque Los Colomos – Miles of walking trail, with trees scattered all around the area, making it a perfect place to fuck.

sex activity Guadalajara

Bosque Los Colomos

You would be surprised to know that as conservative as this city is, public sex acts aren’t illegal. Given that, there’s isn’t a complaint lodged by a third party.


Adult Hotels And Hostels

Zapopan offers the highest chances to find dates and hookups.

So if you’re looking for hotels in Guadalajara, then here are your options near that area:

Alternatively, if you want to hook up with international students, then try out the following hostels in Guadalajara:


Safe Sex And Clinics

In a country where prostitution is legal, it’s always safe to use condoms to avoid the risks of STDs.

If you’re doubtful of your sexual health, then you can visit AHF Wellness Center or Plus Bita Núcleo Clinic for checkups.

This ends the Guadalajara sex guide. Enjoy hooking up in the city.


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