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How To Flirt With A Girl In Person – 9 Practical Tips

guy flirting with a girl in person

For guys who don’t have much experience, flirting with a girl in person can be frightening.

We’ve all been there pleasing a girl and ask questions to learn about her, only to be sidelined. It feels humiliating and depressing.

And if you’ve never flirted with a girl in person, you could even make a fool out of yourself by doing or saying something stupid.

The good news is you can learn how to flirt with a girl. This way you’ll have higher chances to score with some cute girl met in a bar or grocery store.

On top of that once you learn how to flirt with women you’ll find the process of talking with them fun and interesting.

This list we’ve compiled will give you a hand with what you’ll need. We’ve got 9 practical tips that will make it easier for you to get the girl you want.


9 Tips For Flirting With A Girl In Person


1. Figure Out What Type of Girl She Is

There are different kinds of women out there. So you can’t expect a single technique to work on all of them.

For this reason, you must first figure out what type of girl your target is to have an idea of how to flirt with her.

Does she look open to socializing? Or is she the shy type?

If she’s the former, you can try various direct styles on her when she warms up to you since she’ll likely be receptive. For the latter, you’ll have to be patient and take it slow.


2. Break the Ice

Even if people are pushing for gender equality right now, the truth is that women still want to be pursued.

This means that if you’re going to flirt with a girl in person, you should make the first move to break the ice.

There are numerous ways that you can go about this. But according to Make It’s article, many psychologists state that the best ice breaker in any situation is to ask a person, “tell me about yourself.”

This is because you can start a safe and neutral conversation.


3. Watch What You Say

Women are famous for being like landmines, as one wrong move can set them off. For the most part, talking about the wrong thing will undoubtedly turn her off from you.

So it’s vital that you watch what you say. To stay safe, stick to light and enjoyable topics, such as her interests and hobbies.

But, if she’s a woman who prefers serious talks, you shouldn’t go against her ideas or else you’ll ruin her mood.


4. Find The Right Timing

Timing is essential in everything, as it can either turn the situation good or bad. And when it’s about flirting with a girl, you have to find the right timing, or you’ll mess up.

For instance, getting touchy or intimate can annoy or pressure her, which will make you less appealing in her eyes.

Yet, waiting too long can make her lose interest in you.

Therefore, you should follow a woman’s pace in order to find the right timing to get closer to her.


5. Form A Connection

Girls are fussier with their partners than men. In fact, they need to feel some sort of attachment even when it’s for something temporary.

With this in mind, focus first on forming a connection and then start to flirt.

It doesn’t have to be deep or meaningful if you don’t want it to be, though. It just needs to be enough for her to want you.

And if you’re wondering how to know if she is into you, watch out for these signs she is secretly attracted to you.


6. Give Her A Fun Time

Whether you want her as a hookup or a girlfriend, you have to give her a good time. With that said, your focus should be on making her laugh.

You can do this by playing drinking games with her, like “never have I ever” or “beer pong”.

Don’t make her feel like you’re in it simply for the sex, even if you are. She already knows that.

You only need to make it worthwhile for her.


7. Make Her Feel Desirable

It’s discussed by the Centre for Interpersonal Relationships’ article that women have a strong need to be wanted by men. And that this yearning is what turns them on.

Due to this, making her feel sexually desired is important. In this case, you want to physically flirt with a girl as well as use words to express your desire to have her.

Just tell her how attracted you are by saying something like, “I can’t take my eyes off your legs.” You can also touch her, such as squeezing her thigh while talking to her.


8. Be Direct Without Being Pushy

A vital detail that you should remember when flirting with a girl in person is that you need to be direct without being pushy.

You see, although girls want to know if a guy is into them, you’ll only come off as a jerk if you overwhelm them.

We already explained in detail how to make a move on a girl in different situations. But in short, you have to let her know you fancy her as this will make her aware of you.

Plus, giving her some breathing space will actually have a positive impact.

She’ll wonder why you’re not chasing her, which will further develop her interest in you.


9. Focus On One Girl At A Time

Unlike flirting with girls over text where you can do it with multiple ladies, you should focus on only one at a time when flirting in person.

The reason being if she notices that you’re also aiming for other girls, you’ll be losing her fast instead of winning her over.

Women generally want to be the center of a guy’s attention. And if she can’t get that from you at this early stage, she won’t hesitate to drop you.

So let alone her friends or flirt with most girls in a bar because she’ll notice it.


How To Be Less Nervous When Flirting With A Girl In Person

guy flirt with a girl in person

Before you start getting your groove on, you should acknowledge an important fact. The girl you want to flirt with is just a person like you.

And that no matter how pretty or hot she is, she’s just an ordinary human. Not to mention she might be just as nervous as you.

Aside from that, all that you can do is enjoy the process. The tips above will certainly help you maximize your chances of scoring.

But, you can only get better at flirting and less nervous the more you try, as nothing beats practice.

In case you can’t get over it, having a few drinks can make the process smoother.




  • Tom Phillips

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