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9 Clear Signs An Older Married Woman Likes You

older married woman like him

Do you feel that a married woman is getting too friendly with you? Yet you can’t just claim that she’s into you without any proof.

Doing so will get you in trouble and potentially ruin the current connection you have. What’s worse is you may get her angry husband up in your face if your intuitions are wrong.

We understand your hesitation to open up with her about your interest, afraid that doing so will mine the connection.

Reading this guide will help you determine if make sense to make a move or not. As it’ll teach you how to spot the signs that an older married woman likes you.


1. She Changes Her Appearance

Have you noticed her suddenly switch up her style to a sexier look? Or perhaps she’s now strutting in trendy clothes instead of what she usually wears?

But most of all, did she do these things when you two began to get close?

If this chain of events rings a bell, there’s no doubt that it’s a sign that an older married woman likes you. And that you’re the reason for her change in appearance.

She’s doing all she can to be physically attractive to you by dropping her wife vibe.


2. She’ll Be Acting Sexy Towards You

How To Tell If A Married Woman Wants To Sleep With You? If she shows you her thighs, sticking her chest out, rolling her hips, and dress provocatively around you, those are clear signs.

Of course, a married woman won’t openly seduce you like single girls, which is why they’ll be cautious about it.

She’ll either wait until they’re out of other people’s view or approach you when you’re alone.


3. She Sincerely Wants To Know About Your Life

Typically, once women marry, their focus shifts to being a good wife and mother. As a result, all they’ll be thinking about is their families day in and day out.

For this reason, it should be strange for a taken woman to sincerely want to know about your life. Let’s be serious. The only reason somebody’s wife would want to concentrate on you is cause she fancies you.

Considering how busy a married woman is, having this much interest in you is already a significant sign that she likes you more than a friend.


4. She Wants To Hang Out With Just You

A guy and a girl can go out as just friends.

Yet when it’s an older married woman who invites you to hang out with just the two of you, chances are she’s got something in mind that’s way past friendship.

For one thing, she wouldn’t want to have this type of alone time if she didn’t have an interest in you as a man.

Not to mention, she’s already got a husband with whom she can have fun. Why would she even go out of her way to bond with you?

Just watch out for any signs she is flirting with you to be sure about her interest.


5. She Hangs On To Your Every Word

older married woman like to hear the guy

A noticeable sign an older married woman likes you is when she hangs on to your every word.

You see, since she has more experience she shouldn’t find you interesting unless she’s into you.

Plus if she’s the one who started talking to you and asked personal questions, you can safely confirm that she is indeed into you.

A married woman has a lot to do at work and at home, so she doesn’t have time to waste on small talks. Therefore the fact that she enjoys listening to you speaks volumes of her attraction.


5. You Activate Her Caring Instincts

Women tend to be more kind than men. Yet this doesn’t mean that a girl will offer her help to just anyone.

You have to be a person she’s fond of in some way to activate her caring instincts.

Based on this, if you feel that your married friend or coworker is taking care of you more than before, it’s a huge sign that she likes you more than a friend.

Plus, if she’s only this attentive to you and not to others, you can bet she’s got it bad for you.


6. She Always Asks For Your Help

Requesting your assistance every now and then isn’t a big deal. It’s when she always asks for your help that she might hide an interest in you.

Especially if she prefers your aid over anybody else’s. For instance, another friend or coworker is skilled in addressing her problem.

Yet despite that, she still chooses you over that person.

It’s a sneaky way to have your attention and get closer to you without creating suspicion from others. In this situation is easy to convince her to sleep with you.


7. She Behaves Differently With You

When a woman has feelings for a guy, she’ll be behaving differently towards him, whether she’s married or not.

For example, she’ll be lively talking to you, whereas she won’t be as energetic chatting with someone else.

This Psychology Today article reinforces this statement as it explains that a woman’s body language will be open and positive if she’s into you.

Hence, a married woman likes you more than a friend if she’s always happier to be with you compared to when she’s with others.


8. She Doesn’t Want You Hanging Out With Other Women

A clear sign a married woman secretly likes you is when she gets if you hang out with other women. The source of jealousy or possessiveness is nothing else but having feelings for you.

It doesn’t even matter if she’s into you romantically or sexually cause as long as she desires you, she won’t want to lose you to another person.

In light of that, you can expect to see her with an unhappy face when you chat with other girls.


What To Do With A Married Woman Who Wants You?

older married woman wants him

You can play with a married woman if you just want excitement. Many people do so already on hook up sites for married people.

Nowadays it seems ethical to do so especially if the married woman is the one who started to flirt.

Yet, keep in mind that a married woman won’t leave her family for you. And by family, we refer to her kids.

So make sure don’t develop feelings for her and to keep the affair secret. Even though married people cheat all the time, those who get caught have to face social shame.

If you’re not down with taking your chances, perhaps with a coworker, just nicely let her know that you aren’t interested. She’ll understand.




  • Peter Brown

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