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Manaus Hook Up Guide For Singles And Couples

If you’re looking to get laid in Manaus and want to have memorable sex experiences, this guide is what you need.

We’ll explain step by step how to hook up with singles and couples no matter your sexual interests, age, orientation, or type of relationship you’re after.

From one night stand to find a regular fuck buddy, there are many ways to find sex in Manaus.

The Manaus Guide was last updated on 23 April 2021

manaus sex guide

Manaus is a cultural city with about 1.3 million inhabitants. Here you can hook up with tourists and locals alike.

The locals are conservative, but the many students in the city are open-minded forward casual sex and are eager to find a friend with benefits. Meaning getting laid in Manaus isn’t that difficult if you know what to do.

This is the reason why we’ve compiled a list of the best places to get laid and tips on how to hook up in Manaus for the people new to the city.

At the bottom of this guide, you’ll find a form where you can ask questions and add your experiences.


Number of Sex Clubs – 2 swinger clubs and 8 strip clubs.




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Girls in Manaus
Look, values and sexuality

Men in Manaus
Look, values and sexuality

Sex Life & Hook Up Culture
Casual sex, swinging activities and hooking up in Manaus

Where to Meet People For Casual Sex in Manaus
Hookups, sex dating, swinging, orgies, strip clubs, transgender and BDSM

Best Places For Outdoor Sex
Do you have a fetish for dogging, public sex or voyeurism?

Adult Hotels And Hostels
Best hostels for hookups and erotic hotels in Manaus

Safe Sex And Clinics
Play but stay safe


Girls in Manaus

Hot Manaus girl modelling

The Manaus girls have olive skin and hot bodies that will make all kinds of guys happy all day long.

Look And Physical Appearance

A large chunk of women in Manaus come from European lineage. They have dark eyes, and brown hair, though there are many with bleached hair too.

Even if they’re short, as their height is 5’2, their figures are thin and sexy. It’s due to their slim waistlines, tight butts, and plump boobs.

For the most part, their look is business casual when at work. But when they’re free, they like to wear chic and light outfits like maxi dresses and short skirts.

Attitude And Values

On the whole, Manaus women are educated, which is why they’re independent and confident. As a result, many of them are in professional or business fields.

They’re at ease with themselves, and in effect, have strong personalities. For this reason, they never get shy and like to say what’s on their mind.

Although they have modern views and enjoy hookups, they want to be in serious relationships more than casual ones.


Girls in Manaus have sex lives even before they get into high school. This study on sexuality notes that since they have sex for the first time at 14 ½ years old.

Besides that, as said in this study on Brazilian teens, most of them have sex responsibly. It’s cause 85.2% used contraception the last time they had sex.

With this in mind, young girls here are having sex in their early teens. Not to mention, they practice safe sex since they don’t want to get pregnant.

Summary of Manaus Girls

  • 3 traits: Manaus women are educated, confident, and strong.
  • 2 tips: To charm women in Manaus, dress up nicely and be a gentleman to them cause they like polite guys.
  • 1 fact: Manaus girls hate catcalls and like respectful guys.


Men in Manaus

Women will find the fit and lively men in Manaus to their liking during the day or for fun under the sheets.

Look and Physical Appearance

European blood usually runs in Manaus men. They have dark to light hair, with most having brown. And their eyes tend to range from light to dark brown.

They generally have attractive bodies since they’re in shape and muscular. Yet their standard height is a tad short at around 5’7-5’8.

Now, since they want to look their best, they’re always neat and tidy in smart-casual clothes. Their regular style is bright button-down tops and dressy pants.

Attitude and Values

At any rate, Manaus guys are sociable and have kind hearts. In fact, they’re so friendly that it’s easy for them to accept people that they’ve just met.

Aside from that, they’re bold and have fun doing physical activities. As such, they like to play football or practice jiu-jitsu when they have free time.

Like most Brazilian guys, they’re quite relaxed about dating. And while they commit quickly, they go in and out of relationships just as fast.


According to this study on adolescent sexuality, men in Manaus have sex as soon as they’re teenagers. It’s cause the average age that they first have sex is 13.

Apart from that, they make sure to be safe and not get their partners pregnant. This statement is from this study which says that 68.8% of them used a condom the last time they had sex.

Thinking about their sexual practices, young guys in Manaus like sex since they have sex lives once they’re 13. What’s more, they’re cautious about it cause most use a rubber.

Summary of Manaus Men

  • 3 traits: Men in Manaus are sociable, friendly, and bold.
  • 2 tips: To draw Manaus guys to you, be flirty but not pushy and let them take the lead.
  • 1 fact: Many Manaus men train in Jiu-jitsu.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

find casual sex Manaus hookups

Manaus is one of the best tourist cities in Brazil, as said in this article.

This means that the locals are used to hooking up with foreigners since they’re sexually open and friendly.

Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

Due to their sex-positive culture, casual sex is as normal as eating for the people here.

Yet, the women are a bit pickier than those from other cities in Brazil since their end goal is a serious relationship.

Swinger Activities in Manaus

Since swinging has only begun to grow lately in Manaus, there are 2 swinger clubs to try.

Some of the clubs have dance areas with live DJs, private rooms, booths, pool areas, strippers, alcoholic drinks, and food.

You’ll have to pay R$ 25–100 to go to parties like Quinta Dos Iniciantes and Domingueira.

There are also online swingers groups that you can join to know private parties in the city. But for more choices, it’s best to go to Sao Paolo or Rio de Janeiro.

Is It Easy To Hook Up in Manaus?

The people here like to fuck, be it a hook up or a one-night stand. In light of this, your chance to get laid is high.

But you have to put some effort when dealing with the girls cause they want to be treated nicely.


Where to Meet People For Sex in Manaus

Also known as the Heart of the Amazon, let’s see where you can get laid in Manaus…

1. Sex Dating Online

Tourism is common in Manaus. So sites like Adult Friend Finder are full of people who are looking for potential fuck buddy’s to make their stay more memorable.

2. Night Hookups in Nightclubs and Bars

If you’re in Manaus to enjoy a terrific nightlife, then you might end up disappointed.

Although we’re not saying that you wouldn’t find some good bars to drink or clubs to party, they’re just not on par with other Brazilian cities.

But you can expect to find many tourists and there are a plethora of tourist attractions in the city.

With that said, let’s look at the best nightclubs and bars in Manaus:

  • Rose’s Club – Located at Rua Jonathas Pedrosa, a nightclub that’s hot among people in their 20s.
  • All Night Pub – Located at Av. Efigênio Salles, the best place to meet cougars in Manaus as even the entry fee for women is lower than men on the weekends.
  • Bar Do Armando – Located at Rua 10 de Julho, a chill music bar frequented by singles scouring for hook-ups.
  • Cabaret Night Club – Located at R. Barroso, 293, tends to get crowded quickly. That is also the reason it is the best nightclub to find hook-ups in Manaus.
  • Salomé Bar – Located at Rua Rio, R. Amapá, 5, everything about this bar is perfect. You’re likely going to meet tourists here as well.

While the venues at some places may be better than the others, there isn’t any single best nightlife area in Manaus.

Ideally, you should stick to the center of the town, or Centro as per what people prefer to call it.

You’ll find most of the hotels there and also, that’s where the majority of the tourists stay.

Alternatively, the area around Amazon Theatre is also considered to be the heart of the city where you’ll find a number of pickup bars.

Lastly, there’s a popular bar district near Ponta Negra Beach where you may also find singles to hook up with.

3. Everyday Life Situations

Manaus is a busy city, but don’t worry as even during the hustle and bustle of the day, you’ll find people down for a quick session.

Just like any other city with a beach, the best place to meet singles in Manaus is also the Ponta Negra Beach.

Meet hot girls Manaus beach

Ponta Negra Beach

Alternatively, tourist attractions like Amazon Theatre and the Mercado Adolpho Lisboa market are also always crowded.

If you’re a foreigner, you can use the age-old trick of asking for “directions” to break the ice there.

And don’t forget to check out parks like the Sumaúma State Park and Black River Park. If the weather is nice, you might meet other singles in them for a fling.

Lastly, to wrap it up, malls are always a prime pickup spot so try visiting Amazonas Shopping Centre and Minishopping Praque 10 Mall.

4. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties in Manaus

Don’t expect Manaus to be a paradise for swingers as Roman Catholicism is heavily practised by the people.

Although you may find a couple of sex clubs like S/M swing, we can’t really vouch for their quality.

In short, there are not any lifestyle clubs in Manaus worth visiting. So perhaps you should try visiting Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro instead.

6. Transsexual And Transgenders

In general, the people of Manaus are not as open-minded as you’d find in the bigger cities of Brasil.

So naturally, it wouldn’t be so easy to meet transgender in Manaus.

Nevertheless, you can visit LGBT-friendly venues like Kneco do Massa or Our Pub and if you’re lucky, you might get what you’re after.

Alternatively, popular trans networks can also make it much easier for you to hook up with transsexuals.

7. Strip Clubs

get laid Manaus night hookups

There are a couple of strip clubs in Manaus, but don’t expect to meet sexy women in all of them. In fact, some of them are super sleazy and low-end.

So instead of making your night disappointing, try our recommendations for the best gentlemen clubs in Manaus:

  • Boate Kiss – Located at Estr. dos Japoneses, 307, hands down you’ll find the prettiest women in town inside this strip joint.
  • Remulos Beer – Located at Rua Lobo D’Almada, 380, this place is famous not only because you can enjoy erotic stripteases, but also find lively DJs and pool tables.
  • Mistura Fina – Located at Rua Viscone de Maua, commonly popular for its table dances, but not as good as the two options above.


Best Places for Outdoor Sex

Manaus is packed with green spots for outdoor sex. And it shouldn’t be surprising considering it’s located at the heart of the Amazon Rainforest.

So here are some of the best places for outdoor sex in Manaus:

  • Mindu Municipal Park – This park will make you think you’ve entered into a mini-forest. That’s exactly the reason why it’s a great spot to fuck.
  • Ponta Negra Beach – Beaches, especially at the night, are always a great spot to indulge in naughty things.
  • Sumaúma State Park – Although small, this park has a jungle forest where you can go for a session.
  • Black River Park – Crowded during the day, but you’re sure to find a spot nearby at night, especially for car sex.
public sex Manaus Brazil

Black River Park

Once done, just a reminder to clean up the sex litter so other people can use the spot!


Adult Hotels And Hostels

There are bars and clubs scattered all across the city. But you’d ideally want to book a room near the city center (Centro) so it’s easy to move around.

Following are some of the best hotels in Manaus near Centro:

Are you a backpacker searching for a place to stay with a social atmosphere? Try out the following hostels in Manaus:


Safe Sex And Clinics

Fuck as much as you want, but just use a rubber so you don’t end up with sexual health problems.

And if you’re doubtful, then don’t delay and get yourself checked at Med Clinics or One Clinic.

This ends the Manaus sex guide. Enjoy hooking up in the city.


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